Hi Guys,
A little later than promised, I bring some photos of Orca stuff as requested.

First up, I have some photos of the base design I finally went with. As you may recall from a lot earlier in the thread, I was struggling to come up with a decent way to mount the Orca in it's flying stand with a low enough centre of gravity so it would not topple over.

After many ideas, I decided plastic tubing was not strong enough, and that I needed a metal tube for the flying stand. I got this from B&Q for a few pounds for about a metre.

To keep the centre of gravity and stop the orca toppling over, I needed a fairly wide and heavy flying base. I ended up making the base from a routed offcut of Oak:

and mounted the pole to it using a screw with a wide countersunk head and a thread rivet inside the tube as seen in the first picture of this post.

This all combines together thus with a little dowel on top to provide connection to the Orca. The dowel is unnecessary really, the tube could go straight into the hole under the Orca, but I didn't want to damage the balsa wood. It also means it doesn't spin around when mounted, due to the wood-against-wood friction.

Since the Orca is fairly light, this setup works really well and is not in the least unstable. I would be tempted to use it even for something as large as a Thunderhawk. Another advantage of doing things this way is that the tube unscrews from the base, allowing for very easy transport in a miniatures case with the aircraft.

I've got some more pictures of the Orca mounted on this stand, plus some painting close-ups coming soon so stay tuned.