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  1. Venice 40k build diary (city fight project) *pictures!*
  2. The Deadley 40K Project
  3. Mentor Legion Tournament army
  4. spikyjames's big painting log
  5. My (cute, small,..) Alaitoc Army
  6. WIP Heresy Era World Eater Command Squad
  7. Ultramarines Army Blog and Converted Uriel Ventris
  8. Ixe's SoB Protect
  9. no-use's Tank Co. Project Log.
  10. Duty and Honor! An IG Project Log
  11. Villains Great Unclean One
  12. Metal-themed Slaanesh army
  13. sculpted chaos dragon
  14. Lack0F's ScratchBuilt Titan, Baneblade and all other things
  15. Sheeps Laying a log
  16. Krieg 37th Panzer Division. -
  17. Deathguard: Mississippi Echelon
  18. Sheep's Little Log That Could
  19. Enginseers Chimera.
  20. pacmanswang's LotD army
  21. Vostroyan Greens/Leviathan
  22. Destris' Elysian Log
  23. Marks big mix of projects (lots of pics)
  24. Braun II Skitarii
  25. Re-designing GW dancing kroxigors
  26. Ezekiel and painting guide!
  27. My converted daemonhunter chapter - Emperor knights
  28. Arhalien's Eldar Army - The Tien Asur
  29. 11th Krieg Regiment - A pictorial history.
  30. Rictus's All Encompassing Build & Convertingathon.
  31. Tagsta's latest Work done =)
  32. Inquisitorial Krieg anyone!
  33. Let's get these skellies finished!
  34. Re-learning the hobby through Nipponese
  35. Hive Fleet Goliath; a Godzilla Project.
  36. Captain Brown's Elysian Drop Troops Painting Log (Over 600 pictures)
  37. Pre-Heresy Night Lords Project
  38. Syrme's project log -
  39. Spikyjames does Dark Angels
  40. the painting adventures of Dominus Ex Machina
  41. What have i been upto?
  42. Armos' Chaos Undivided Army needs to get done!
  43. Squats Imperial Guard Style
  44. GrahamGilchrist's Tau Farsight Cadre and scratchbuilt Orca Log
  45. New harlequin and painting guide! (warning, contains flashy holo-suit images!)
  46. Harlequin number two! (she's a lady!)
  47. Painted chaos dragon
  48. HiveFleet Gorgon
  49. The Eisenstein Grey Knights
  50. Bretonnians again
  51. The Kitchen Sink project log
  52. Bounty Hunter and Classic Dwarf
  53. Chaos project 'Soul Reapers'
  54. Marsekay's Painting Log - 2007-????
  55. The Dominus Ex Machina
  56. what to do? what to do? Aegius' apocalypse thread
  57. Adeptus Mechanicus army Mk2
  58. 568th Death Korp Regiment
  59. Wayfarer's random paint log
  60. Too many tanks? Impossible!
  61. Toschenko's big & yellow log - Battleworn Imperial Fists
  62. Pre Heresy World Eaters and Truescale Howling Griffons!
  63. Slaanesh winged lord aka Tooth Fairy
  64. A Badab Project: Lost And The Damned & Red Corsairs
  65. Iron Warriors uber bang bang death army
  66. Count Olaf gets a paint job
  67. Pre Heresy Emperors Children Blog
  68. A Tale of Two Lazy Gamers
  69. Kaptin Friggrot's Freebotas - Blood Bowl Goblin Team
  70. Diary of a workbench
  71. Snakes of Ithaka - Iron Sakes Marines
  72. Death Guard Blog
  73. Kaptin Hortwork's Freebootaz - a slow Hortwerth's Orks project log
  74. Slaanesh Greater Daemon for my buddy
  75. Lack0f's Space Orks And Stunties (squats)
  76. Khabuldashudeth sculpts!
  77. Stomp!
  78. Eldar Revenant Titan and Vampire Hunter: scartchbuilt
  79. Alphachickens Log
  80. JonesRob's Log of everything!
  81. “DEATH’S HEAD” - 3rd Krieg Tank Division - Titan Hunter Detachment
  82. Tommygun's Backwater Forgeworld
  83. V_ol_tron's orky conversions and scratchbuilds, and some painting too!
  84. Rikard sculpts randomly and without warning.
  85. "The Restless dead" A vampire counts log
  86. Tale of two painters - Death Korps of Krieg and Crimsons Fists
  87. 152nd Tank Brigade. Scratch Building Log.
