I've been playing mordheim for a couple of years now with a few friends. I've always had the same skaven warband (not the uber-cheesy build, it does ok). Thing is, I only have a handful of painted models. I often think about switching to Dwarfs, since I have a paited Dwarf army with some great models.

Problem is that Dwarfs look (on paper at least) to be a bit poorly designed for the game. We all know that large numbers of fast, cheap troops armed with 2 knives usually win. Dwarfs are elite, expenisve and slow.

The best idea I can see is to arm them with crossbows and spears were possible - but my spearmen are as yet unpainted (and the point is, obvioulsy to field a painted warband).

Does anyone play them? has anyone tried and given up? are they any good? does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

Thanks in advance.