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Thread: Traitor Guard + CSM Possessed WiPs

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    Traitor Guard + CSM Possessed WiPs

    Its been a long time since ive sat down at my modelling bench, as with most modellers I think im going through a phase of low interest. Which is disappointing as I know how much I enjoy it when I sit down.. its just getting there.

    Over the last 2 weeks ive started working on 2 models randomly, not for an army, but probubly inspired by the HH books. I really want to be getting on with them and kick start myself back into productive hobbying. Ive decided To show them here to try and get some interest and motivation, and drive me forwards.

    Anyway here they are,

    The traitor guard is based on a sketch done by a friend, and the possessed was started because it felt rude not to get stuck into the new

    EDIT >> not sure why the image is showing as a link. Any ideas?
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