Hello guys, I’m a bit out of my knowledge comfort zone, so maybe you can help me out. Not that familiar with the nids. I’m going to have a few battles with my latd and a few borrowed nids to proxy a genestealer cult.
There are a few lists, of varying levels as far as “official” goes and I am wondering which to use. I don’t go to tourneys, so that’s not a problem.

1. The Journal list. This is probably the most official of them. Using this will give me all sorts of trouble with the minis I have (and lack of funds) and will severely hamper the army. There is an expanded list that I can’t remember where I got it from, but this suffers from the same problems.
2. Latd. This list is great for this type of proxy thing. However, I already run Slaanesh latd with multi rending daemonettes/mounted daemonettes and rending ic’s. Don’t really want the same army with different models. Also, if the chaos rumours are true, a lot of the rending stuff will be gone. As genestealers and rending seem synonymous, that will pretty much destroy the army “trademark”.
3. Codex Tyranids. This seems my best bet. So, I’ve begun to wonder what is appropriate and what is not.
Tyrant + tyrant guard, NO.
Brood lord, YES (patriarch).
Warriors and lictors, NO.
Genestealers, err, YES!
Gaunts, YES (brood brothers/comrades).
Hormagaunts, YES (hybrids).
Rippers, NO.
Gargoyles, NO.
Raveners, Hmm, not sure. Some kind of weird hybrid?
Zoanthropes, YES (magi psychers).
Biovore and spore mines, Yes (mortars firing chemical/biological rounds or patriarch ichors e.t.c.).
Carnifex, Yes (tanks).
The last one seems a bit odd at first, but as long as you know what it is “counting as”, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, should it?” I will be careful with which biomorphs I use, no close combat stuff for a leman russ!

I have a few concerns about balance (little anti-tank and synapse among them). Another point, I have no elites and possibly no fast attack! Also, there are a few choices that I would love to take, lictors as lone hybrids/heirophants or somesuch? There are only two types of hybrids (afaik), would creating more be a fluff monstrosity? I would also like to have some limo's and trucks, but that would go the way of the fextank, with the nid "vdr" rules (to make transport creatures) and that seems a little ott. What do you think?

Couple of rules questions.
Brood lords. There is no list entry for a genestealer retinue. I presume you choose a brood and just attach it pre game? If so, do they count as a troops choice?
Zoanthrope. Is a Zoe capable of using up to three powers in a turn?

Whatever comes of this, I will test it out in a tunnel fight tomorrow.
Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.