OK, got some free time at work to post up some more pictures:

This is the third crisis squad. Two armed with twin linked missile pods and a team leader with twin-linked plasma rifles. Again these are WIP so not exactly final poses and need some GS work yet:

I know number one is a bit boring, but with all the other fancy poses, I wanted one who looked like he was just walking along normally. Ironically it took the longest to pose because it's really hard to get a realistic looking walking pose.

Apologies for blur-o-vision on the second one. Also, he is only blue because I got him second-hand from our very own Apologist since there are 16 crisis suits in this army and I wound up 2 short. The second one is actually pointing and will have GS'ed finger.

The third one also has a custom head but it's difficult to see due to the lighting. Will do better pictures once they are painted.

What do you think?