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    by Published on 07-03-2016 20:18

    ON SALE NOW: £1.30

    We have a pretty cool issue for you this month, kicking off with an Insight interview with one of my favourite painters, Diego Esteban, who not only tells us about his painting, but also about his latest venture, HeraModels. We also have interviews with Dave Heathfield of ‘Eavy Metal fame, as well as with Sebastian Archer and Peter Overton, the guys behind the Twisted game and miniature range who have taken the time to chat with FPM during their very successful crowdfunding campaign.

    We also have a packed issue for you with our reviews. We unbox miniatures from Armoured Syndicate, Figone, Nutsplanet, Beyond Miniatures, RP Models, Young Miniatures and take a close look at the latest Adoba Diorama book.

    Tutorials this month are from Sergey Popovichenko, Sergey Chasnyk and from Juan Ignacio Corujo, plus…drumroll please…the Malifaux Gaming Table is finally finished. Make sure you tune in next issue, because we have some really special news about that!

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    Those of you that use your finely painted miniatures for gaming might also like to know about a new publication that we’re starting called Initiative Magazine. The focus of Initiative Magazine will be on all types of gaming that uses miniatures so board games, RPG's, skirmish and war games. If you have anything you'd like to see in our magazine, please feel free to drop us a line by visiting our Facebook page; the guys would love to hear your thoughts.

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    by Published on 20-02-2016 14:57

    Yes we are back.

    We experienced a major problem with our database files. On examination the problem had been prevalent for sometime which meant it had been copied into some of our backup file. To make matters worse the issue also effected the webserver. As a result not only could we not not act as a forum we could not operate as website at all which is why we could not post an explanation on the Home Page as to why the forums were closed.

    Even though we are back there are still a few consequences we have to deal with. All the Avatar images have been lost, together with the profile pictures. We may have also lost links to user uploaded pictures.

    This means all members will have to reload their avatars. yes this is a pain.

    There may be other problems as well which we may not yet of noticed. If anyone does encounter an issue, please let us know in this thread

    by Published on 11-01-2016 19:44

    ON SALE NOW: £1.30

    Welcome to issue 32 of Figure Painter Magazine.
    Happy New Year to all our readers. In this, our biggest issue ever, 144 pages dedicated to our wonderful industry/hobby, we have something pretty special. A huge tutorial by Fernando Ruiz of FeR Miniatures where he paints his company’s very popular bust ‘Rogue Pirate’. Instead of putting it into two issues, you can read it all here in this issue!

    That’s not all. We have reviews from Tartar Miniatures, Big Child Creatives, BrokenToad and Mproyec. Plus we shine the spotlight on Infamy Miniatures and Tartar Miniatures. We also have a superb Best of British interview with Andrew Argent and starting us off is a great Insight interview from one of my favourite artists, Javier Gonzalez Lozano, aka Arsies.

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    by Published on 05-12-2015 12:16

    ON SALE NOW: £1.30

    Welcome to issue 31 of Figure Painter Magazine.

    We have a cracking issue for this month with show reports from all over the world. Hussar, Monte San Savino and Chicago all feature. We also have event reports from Golem Studio’s Painting weekend and Banshee’s Masterclass.

    We take a closer look at miniatures from RP Models, FeR Miniatures, NutsPlanet, Big Child Creatives and have a look at WarColours new paint range. The company spotlight shines its focus on BrokenToad and we have tutorials from Adrian Hopwood who paints Knight Models’ Joker, Justin McCoy continues his Remora build and we have a fantastic tutorial from Donald Johansson who shows us how he made his award winning Vanitas still life scene.

    We get this issue underway with a brilliant insight interview from non-other than Pepe Gallardo.

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    by Published on 22-11-2015 14:16

    ON SALE NOW: £1.30

    Welcome to issue 30 of Figure Painter Magazine.

    One of the goals of FPM is to show you, our readers, things that you may have never seen before and introduce you to new ideas. That’s why this issue is a bit of a special one dedicated to flachen zinnfiguren or flat tin figures. In this issue we have a show report from the Mecca of this sometimes overlooked part of our hobby, Kulmbach. We also have instruction about how to sculpt a demi round and even a guide to buying them. Jessica Rich shares with us how she painted her first flachen zinnfiguren and this month’s insight is with Penny Meyer, who was awarded Best of Show for flachen zinnfiguren at Kulmbach earlier this year.

    We have all the usuals reviews, views and news and interviews; in fact, we speak to Karol Rudyk, whom we last spoke to in issue one, about his latest project that we can exclusively reveal in this issue!
    Also we have a breath taking tutorial from Adrian Hopwood about his sensational rendition of Hush and one from our very own Italian Stallion, Davide Rainone on how he recently painted his award winning Dr. Doom bust.

    All this for £1.30...we must be mad!

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    by Published on 18-10-2015 12:17

    ON SALE NOW: £1.30

    Welcome to issue 29 of Figure Painter Magazine.

    So, the big one is over again for another year. I a of course referring to Euro Militaire and I’d like to say well done to all that took part on the painting competition and congratulate those that took away an award. The standard was very high this year so you should all feel very proud.

    On to this issue and it’s jam packed full of stuff. We have lots of reviews this issue and plenty to inspire you with your own painting and modelling. We also have the Justin McCoy continuing his epic Remora build and Thor Intararangson finishes his tutorial about painting natural marble and other tutorials from Davide Rainone, and Markp Paunovic.

    We also have some brilliant interviews and spotlight articles, but starting us off is a fantastic Insight interview with Fernando Ruiz from FeR miniatures.

    While I have your attention. we are currently working hard on issue 30 which is going to be something of a special. As well as our usual stuff, we have several articles all about Flat Tin Figures. So if you really want to push your painting skills and fancy having a go at painting a flat look out for issue 30.

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    by Published on 16-09-2015 18:41

    ON SALE NOW: £1.30

    Welcome to issue 28 of Figure Painter Magazine.

    I must say we have a stonking issue for you this month (that’s a good thing for our non-UK readers ). We have four brilliant tutorials from the likes of Thor Studio, Justin McCoy and a massive one from Fernando Ruiz.
    We also take a close look at miniatures from Demented Games, Savage Forged Mini’s and Aradia as well as Deluxe Materials Create & Shape. Event reports for this years Iron Painter online painting comp and that geek mecca, Gen Con 2015. But, to kick us off we have a chat with the world famous Danilo Cartacci who is the focus of the Insight Interview.

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    Re: Games Workshop Pricing Feedback Thread

    Its not a stealth increase at all. Its officially a new product from which you can still make the old product if you wish.

    They've done the

    Wintermute 01-05-2016, 07:02 Go to last post

    Re: Games Workshop Pricing Feedback Thread

    It's the same any time a new sprue is added, like the knight warden or the other dark angel flier. Those things are costlier to make.


    aprilmanha 01-05-2016, 06:59 Go to last post

    Re: Games Workshop Pricing Feedback Thread

    Am I right in thinking that there has been a massive stealth increase in the price of the dakkajet? It was £27.50 and is now £40 as the new wazbom spure

    arkle 01-05-2016, 06:54 Go to last post

    Re: Flyer Game - Summer 2016

    I don't know I was cautious, then hopeful, now just shaking my head. This sounds pretty stupid, I don't think I'm buying this book at all. I'll stick

    AngryAngel 01-05-2016, 06:49 Go to last post

    Re: Nemesis Dreadknight Conversions- no "baby carrier" (commission)

    Best Dreadknight I've seen. First dreadknight that's made me want to paint a dreadknight!

    Super-clean conversion work too. Lovely stuff mate

    Aryllon 01-05-2016, 06:34 Go to last post
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