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  1. Chaos,Nids and Wolves
  2. Space Hulk - A break from the blue!
  3. Black Legion Space Hulk Log
  4. Captian prophet's 40k log
  5. Log of Wasan Projects
  6. My kids Orks and Nids slowwww log
  7. Badgobbla's struggle against his models...
  8. red/winter's Golden Bolter entries
  9. Keliah's Pre-heresy Death Guards vs. Tyranids
  10. Space Hulk Broodlord
  11. Creeping Dementia's Model Log (Tau, Sisters, maybe some Lizardmen)
  12. Fathoming Fathoym's First Project Log
  13. IP project Log - This is where we hold them! This is where we fight!
  14. Chaos and Space Hulk
  15. Randomly randomness of random (wh40k/necromunda stuff)
  16. Tomalock's Never-ending List of Projects
  17. Mini 40K
  18. Creating the world for Fury of the Stormwind - Huge apoc battle
  19. Space Hulk Terminators
  20. Toonboy's log
  21. Lost Partol
  22. Confessions of a Projectaholic – An Eldar/Necron/Daemon log
  23. Elotsip does something besides Chaos Renegades
  24. Necrons & Eldar Painting Log
  25. Lack0f's Space Wolves, Squats and misc dumping ground
  26. Years of backlog plog
  27. Not so secret Apocalypse Project. Reaver vs Hierophant
  28. Scum of the Imperium - Penal legion & Renegades
  29. My log of Orks and Marines!!
  30. This log might take until the 41st millennium...
  31. thesheriff's SUPER BLOG of everything-ness
  32. Painting from both sides: Daemons and Space Wolves
  33. MalusCalibur's 40K Endeavours
  34. Explodingboy's big log of stuff.
  35. Iceborn's Kustom Orky Log (some tau too)
  36. Space Hulk
  37. Vermis' Epic undertaking
  38. Paintin' Space Hulk
  39. Word Bearers, Ulthwe, DA, Bad Moons...
  40. Kill Teams of All Kinds!
  41. Coragus' Quest for the Right 40K Army
  42. Golden Demon 2010 preperation
  43. The Unholy Alliances - Space Marine, Tau and Eldar
  44. my painting project
  45. The Duellists, part of The Sublime Society
  46. Only one thing in space is worse than chaos (BFG/Orks/Firefly)
  47. Saur's grand plog of stuffness - 40K and BFG
  48. Startng early (ish) A golden daemon project log
  49. For the Dark Gods! And possibly the Emprah!
  50. Blood Angels | Back from Space Hulk mission
  51. Decoys Space hulk log (Large Pictures)
  52. red/winter's painting log v2.0
  53. Icecream Boys Nurgle Orks and other interesting stuff
  54. Col Crag's Orks n Nids log (Battlewagons, Warbuggys, Carnifexes, etc)
  55. Highbattalion club projects
  56. Occasionally updated
  57. My "MASSIVE" 40K collection (Pic Heavy)
  58. [ 40K - Gimp ] 108th Drogan Palisade
  59. Jeijjj! Dreff has a Camera!
  60. Ace's IG and other stuff
  61. ChrisMurray ruins some Models (orks, chaos, other)
  62. Am
  63. Dark mutterings amongst the troops...
  64. French GD Project
  65. Atoom's Brushes & Dolls
  66. Return to whence you came!
  67. Random Empire, Tau, Tyranids & maybe a Sentinel
  68. Transversing the Void - An Eldar + Daemon project log
  69. Logans commission logs
  70. M: one thousand painted 40k minis.
  71. Plastic's slow blog of Crons, Night Lords, Nids and other goodness.
  72. Pherion's New WIPs!
  73. wip 40K models
  74. Wear-Tees Combat Patrol League.
  75. Hatemonger has all miniatures (Tyranid, Daemons, Dark Eldar, more)
  76. Wishing's Gothic Armadas
  77. SD's General Log - I need to get my projects done!
  78. So many models, so little time. Sprugly's blog.
  79. Space Hulk Terminators
  80. Space Hulk Terminators
  81. Blood Angels, Orks and other 40k
  82. Speedfreek's Mixed Model Arts
  83. Fanny's 40K Painting Log of Numerous Armies
  84. Brother Captain's log of whatever.
  85. Inandantia's Space Hulk exits the warp!
  86. A Painting Log of an Educator
