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    by Published on 31-08-2014 10:30

    ON SALE NOW: £1

    In this issue, we bring you reviews of products from Scale75, Ax Faction, Fantasy Realms Models, Painting Buddha and Sergeant BlackArt. We also have some brilliant tutorials including Sean Fulton painting the model he converted in last month’s issue and Justin McCoy from Secret Weapon Miniatures shows us how to paint a rusted Oldsmobile. Terry Cowell gives us his report from the latest Weekend Workshop that featured Alfonse Giraldes, but to get us started this month we have an Insight interview with one of the finest painters and modellers there is and someone who I’ve found to be a very helpful and cool guy all around Roman ‘Jarhead’ Lappat.

    Don't forget you can also win a free display plinth every month by posting pictures of your painted miniatures on our facebook page and getting the most likes in a month.

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    by Published on 26-07-2014 05:16

    ON SALE NOW: £1

    Welcome to issue 15 of Figure Painter Magazine and we have a tutorial bonanza for you! Five great tutorials including how Sean Fulton converted his Venomthrope, Thor Intararangson painted his Ultramarine’s Space Marine Banner and Martyn Dorey and Shane Rozzell show us how to use model board for making architectural models for our diorama’s.

    We also have lots of great reviews of products from Pegaso Models, Scale75, BrokenToad and Another World and kicking off the magazine we have a brilliant Insight interview with Jen Haley!

    Remember, if you post photo's of your painted miniatures onto the FPM facebook page and get the most likes in a month you can win a free display plinth courtesy of Model Display Products and please pop over to the facebook page and vote for the reader submitted images by liking them

    by Published on 27-06-2014 17:51

    Carpe Noctem Presents

    The Golden Bat Competition 2014

    Sponsored by Mantic Games

    I am very pleased to announce the return of Carpe Noctem's Golden Bat Competition, with revamped (pun intended ) rules and £200 worth of prizes to be won!

    The competition has painting and converting categories, including sections for non-vampire counts models. In addition a tier system is in place so no matter your skill level, you can still join in and have fun.

    To find out more details and read the rules in full, please visit the following link: Golden Bat Competition 2014

    Good luck to all those who enter.

    Disciple of Nagash
    Carpe Noctem Owner and Administrator
    by Published on 26-06-2014 17:42     Number of Views: 1230 

    ON SALE NOW: £1

    Issue 14 is packed full of articles to suit all types of painters. We have reviews of products from BrokenToad, Badger Airbrush Company, Games Workshop, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Figone and Scale75. Tutorials from Myles ‘lil-loser’ David and Barry Ford as well as our continued Malifaux gaming table build. What’s on the Market takes a look at brass etch and paper plants for bases and Diorama’s and we kick off with a brilliant Insight Interview with. Oliver ‘HonourGuard’ Späth plus all of our regular news, latest releases and articles.

    One last thing, please pop over to the facebook page and vote for the reader submitted images by liking them

    by Published on 04-05-2014 12:04  Number of Views: 5617 

    Each 39 piece kit is available with Green or Blue clear components and come with 4 short walls, 4 long walls, and a weapon turret/comms relay that has 3 loadout options and was designed to be fully compatible with Warhammer 40,000 Necron Aegis Defense Line rules.

    More information can be found here.
    by Published on 16-03-2014 12:40

    This March, we release the first miniature for the Cirlean army! And to make it in style, we start with a Lord of Castria, the capital city of the Cirlean Empire, and home to the most disciplined and trained troops of Cirlea.

    If you'd like to learn more about the Cirlean Empire, you can find its background here (in Spanish)

    And of course, we continue with more characters for the Dark Elves army, with a new Dark Elf Princess with hand weapon and dragonette.

    Remember that the Dark Elf army list (the 5th army list available for Warthrone) will very soon be released for open playtesting!

    More pics & info about these new releases here
    by Published on 30-01-2014 17:38

    Many of you let us know that the exclusive Concubine of Nemesis miniature provided with the Vestals of Nemesis preorder deal was not of your liking. But still, most of you were getting the preorder deal anyway.

    To fix that issue, we have decided to add an alternative pre-order deal consisting of a Vestals of Nemesis 30 miniatures regiment.

    So now you can chose between the excusive metal miniature or the 30 minis
    preorder deal!

    We will send an email to everyone who has already bought the exclusive miniature deal, asking if you'd like instead the 30 miniatures one.

    Here are both preorder deals for the Vestals of Nemesis:

    As always, thanks so much for your feedback!

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    Re: Lybban trying to improve. Feedback appreciated!

    one of the best I've ever seen

    mbh1127 02-09-2014, 01:48 Go to last post
    forseer of fates

    Re: Warhammer: Nagash - N&R discussion

    looks 50 by 50 to me.

    forseer of fates 02-09-2014, 01:47 Go to last post

    Re: Shrine of Glory: WoC Tactica

    I saw that Crom is coming back. Anyone else looking to make an Army for him? He was always one of my favourite characters.

    Rogzor87 02-09-2014, 01:46 Go to last post

    Re: Black Library units

    gobbos with S4 and poison perhaps? or great weapons? haha

    EvanM 02-09-2014, 01:45 Go to last post
    Losing Command

    Re: Grey Knights 1500 Point List

    Maybe drop the Domina Liber Daemonica of the GM, as rolling once on a psychic discipline to get that single power you need rarely works (but maybe that's

    Losing Command 02-09-2014, 01:44 Go to last post
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