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  1. Return of the Elysians!
  2. Aussie IG Hardened Vet. Commandos
  3. The Adeptus Mechanicus Project
  4. Inquisitorial Land Raider - extensive conversion WIP
  5. Scratchbuilt Armored Company Blog (Paper)
  6. WIP Dreadnought, "jugernought" style
  7. To and Back - ExoCowboy's 40K Log
  8. Elysians! By Chaos & Evil
  9. Custodian
  10. Inquisitor
  11. Heero Builds a Titan (long term slow project)
  12. Deadleys Baneblade
  13. my IG Blog
  14. My Finished Wolf Lord!
  15. My 1000 pt Black Templar Army Thread
  16. Lavfluris' 2006 Project: Part One
  17. Captain Ardias musters the 3.Company
  18. Imperial Knight Titan
  19. IG snipers wip *pic's* (yes it is anothere blog)
  20. Relictors Space Marine Project......
  21. Adeptus Mechanicus 54mm
  22. You know there's something wrong when you make a project log for a battleforce...
  23. Project: Guard Heavy Weapons
  24. Deathworld Vets - Complete Army From Scratch
  25. My Grey Knight Terminators
  26. Polymphus's Ordo Hereticus army Diary
  27. Lady Hopes SoB Challenge
  28. Radical DH with Imperial Death Kreig
  29. Project wolfguard
  30. I want a(nother) titan
  31. WIP 1850 DA (moving from general)
  32. 54mm Imperial Citizens
  33. AD's Ordo Xenos attempt...
  34. Pert's 40K Golden Griffon entry
  35. Tagsta's Ultramarine Terminator Command Squad
  36. ++ClockWork Ravens ++ Damien XIII
  37. Pireus 5th 'The Vaan-Guard'
  38. Kommie's Attempt at getting painting done...
  39. Kandy painting Emperor's Sisters
  40. Anvils Hammers -23rd Temuchin Gaurd -drop troop project
  41. Ultramarine first, represent!
  42. Stand and Fight! - An Ongoing Praetorian IG Project
  43. Blacksmiths Armoured company
  44. Black Templar Terminators WIP
  45. Imperial Fists Detatchment WIP
  46. (another) 1st company ultramarine
  47. The rise of an army (space marines)
  48. Deathwing Librarian (WIP)
  49. Old and new. Guard from Old Guard
  50. The broken ones | a dg army
  51. Cadian 98th Armoured Regiment
  52. Zac's New Project-Flesheaters bit-by-bit
  53. Epic Iron Hands - prepping for Full Scale Assault Epic Tournament
  54. The Adepticon Project-A squad of Terminators in 17 days
  55. 6000 pts IG armoured Battlegroup by Aug 15th
  56. Crismon fists- a gt army
  57. 1500 pts IG cityfight army: Cadian heavy infantry
  58. Nid Hunting Guard
  59. 2000 pts Ultramarines 2nd Company
  60. 10 days till the carnage tournament-Anvil hammer decides to revamp his entire army!!
