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    de Selby's log of unsubstantiated generalities...

    I like these project log thingies, they seem fun.

    This month I have been mostly buying tau. I'm going to try and document my building and painting here,

    edit: This is the last tau pic in the log (some more on Ammobunker). The rest of the log is necrons, nids, marines and other random articles as I paint them. Page to the end to find out what I'm working on now.

    end edit.

    edit 3: this is now my general log. You can see how I finished off the tau in my log over on ammobunker (link in sig), or you can page to the end to see what I'm working on now. Nids, Necs and more.
    end edit.

    I've started with the following wippies:

    The firewarrior is my test scheme that I selected because it looks futuristic (similar to the Medusa v scheme but with the red swapped for green, exactly as with my Vostroyans). I'm going to rationalise it by calling it snow camo; the bases are just painted white for now to indicate this, but I'll do a proper job eventually. The whole model needs tidying up to be tabletop ready (note that the camera flash has exposed the usually-hidden bit of the chest behind the gun, exposing the fact that it isn't painted properly...) and I've forgotten the antenna for his helmet.

    The broadside has actually been in my bits box for some time; I got him second hand for £7 and had to disassemble him, strip the parts and rebuild the right shoulder joint with green stuff. The backpack cooling unit has been cut away, swapped over and inverted to give him more height, and the railguns flipped to match the orientation of Hammerhead railguns. The flexible double-pinned joint is concealed with a sleeve made from the bendy bit of a drinking straw, and I advise anyone who tries copying or improving this pattern to do it differently for the sake of your sanity... there are many things wrong with this model.
    The paintjob is spray black and drybrush boltgun metal (how I start all my walkers), plus a bit of colour as an experiment. I want my broadside to look like a walking tank, and I decided not to put the usual white layer under the coloured areas to keep the colours dull. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this, he needs more thought.

    I've got plenty more stuff in the works, and you'll probably see more of it before I finish these two. If I get really stuck then some of my many figures from other armies will begin making guest appearances.

    Comments, ideas? Anyone got a good method for snow bases?
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