havent posted much on warseer in a while now, but it doesnt mean i havent been busy.

the latest fruits of my endeavours, a pre heresy, pre Mortarion Death guard army. ie. Dusk Raiders. inspired by the HH novel: Flight of the Eisenstein, and other stuff which i dont recall.

first and foremost, is my captain:


he started out as a standalone model, before i had any intention of making a pre heresy army. i had just wanted to try out the chaos warrior leg + marine torso recipe, as well as non combat posing and held helmets. overall, that little project was a complete success.

and just for kicks, a simple sidearm made from discarded bits:


as im using the chaos codex as the basis for army selection, there are a few choices i wanted to include but are not present in the pre heresy era, most notably, the obliterator. so to amend this, ive flexed the ol' brain muscles and came up with something that satisfies the criteria plus my nostalgic nuances:


troop choices. made in exactly the same fashion as the captain. nothing spectacular, but they look good i think:


heavy support:


and a group shot:


thats all thats completed up to now. future additions will include a standard bearer and apothecary as aspiring champions. a tracked dreadnought (which the begginings of can be seen in the groupshot), revamped 2nd edition rhinos and, if i can get my hands on one, a revamped 2nd edition land raider.

on that note, anyone have a 2nd ed land raider they would be willing to part with?