  87. harlekin behind 40k masks
  88. Smurf Paints.....
  89. DPA's Big Pre Heresy Log of Everything!
  90. Mad Smegmek's workshop of horrors
  91. Rogzor87's Paint Log
  92. The Tale of 5 (Or so) Armies- a plog.
  93. I Paint Blue (SM&CSM&IG)
  94. 500pts per month blog! Woc skaven+d eldar
  95. Corrupting Kaelor
  96. The Red Terror - Boarding the Space Hulk
  97. Rogue Trader to Finecast. A lifetime to paint
  98. A return to painting! {Eldar, Chaos, Inquisitor}
  99. Brother's Workshop
  100. The Misadventures of a Cack-handed Painter
  101. On The Bench - Killzone Teams
  102. Mad Brotherhood does 40k (sort of)
  103. Return to armageddon
  104. Darkritual Project log
  105. Reclamation of Sebranda Majoris
  106. Tyrants Legion/Astral Claws/A army to far?
  107. Ray tries to get stuff done.
  108. Corsair Fleet Shadowheart -Eldar in BFG, AI, 40K
  109. The Battle of Pilgrim's Ashes
  110. Serge Ressurection.
  111. Byronic's 40k painting blog
  112. BrotherAleric's All-Purpose Painting Log
  113. Tabletop Quality for the Win!
  114. Space Hulk 1st edition
  115. Diorama: BT and Krieg vs: Blu Orn Orks - Epic
  116. NovaScotius Tries to Paint Things
  117. Jonahmaul's Various Painting Projects
  118. Erik_Morkai's PLOG: Space Wolves, Eldar and stuff (IMG intensive)
  119. The Chronicles Of Brad-Bin (Crazy 40k Armies)
  120. Some 40k's universe minis by Legatho
  121. Knights, Bugs and Robots, - Getting my hobby joy back...
  122. Hairy's 2012 Plog - Kill Teams, Space Wolves & World of Twilight
  123. Space Hulk painting...
  124. Vadskærs models - from Marines to IG to Eldar to....whatever fancies my paintbrush
  125. Damien 1427's Broad Collection of Tat
  126. Cold Bore - no, not a log about Arctic Pigs
  127. Hull Breach sector 8
  128. Zoggin-eck's 40k and general sci-fi models
  129. ++ The Siege of Golov [project log for a father & sons campaign]
  130. Fizzy's school project! Help a student out!
  131. Iron Warriors and Astral Claws
  132. Space...it seems to go on forever. [BFG]
  133. Lyinar's Big 40k Project
  134. project armageddon 1.2
  135. Imperials vs Orks - A tale of four painters
  136. Fubar's 40k Painting log
  137. The Battle for Velocio
  138. A Malenky attempt at 40K
  139. Necrons, 'Nids 'n' Eldar (mostly...)
  140. Bongfu's Workshop
  141. Catachan Barking Toad
  142. Darkritual 40k painting log
  143. All things Warhammer 40K
  144. Furbs painfully slow Eldar/Tau alliance! :D
  145. Winter soldiers painting log!
  146. Dark Vengeance project log
  147. Aurelius' Cabinet of Wonder. 40k/Necromunda/Inquisitor/Terrain. PIC HEAVY!
  148. Painting Dark Vengeance; Hellbrute, Marines and Sons of Gore.
  149. Mega plog.
  150. Warpaintguy Paints Dark Vengeance
  151. Dave Paints...... 40k stuff
  152. Space Hulk !
  153. WarmasterPainting....All Things 40k
  154. Turska vs Dark Vengeance
  155. The Fall of Astraea
  156. Painting Dark Vengeance
  157. LordKhaine finally getting around to properly doing the Crusade!!
  158. 50 Thousand Models in 550 Days
  159. IS LITH Hobby Blog
  160. Battle for the Sonera system - campaign between friends
  161. An Eldar and Emperor's Children PLog
  162. The French Touch.
  163. The PCRC presents: Cold Feet on Frigia
  164. OOP space wolves, Space Orks & other goodies!
  165. Svorlrik's Hobby Plog - with Angels Encarmine and Dark Eldar.
  166. Plague Hulk - Nurgle Infested Space Hulk
  167. Five 1500pt 40k armies in one year (or less)
  168. The Scourge of Pech
  169. Memnons Marvellous Miniature Menagerie!
  170. Totem Pole Studio workbench
  171. Bartali's Mainly 40k
  172. Abaraxas' Squats and other madness WIP and completed
  173. tytan_warrior paints here... Commission and Hobby Log.
