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EDIT: I think you missing a weapon on you SMS battlesuit or do you plan as using it as a twin-linked missile launcher ????
You are correct, I am just using the XV81 as a twin linked missile pod. I didn't really want the extra rules from IA3.

In other news:


I have finished construction on this army. Only painting from hereon out...

Here are some pics I did last night of my final commander (counts as farsight). I always like to leave the commander models until the end of building an army, as I reason by that point I have learned all the best tricks about how to construct that type of model.

Unfortunately the quality is a bit naff on the photos as I forgot to take one before spraying and the contrast on the black is hard to see, but there we go.

He is based on Shas'o R'myr (or shas'o BBC survival specialist as I like to call him) but with the dawn blade added from the farsight model and an arm/weapon swap to a single plasma rifle (you may have seen his twin PR utilised on an earlier crisis suit)

What do you guys think?