  88. Mantis Warriors
  89. randyc9999 Log (Eldar, WitchHunters, Others)
  90. Taipan (a never ending story...)
  91. My name is Daniel and I am a Wargamer (ORKS)
  92. DV8's Vampire Counts Log
  93. The Fae Folk - and army of Forest Spirits
  94. A Warlord Titan is Re-born!
  95. The Devotees of Elazar - Chaos Mortals
  96. Revs Specialist games log
  97. Rev's 'mostly marines' Showcase
  98. Spikyjames' Big 40K log
  99. Doghouse's Dark Eldar Kabal
  100. zigoRs CITIES OF DEATH
  101. Tellan Craftworld - An Eldar log by Radium
  102. Nakia Version 10 Scratch build
  103. 54mm Harlequin Solitaire - WIP
  104. Whereas I resolve...
  105. Lord Azoth´s Dark elves Painting Log
  106. No, Mommy! It's all Animerik's fault!
  107. Farewell Slaanesh, I loved thee...
  108. Antilles' diorama-a-rama
  109. CMDante's Blood Pact Conversion Log
  110. Dead (Eldar) Rising
  111. Heresy age World Eaters
  112. StraightSilver tries to finish an army!
  113. More homebuilt super heavies
  114. The Zanatorian Machine Cult Project Log
  115. The Realm of Kaos
  116. SDKFZ does a Reaver, SLOW !
  117. that_guy's thread of unfinished armies!
  118. Photo enhancing project
  119. Hortwerth's painting, sculpting and converting log
  120. 37th/41st Rat Trappers
  121. Iron Lords Space Marines. 2nd Company.
  122. Breaz goes Tzeentch
  123. Gobotonnia Army! Gobbo Knights!
  124. Harbingers of the Storm
  125. "Artscale" Space Marines (a truescale project log)
  126. Nurgle Revival - The Lost Souls
  127. Stonetroll's Bretonnians
  128. DG army v.3.0 maybe I will finish it this time?
  129. Irra's Chaotic vampire counts project
  130. Orks orks and even more orks
  131. fearfrost's desk
  132. Index Astartes - Taurans
  133. Arnan 317th "Death's Own" - iPaint's IG Log
  134. My whatever i get my hands on blog
  135. Adeptus Orkanikus (Heavily converted Ork army)
  136. Ulthwe Eldar
  137. Captain Brown builds the Flower Class Corvette HMCS CHILLIWACK (What did he say?!)
  138. Fredman's Epic Project
  139. Bringing Back The Rebellion: Grot Army Rebuild!
  140. Full Blood Angels 2nd Company by ilikebmxbikes
  141. The Host of the Feathered Serpent - Lizzie Blog + Other bits i fancy doing...
  142. Red 'unz tribe - Speedpainting!
  143. Decadent Host of Inevitable Excess
  144. FreakForge´s lair
  145. The Vexus Crusade, Imperial Fists
  146. For the Motherland! A Khadorian Plog
  147. = Scallywaggin = Adepticon 2010 40k Army
  148. And the angels of darkness descended upon pinions of fire and light: PreHeresy DA
  149. The Argonauts
  150. Cadians for Golden Demon Diorama
  151. Silver Tower of Tzeentch
  152. VN's Vintage Chaos Emporium (a blog of sorts...)
  153. rorulmesp's WIP log
  154. Stone Cold - Ice World Terrain
  155. Redarmy27's Painting Log
  156. it´s winter.....
  157. Pirates!
  158. Craftworld Ynn'eal Tan
  159. Jolly Roger's plog
  160. Welcome to the Overrealm!
  161. 'Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons; The Forces Of Prospero Project Log'
  162. Piefinder!
  163. The Leonis Cluster: Forces of the Imperium
  164. GMM Lab Notes - A Commission Blog
  165. GD Valhallan diorama
  166. Speed painting a sisters of battle force;
  167. Munnchy's GD Diorama 2011
  168. The High House of Chains - a Druchii plog
  169. In need of thread bump. The rarely updated Plog.
  170. CMDante's Warhammer 40k Vehicle Bronze entry to GDUK 2011
  171. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
  172. Da Tartan Army Boyz
  173. Adams blog of everything!
  174. Finished! Grey Knight Paladin/Henchmen Army
  175. Muninn's May Mini Madness
  176. Dave Paints....... for Worthy Painting
  177. The Bureaucrat. A diorama project log
  178. Rotokultaxe's EDEN plog
  179. A Holy Work – The Three Hives Rebellion
  180. The 8th Brotherhood
  181. The Ka`Thokt dynasty 10,975 points and counting...
  182. The realm of Kaos, v2.
  183. Sons of Tyr - Seventh War-Company
  184. Life in the Vault is about to change
  185. Manhunter [Avatars of War] - FINISHED
  186. fluffystuff paints Darklands
  187. Veshnakar's project log (updated with nurgle goodness)
  188. Hall of Heroes