  61. Watch Melchor build his Deathwing army!
  62. Marine Corp IG
  63. Dark Angels Paintathon
  64. (Da 'ellow Boyz) Imperial Fist Army
  65. The Adeptus Mechanicus Project: Episode II
  66. Community Project: Diversity in the Guard
  67. Project: Ironwatch - A DW killteam made up of iron hands for use in combat patrol...
  68. StuG/Russ Conversion Guide! (pic heavy) [CLOSED]
  69. The Emperor A-Z
  70. dragoons guard
  71. The Battle For Kasr Tannenberg (Cityfight)
  72. Byrons' Dark Angels
  73. Ultramarine Assault Squad
  74. Raptors (No, not the Chaos ones)
  75. Getting 4000pts of Deathwing ready!
  76. Tagsta's Ultramarines 1st Company
  77. Getting 1000pts of Marines ready for Bristol Carnage and Beyond...
  78. Adeptus Mechanicus army
  79. Terminator Chaplain Wip (nmm)
  80. Frod's 40k Inquisitor & Retinue
  81. In Nomine Imperator: Marines Malevolent Build-off!
  82. Project: Ciaphas Cain
  83. Storm Troopers for the UK GT
  84. Guardsman sculpt project
  85. A diffrent marine army-- DROP POD GOODNESS
  86. 1500pt Converted Marine Tournie Force
  87. My Tau themed IG Army
  88. Sons of Sparta!
  89. Firestorm's Medusa V Inquisition forces project
  90. Lavfluris' 2006 Project: Part Two...
  91. Stormtrooper154s UK GT project
  92. British Expeditionary Force Themed IG Regiment
  93. Emperors champion in Helbrechts colours (BLING!)
  94. Sisters are doin' it for themsleves-UK GT army
  95. Command Squad Lucifer log
  96. Master of Sanctity Vardemis (GD Entry)
  97. Project Cadian Arbites
  98. Daemonhunter roadies
  99. My Valhallan Project
  100. Wife attacks the Legio Custodes - my views as she descends into madness
  101. blood angels, setting up an army.
  102. Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Force Project
  103. "Freyja" the converted MkII Wasp Hellhound
  104. Jumping on the band wagon....
  105. Sons of Horus Uberthread (56k=Teh Lose)
  106. Starting with Space marines
  107. Grey Knights Medusa Incursion!
  108. Forcing myself to paint: Angels of Destruction
  109. space marine army
  110. Flesh Tearers by Evilbeetles
  111. DA Army
  112. Uphold the honour of the Imperium!
  113. death from above! pompeylad's elysian project!
  114. Another Project: My Warseer Marine
  115. More Drop Troopers
  116. Sons of Corvinus
  117. Vostroyans/Ad mech army thread (conflict-07)
  118. Ultramarines on Medusa V
  119. Imperial Guard Techpriest (GD Entry)
  120. Imperial Guard (Cadians) army just starting
  121. Red Scorpion's non-Red Scorpion Blog - Everything but!
  122. Vostroyan Army
  123. Getting back into the game - An Imperial Guard blog
  124. Imperial Navy Lightning Project
  125. Icebergman's Imperial Guard
  126. Cookiescrumble's GT army Project.
  127. MAS Iron Brotherhood painted
  128. Starting up a new IG army!
  129. 'CONSECRO' - The 'Iron Souls' Dreadnought project...
  130. Pinting on the sprue: A Cadian experiment.
  131. Railgunners 1500 pt Grey Knight Army
  132. Black Templar Marshal Lazarus
  133. Legio custodes guards army
  134. WIP Forgeworld Mk IIB Land Raider, Crimson Fists stlyee
  135. For Vostroya!!
  136. Project Malleus - building a GreyKnight army...
  137. To Carnage Social....and beyond!!!
  138. Dark Angels Project Log
  139. Dark Angels Strike Force Israfil WIP.
  140. ||-MARKO-|| goes to guard!
  141. Building the Cadian 3rd Armoured core.
  142. Vostroyans sarg. (56k DIE!)
  143. WIP Scout to Arbite
  144. Gloryseeker's guard
  145. KoU's big IG project
  146. Imperial Titan.
  147. Dark Angels 1st Company - Deathwing project log
  148. "Finish ONE of your armies at least, dear..."
