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    Re: Damnatus not allowed to be shown

    About the rumoured Hollywood movie licensing or potential losses in future due to letting us release DAMNATUS:

    I thought about it in the morning and I do not think that this is the case here.

    Look at my recapitulation:
    They amended their IP policy to ban all fan movies just recently. That means that they would had lost Millions of Pounds (-> The Phazers theory) if another one would have created and released a fan film before that clear public decision.
    Perhaps they didn't think about this alleged loophole, at least they never thought about German artist protection for a long time (Goddammit, it's all my fault!!! :cries, but I doubt that they would let such things open and exploitable in their own native legal system.

    Why didn't they amend their policy in 2006 but now? Why did GW laywers (sidenote: who are really nice and polite guys BTW, who just do the jobs and follow the guidelines of the company's strategy) give me hope by speaking of the possibility of an agreement? If there would be problems with exclusive film licenses they wouldn't, would they? (In fact it was told me, that I would have to stop publishing the film if such thing would happen - and I agreed (I'd like so see a big-budget movie, too, you know )).

    So I wouldn't hold my breath for a big budget Warhammer 40,000 movie emerging soon. I speak from my own experience and can't recommend it - it leads to frustration and in the end to the making of a fan film. And what that means for you we all know now.

    I really think it's something with German laws what bothers them, and that's what they told me, but sadly not precisely and en detail which paragraph and which nuances.

    It is definitely their right to forbid our film. We knew that it could happen. (You all should if you create FanArt.) We knew that it is bad not to have a written agreement. But GW wouldn't have given us one - see their IP policy page, they only *allow* certain things. They told me that they probably would have nothing against a fan film. Probably. You do not get more.
    Was it dumb to start production? Was it dumb to invest that much time and money?
    Yes it was. But we are fans. We do that. We rely on GW's trust and goodwill.

    They pulled that from us and I think that it is a shame. They even took it from British and US American fans to go and make films although as far as I know these are clearly derivatives and thus belong to GW. And that's a scandal to me.

    It cannot be that they punish the whole community because some fans in Germany have a little more control over their pieces of art than others.

    Only banning German fan films wouldn't be fair as well though, so I can only urge GW to stop this wrong way and let us fans do what we do best: Express our enthusiasm.

    Even if I would understand and see the whole legal situation - I think a healthy relationship between company and customership is far more important than the small risk of getting betrayed by your own devotees.
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