  174. crisp mini
  175. The Unholy Alliance
  176. Verdekil XVIII: Welcome To The Jungle
  177. Collective project of warhammer 40 campaigns
  178. Building spaceships
  179. Andy_T's Budget 3D Space Hulk Project
  180. Den of imagination - projects
  181. Multiple models
  182. Killgore's timewaster, general 40K log
  183. A Tale of Five Legions...
  184. Abaraxas'Heroquest Restoration
  185. Heavy Metal Painting by Struna
  186. Formosas pnm blog
  187. My General W40k Project Log with a few commissions in there too
  188. Driller's Grim Armies
  189. Pekel's Commission Log
  190. A Bit of Everything (new yrs resolution plog)
  191. The PCRC presents: The M37 Scallop Stars Purges
  192. MONSTROYS - commisions and hobby stuff
  193. Eternal War - Marius' 40K projects
  194. Melchiah's Blog of Stuff. And Things.
  195. Painting original Space Hulk
  196. Outpost of Dark Vengeance and more.
  197. War in the Chalcitis Insulam System
  198. New and old Eldar amd Tau
  199. BurningHereticStudio, who is that guy ?!
  200. The Anphelion Project
  201. Shrine World of Mother Cabrini: Orks, Dark Eldar, and Space Marines
  202. Big chainsword
  203. Big chainsword for decoration to my desk
  204. Scratch built Caestus assult ram
  205. The Chalcitis Insulam System - the non-campaign thread
  206. Senbei's Thread of Shame
  207. Fresh Paint Commissions
  208. Localicious' 40k-escapades
  209. Artoris' Plog-omunda
  210. Blackadder Paints a Couple of Armies:
  211. Firestorm Armada Zenian League Fleet
  212. The unification wars, so it begins....
  213. swampman6 paints
  214. KarampaFIN's 40k Painting Projects
  215. Kill teams.....more madness from Binary
  216. Iv
  217. Quest of the BrushKnight. All things 40k Commission and personal hobby
  218. Hazmiter finally bites the bullet
  219. Space Hulk 2009/ 2014 Flesh Tearers Alternate Scheme Commission
  220. Space Hulk 2014 Gene-stealers Commission
  221. The great crusade: 15 years of warhammer 40k to assemble and paint
  222. Salamanders vs Death Guard army wide dioramas (Heresy era)
  223. Corbulo's Blog of Nids, Tau, IG and BA
  224. Pariah starts gaming armies....
  225. Zoo Art Studio - finished WH40k commisions
  226. Glory to the 5th and other such nonsense.
  227. Dark Vengeance: My first project Log
  228. Sullan Studios Commission log
  229. DYoung's Pic a Day Challenge
  230. Space Hulk- Board Game... Commence Boarding Action.
  231. Weavetoucher's 24 year backlog.
  232. Into the Abyss (of) Painting
  233. Egrimm's painting log, all 40k armies involving over 100k points and 100s of models
  234. My Haemonculus Coven/ Iyanden Army
  235. Heavy Metal Painting Commissions Log
  236. Rogue Trader Verne's Forces
  237. Nevermore.
  238. Awaken Realms Showcase Thread
  239. Old-style armored cars or if we not in Imperium.
  240. Lost Egg's Menagerie
  241. 40k on a budget, a tale of gamers plog
  242. [Krikounet's blogs] AOS, space hulk, warmaster ...
  243. Studio Daves General Plog
  244. The Conquest of Danubis XI (Eldar/Skitarii/Grey Knights Campaign Plog)
  245. 30k Emperor's Children Project Log
  246. The Cabal
  247. Mortarion by Den of Imagination
  248. Projects from the 41st Millennium. 40k/BFG/Epic
  249. Zombie P's Unimaginative PLog Title
  250. Azkaellon's Return - Space Hulk