Alright guys this is my first log on warseer. Mostly to help me get motivated.

While digging through my old stuff today i managed to find my Chaos Marines largely untouched pretty much since the book came out. So with the new 'dex out in September or so i decided to spice up my old marines. Obviously the list will be fairly generic so i can convert it easily enough to the new edition when it finally arrives.

Since i started playing Chaos the Night Lords have always caught my eye, i'm not sure why (it definatly wasn't those awful bat wing heads :S) but i think it has something to do with the menacing image. I liked the idea of terror tactics and fast hitting units with minimal heavy armour or weaponry. But i also like the unpredictibility of Chaos and how the gods move against each other.

So with this in mind i've decided to rework my army as followers of the lesser god Malal, and so The Scythes of Malal are born. With as much hatred for the other chaotic chapters as the servents of the false emperor these guys are ready to take on all comers.

Pictures will follow soon enough once i start the painting and modelling. Plus if anyone has any suggestions or any more good info of Malal (aside from the wiki page) that'd help me out a load.