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Hey any updates?
By Thor's hammer; YES

This army got a bit sidelined as I had to work on some marines for another campaign weekend event in september where Tau were not permitted, but now that is over, I am back working on this army and hope to get it into a fully completed state.

As you saw on the rest of the log, I have completed the base coats on the whole army, but what it really needs now is some more details and highlights/blending. I am really pleased with how things are coming out, as I am taking my time with each miniature until it gets to a state I am happy with, rather than frantically trying to get stuff finished. So, expect to see a whole slew of crisis suit detail, plus the orca and the rest of it over the next few months.

By way of a return, here is what I have been working on recently, finishing the stealth team with the same electric lines indicating their active camouflage transition. It had been a while since I did the first one of these, so it took a bit of time to get the exact look back, with a couple of failed results.

I discovered the key to getting the moving transition look is:
1) Darker blue (I used regal) thick line ~1mm with thinner light blue (ice blue) and white lines wobbling slightly within that
2) There needs to be a small black line of armour beneath the electric line to provide contrast
3) a larger region of drybrushed dark brown (~ 2-3-mm) to begin the stealthed area. On a couple of models I didn't have this region big enough, with the stealth field merging straight into lighter tones, and it too me some time studying my original model to work out how I had achieved the effect.
4) drybrush/blend up the lighter highlights of bubonic/bronzed flesh/bleached bone

So here, I present to you, two members of Stealth Team Fior

The first member of team Fior is veteran fire warrior O'Kor. O'Kor has served under Commander Starblade since the second expansion, and was involved in much of the heavy fighting of the Damocles Crusade. During one of these engagements, the rest of O'Kor's unit was crushed by a space marine rhino of the Howling Griffons Chapter charging into their firing line emplacement. O'Kor distinguished himself by successfully planting a haywire grenade onto the tracks of the vehicle as it sped away, destroying the APC and causing it to flip over several times, killing several of the occupants. O'Kor was subsequently promoted for valour to Shas'Vre and has served in the cadre's stealth teams since.