An empire friend challenged me to dust off about 2250 pts worth of Lizardmen. I personally like this bracket as it's still in the 2000-level, but you get a little more points to play around with.

I know next to nothing about all other armies except other Lizards and a little about High Elves. And I've got the basic jist of VCs, O&G, Ogres, Empire, and Brets. But I don't know about how much is a good amount to have in terms of magic, dispel scroll amount, and so on in order to be able to perform competently against as many different army types as possible.

Lizardmen: 2250 pts

Saurus Oldblood w/ Sacred Spawnings of Tepok, Quetzl & Sotek, Light Armor, Enchanted Shield, Great Weapon, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior & Glyph Necklace: 262 pts

I'm not that nooby; I at least know what a JSoD is. Though I do think about giving him a Blade of Revered Tzunki to let him do anti-knight duty, the Great Weapon is considerably cheaper, stronger, a Chariot-smasher, and it lets the Oldblood rack up a 1+ armor save at a range.

Saurus Scar-Veteran w/ Army Standard, Spawning of Quetzl, Light Armor, Sword of Battle: 152 pts

The BSB rules are still a bit confusing to me. The BSB, by sheer nature of being a BSB, adds +1 static CR. And in addition to this, a 12" halo of units around him get to re-roll their break tests (not panic tests), and combined with Cold-blooded, this makes most Lizards virtually unbreakable without taking a stupid amount of casualties in CC. But BSBs can't take any shields or non-magic weapons, and if he takes a secondary banner (like the War Banner, thus giving him a total of two banners) he can't take anything else at all. But he can take non-shield armor and Spawnings, no matter how many banners he has.

I'll have him joined into the unit with the Spawning of Quetzl, making them even harder in CC, even when taking a charge. He can also take the edge off of a charge by challenging a Unit Champion.

Skink Priest w/ 2x Dispel Scrolls: 115 pts

Skink Priest w/ 2x Dispel Scrolls: 115 pts

4x Dispel Scrolls. Probably incredibly excessive against anybody but VCs, but I'm familiar with the kind of stuff Slanns can do when they run roughshod throughout the magic phase. I also total up 5 Dispel Dice, so I need lots of scrolls.

I sadly don't have the points for that Cube of Darkness + Mark of the Old Ones combo, and if there was any way to screw that up, something tells me that I'd manage to do it.

I also see a lot of players upgrade their Skinks to Lv2 wizards. This is really lost on me, as is all magic in this game for that matter. (I've only seen 3 kinds of magic configuration for Lizards: Tepok Oldblood & Shutdown Skinks, Southlands' Skink Artillery, and a Mega-slann / Kroak army.) The thing about the 40k psyker system is that, while it's nearly impossible to negate powers unless you have certain highly rare pieces of wargear, these powers are hardly game-breaking on their own. Besides, most psychic powers in 40k are casted to the bettering of one's own troops, rather than offense against one's enemies. (Synapse Creature and Fortune are some good examples of this principle, but WHFB's Gut Magic seems to work like that too.) But in fantasy, Magic is like a second shooting phase, only there's a lot more the opponent can do to stop you, but only if the opponent built their army in a certain way, and vice versa. Seems very rock-paper-scissors to me. How are you supposed to build an all-around list when you have no idea how much anti-magic you need without being redundant?

15 Saurus Warriors w/ Full Command: 210 pts

15 Saurus Warriors w/ Full Command: 210 pts

Ah, the good stuff. No fancy magic to worry about here, except that Saurus have a tendency to make their foe's teeth disappear with a simple wave of their clubs.

I've heard that, with the way that Saurus are sold in boxes of 16, that 15 is a good number. It's not too expensive, and it only takes 1 box to make. (It also leaves a 16th body to convert a Scar Veteran with; woo-hoo!)

10 Skinks w/ Javelins & Shields: 60 pts

10 Skinks w/ Blowpipes & Scouts: 70 pts

I know I probably need way more, but I can't think of what to chop out without leaving myself too vulnerable in other areas. Ideally, I think I want about 20 skinks of each type, so I need someplace I can free up 130 pts without leaving my army weak. There's probably points I can take out somewhere in this list, as I've bought some of everything.

Alternatively, I could take a hint from my Tyranids, ditch my Saurus, and just load out with 120 Skinks!

16 Saurus Warriors w/ Spawning of Quetzl & Full Command: 252 pts

The dead 'ard Saurus to be accompanied by the Scar Vet. I think the idea with foot blocks is to flank them with each other, thus running a Saurus steamroller over the battlefield. I imagine terrain and gunlines causing this incredible problems though.

5 Saurus Cavalry w/ Full Command & Huanchi’s Blessed Totem: 265 pts

Another tried trick I've heard of. Like the foot blocks, gunlines would shred this poor unit. What do I do about that besides just blaze forward and pray for a 6 on the HBT?

Particularly against Empire, it mimics a problem my Tyranids have in 40k. Any attempts to move forward to come to grips with the shooty troops often land me right in the charge range of a unit of fast-moving, heavy chargers.

3 Kroxigors: 174 pts

I've never seen a Lizard list without Kroxigors. They become incredibly durable if I can ever get off something like Portent of Far or Celestial Shield for them. But they basically seem like really angry Saurus, yet not all that much tougher.

Stegadon: 235 pts

I've used a Steg once before, flanking him with the BSB & joined Saurus unit. And Ld5 may not seem like much, but when it's a Stubborn, Cold-blooded, re-rollable Ld5, a Steg can really hold its own. Unfortunately, its strength seems to be incredibly bad for something that size (it's nearly worthless against Knights) and, like most Lizards, it's about as articulate as a slab of concrete.

2 Salamanders w/ 6 Skink Handlers: 130 pts

Normally I see players do 3x Salamanders, but I find this just tempts misfires and overkills a lot. Also, I can't afford a third Salamander while I'm still scrounging up the funds for my BTs.

Also, can Salamanders spit flame after a march? The rules seem to imply that this fire spitting attack is somewhat automatic.