Hello all -

It's been awhile since I have posted! Anyway, my question to the dwarf players out there is whether or not they use strollaz in conjunction with the anvil.

Basically, is strollaz worth taking if you don't take the anvil? Or do these two generally run in tandem, giving the best one two punch? Do the dwarf players believe there are more effective options then strollaz?

I seem to prefer or more movement friendly dwarven army. While I don't mind hunkering down and waiting for the enemy to come to me, I just seem to have more fun actually moving the army up aggressively.

And if you do take strollaz and or strollaz/anvil, do you go very heavy on artillery? Since you are moving your army up the field as quickly as dwarfs can get up the field, is artillery weakened by having fewer opportunities to soften up units?

What do you guys think?