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Thread: Codex: Interex

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    Codex: Interex

    I've been thinking for a while about an interex (from the Horus Heresy books) codex. It could be quite interesting, and probably a bit like the eldar. I was thinking smething along the lines of:

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    Gleves 4 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 4+ Troop Choice

    Equipment:Power weapons
    Options:May take power spears (+1s and +1A)
    May have a segeant (+1A, has power spear)
    May be mounted on centaur bodies (count as cavalry, moved to Fast Attack)

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    Sagittars 3 4 3 3 1 4 1 8 4+ Troop Choice

    Equipment:Power Bows
    Options:May have a segeant (+1A)
    May be mounted on centaur bodies (count as cavalry, moved to Fast Attack)

    Power Bows: Range:18'' Strength:3 AP:3 Type:Rapid Fire

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    Kinebrach 3 3 4 4 1 3 2 7 5+ Elite Choice

    Equipment:???(I dont know what weapons they use)
    Options:May have a segeant (+1A)

    I was thinking of giving the gleves and sagittars fleet as well.

    Have Anatheme as a wargear option, that automatically wounds
    Any help would be useful

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    Re: Codex: Interex

    kinebrach should have some kind of strange power weapon/ranged weapon. They have some odd weapons in their armory.

    I think the Centaur bodies should only be placed on Saggitars. Gleves are foot troops.
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    Re: Codex: Interex

    I put my own version of the codex up about a year ago and did not get any replies. I am having trouble with the up loader atm so I will copy it here:

    Codex Interex
    Command Squad: 1 general (100 pts) up to 3 Kinebrach (either Anathema or heavy weapons) up to 5 Gleeve veterans (24 pts), up to 3 Sagittar veterans (26 pts), and up to 3 Meturgeists (30 pts)
    WS: 5 BS: 5 S:3 T: 3 A: 3 W: 3 I: 4 Ld: 10 Sv. 3+/4+
    Options: the general may be equipped with a power sword and las-bow for no extra points or a Anathema and las-bow for +25 pts or a power sword, spear, and las-bow for +15 pts. He may make his weapons master-crafted for +7 points each, he may make his armour master-crafted (re-rolls armour and invuln. saves) for +20 pts.
    Gleeves (foot): 8-15 14 pts each
    WS: 4 BS: 0 S: 3 T: 3 A: 1 W: 1 I: 4 Ld: 8 Sv: 4+
    Options: One member of the unit may be upgraded to a Veteran for +10 pts. This gives him 2 atk, Ld 10, WS: 5 & a 3+ Sv
    Equipment: each Gleeve is armed with 2 ccw and a spear that grants them +2 strength and initiative on a turn in which they are charged and counts as a power weapon.
    Kinebrach (unarmed): 3-10 15 pts each
    WS: 4 BS: 0 S: 4 T: 3 A: 2 W: 1 I: 3 Ld.: 9 Sv. 3+
    Weapons: Even unarmed Kinebrach are fearsome at close quarters and therefore the count as being armed with 2 CC weapons, they may be given frag grenades @ +1 ppm
    Sagittars (on foot): 5-10 16 pts each
    WS: 3 BS: 4 S: 3 T: 3 A: 1 W: 1 I: 3 Ld: 9 Sv: 4+
    Options: one member of the squad may be upgraded to a veteran for +10 pts. This gives him +1 to BS, Ld, and gives him a 3+ save. They can also have Ammo Bearers for 5 pts a model, these donít fight but each allow for an extra turn of shooting (you must buy one for every model in the squad or only the leader).
    Weapons: Laser Bows. These are S: 3 AP: 3 Assault 2 Range 24 weapons. Each Sagittar carries enough ammo for 6 rounds of shooting; they may sacrifice one round of shooting to fire 4 times (instead of 2) in one shooting phase.
    Kinebrach (with Anathema): 3-10 45 pts each
    WS: 5 BS: 0 S: 4 T: 3 A: 2 W: 1 I: 4 Ld: 10 Sv: 3+
    Weapons: Anathema, for every 3 men in the unit choose up to one target for the Anathema. The attacks made by the Anathema against the chosen targets wound on a 2+, ignore invulnerable saves (but not armour saves) and they cause instant death. Up to one vehicle may be targeted if you pay an extra 10 pts, the vehicle is penetrated on a 2+ and is crew stunned in addition to any other results.
    Meturgeists: 3-6 30 pts
    WS: 2 BS: 2 S: 3 T: 3 A: 1 W: 1 I: 2 Ld: 10 Sv: -/5+
    Weapons: Meturge
    Special: Meturgeists can play d3+ (the number in the squad) songs a turn, the songs may effect each unit within 3d6 inches, and the Meturgeists must pass a Ld check at -1 for each unit they wish to effect, if they fail then that song is wasted.
    Songs: Haste: (own movement) all units move d6 inches further than normal.
    Hawkeye: (own shooting) re-roll all missed rolls to hit this round.
    Glory: (either assault) The Interex unit automatically wins combat regardless of wounds.
    Embolden: (any) Affected units are Fearless.

    Heavy Support:
    Kinebrach (with heavy weapons): 5-10 17 pts
    WS: 3 BS: 5 S: 3 T: 4 A: 1 W: 1 I: 3 Ld: 10 Sv: 3+
    Weapons: up to four members of the unit may choose from the following weapons:
    Spore Cannon: S: 5 AP: 4 Heavy 1 large Blast Range 60, or indirect fire G: 24-60 20 pts
    Acid Spitter: S: 6 AP: 2 Heavy 3 Range 30 30 pts
    Bio-Blaster: S: N/A AP: 1 Heavy 1 Range 48 Instant kills troops on a 2+ and rolls 4d6+0 armour penetration against vehicles 70 pts
    Plague Launcher: S: 4 AP: Special Heavy 1 Blast Range 36 the weapons AP is equal to 7- the roll to hit. 35 pts
    Allies- the Interex have long been friends of the Eldar and therefore may take up to 2 units of Eldar, these count as both a heavy support and elites choice.
    Fast Attack:
    Sagittars (mounted):3-6 32
    WS: 3 BS: 5 S: 3 T: 4 A: 1 W: 2 I: 3 Sv: 3+
    Weapons: Las-Bows
    Special: move like eldar jet bikes (they are skilled at charging and then firing before moving rapidly out of harms way.
    Gleeves (mounted):3-6 28 pts
    WS: 5 S: 3 T: 4 I: 5 A: 3 W: 2 Ld: 10 Sv: 3+
    Weapons: 2 ccw, Lances. Lances grant +2 strength and initiative when they charge and count as power weapons.
    Special: Move as Cavalry.

    Much of it is OTT or just plain stupid so any criticism is welcome.

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    Re: Codex: Interex

    Wow, cool. Mine seems kind of pointless now.

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    Re: Codex: Interex

    i can't remember the nme of the crazy spicer things from the planet murder, but could maybe add these as some sort of shock troop. kinda like arco-flagelents, though some sortof risk table that includes turning on there own people might be a idea?

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    Re: Codex: Interex

    Quote Originally Posted by FeetOfClay View Post
    Wow, cool. Mine seems kind of pointless now.

    @ The Anarchist: I don't think the Interex used the MegaArachnids, rather they wanted to keep them cut off from everything else.

    Do you guys think that points cost, etc. are appropriate? I wanted to make these guys the quintessential glass cannon, without the speed of Eldar but with a bit wider range of units. I would also like better suggestions for Kinebrach weapon names, the ones I have sound more like Nid's than anything else.

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