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Thread: Arrrrrrr.... Sephiroth87's Zombie Pirate Log

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    Arrrrrrr.... Sephiroth87's Zombie Pirate Log

    Hello, all! Ever since the zombie pirates came out, I've wanted an army of my own. Then I proxied it and lost. And lost...and lost.

    I have tried every way in the world to make this army work and it's just a tough list to play with. I can win tournaments and leagues with my regular VC, but the zombies just aren't in the same league. Not only that, I've been concerned about spending a lot of time on the army, then having it be outlawed by tournaments or the eventual new vampire counts army book.

    Therefore, I've decided to make a zombie pirate army that I can play in friendly games and have it be a "counts-as" army for the regular vampire counts. I've even considered making it into an Army of Sylvania, but I'm also concerned about them eventually making that one illegal on me.

    With that said, I have decided not to take it to any of the Gamesdays or any of the Grand Tournaments, because I plan on using some models that specifically aren't Games Workshop sanctioned. I have checked out many local and regional tournaments and none have even had a problem with it, but I know GW's official policy.

    Here's my plan:


    1. Build a Zombie Pirates list that, with minimum effort, could also look like a not-completely-crappy Vampire Counts list.

    2. Figure out how to build what I came up with using parts from God knows where. I am not picky about where the models or parts come from, as long as the biggest chunk of the army looks like it came from GW.

    3. Buy a tricorner hat and yell at my opponents to swab the deck and such.

    This is my plan so far, so we will see how it goes.

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