  149. Project #3; Armoured Column
  150. A Medusa V Army Diary
  151. AD'S 'You all need to motivate me like you do deadly' PL
  152. Vostroyans-1500pts
  153. Space marine mini titan project
  154. Emperor's Champion
  155. Raising the 4th Kanada
  156. Medieval/WW1 Imperial Guard Project (Pic Heavy)
  157. Imperial Fist Army Log
  158. Howling Griffon Project
  159. DA Army again
  160. Imperial Cadian 1st Gatekeepers
  161. 114th Mechanised Cadian Regiment - Taros
  162. Armageddon's Imperial Guard Project
  163. Deathwing Army for the Best Painting Guide Ever
  164. Deathwing Army for the Best Painting Guide Ever
  165. DA Librarian
  166. Yankeeboy's Revenant titan build blog!
  167. Wolftime - SW blog
  168. Making a marine army...and sticking with it.
  169. The Vostroyan Project.
  170. Öhmans Forgeworld Blog
  171. The Ithica 14th "Silver shields" -My new IG regiment project Log
  172. Vargos' project log.... The Cadian 422nd "Stygian Doom"
  173. Bluesabre's IG : Westralian 10th
  174. The more things change, the more they stay the same :)
  175. Robot 2000's mechanised infantry log
  176. Wonderdog's 40k GT Heat 1 army - From plastic to fantastic in 8 weeks!
  177. The long road ahead... Filled with tanks!
  178. Black's Stuff
  179. Building Castles in the Sky: Imperial Guard Air Cavalry!
  180. all scout space marine army
  181. Cookiescrumble Carnage Crisis
  182. My First Ever Army - A Witch Hunter Project Log
  183. Mad Man-a-tron's Mechanical Marine Madness
  184. RAZZA'S BACK! and he's painting an army!!??
  185. Imperial Stormtroopers Project Log
  186. Ethereals first 40k army: Vostrayan 22nd
  187. adeptus mechanicus
  188. Ice's 46th Cadian Army- The Long Road
  189. tancrede's guard: 13th aquilonian
  190. Wolf Scout Ewan's scenery compilation thread. (PICS)
  191. Cadian 45th wilderness recon patrol unit!
  192. Painted Imperial Guard Captain!
  193. 1500pt army...needs painting...got one month..hmmm!
  194. Sisters of Battle Front Cover Project
  195. "The Dreadnought thread"
  196. Sisters of battle for COD
  197. Valkyries of the Omnissiah Female Space Marines WIP Pics (Lots of Pics)
  198. Sons of Sotec Development Log
  199. Redeeming the 229th Bar-el Penal Legion
  200. Time to Burn. Bro Fandango's IG
  201. The 101st PhantineAirCorps WIP paint/modelling
  202. Phox's Blood Ravens (sort of on the cheap)
  203. S&G's SM Army ala the Brother
  204. marvs death corps army (now with pictures)
  205. 33rd Cadian Desert Armour.
  206. Blinging Canoness!
  207. Cookiescrumble is going to finish his Armoured Company...
  208. Khrangar's Sons of Guilliman Log
  209. Purge The Daemon! A DH project log by Anubis_the_Harlie
  210. Big Valkyries of the Omnissiah Female Space Marines Update (Lots of Pics)
  211. Cadian 113th 'Desert Devils'
  212. Finished Terminator chaplain in NMM! (lots of pics)
  213. Steel Legions Trench Board
  214. Court Jester's Painting Diary
  215. 19th Krieg armoured + 1st Heavy battlegroup
  216. Wolvies never ending story
  217. High marshal Crassus (he has the power!)
  218. WYSIWYG Chimera (Nee: Rhino)
  219. A wee 'ittle bit o Ragnarok
  220. Shveen's IG army
  221. Australian Lighthorse IG Project Log
  222. Doghouse's Imperial Guard Project
  223. Death Korps Leman Russ "Female" tank
  224. The Lions Live! Frost's Celestial Lion Distraction.
  225. Phantine Airborne regiment project.
  226. Daemonhunter (to start off) Project Log
  227. Snakebite's Vostroyan Kill Team.
  228. Jacka's Leviathan Project Or When is a Sand Crawler not a Sand Crawler!
  229. Building the Company!
  230. Spikyjames's Thunderhawk
  231. Gideon Sterne, Warseer Marine
  232. Custom Grey Knights - Winter War IV
  233. Villians Witchunters
  234. Death Korp of Krieg Army.
  235. My First Company
  236. Fenriz Finally Paints His Guard
  237. My first real go at the Guard
  238. Re-painting my steel legion force!
  239. Its Bloggering time...1700pts DiY Chapter
  240. Thanksgiving Day madness!!!
  241. TANDEM PROJECT PART I: Atherakhia
  242. Nevermore - The Raven Guard's 3rd Company
  243. Phox's (Not quite) Black Templar
  244. Imperial Fists project log
  245. Let me try one of these...
  246. The mud and the blood and the beer
  247. BigJon's Tanks and Fixings
  248. And Now For Something Completely Different!
  249. Bones' 6,000 point Fire Hawks Convert-stravaganza!
  250. Jullevi's Vostroyan project log