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  1. Project Void Reaper,Deadline EE GT 2006
  2. Mission Imposible.
  3. Epic Siegemasters - WIP
  4. 1 scratch built fleet...
  5. Inquisitor's project blog
  6. Blogfleet gothic
  7. IncrediSteve's Multiphasic Project Log
  8. Blz Bob's build pile reduction
  9. Alsiaie's *Improved* blog! (More armies!)
  10. "Damokles torment" - a long term, multi-army project log
  11. Keravin's too many damn armies thread
  12. (NEC) My Enforcer Gang
  13. Astadors Army blog
  14. Chunks big fat Painting log
  15. Althanan's Large and Varied Project Log
  16. Blood and Iron: Imperial and Chaos projects
  17. Thalenchar's Marine, Eldar and misc blog...
  18. Rangerrob's Eldar / I.G progress report.
  19. BYT Paints! Nids, Guard, Blood Angels and more!
  20. Spikedog's all-in-wonder-log! 40K, Fantasy and maybe some Necromunda!
  21. BFG Modeling: Grand Cruiser
  22. The spam man's painting log
  23. bando's first log..thing....
  24. Norsehawk's Painting/Progress Log.
  25. Another Cookiescrumble leaves it to the last minute project log...
  26. HolySanguinius' Race To Conflict!
  27. Wildy paints Dark Eldar, Orks, and Goblins!
  28. The Good, the Bad and the Orky
  29. Natedogg's Project Log of Stuff
  30. armies armies and more armies.....by andrew
  31. Path to War-Astadors new log.
  32. Bastow and Murag’s little painting corner
  33. Titan's 40K Painting Log (Black Templars Until Further Notice)
  34. CarbonCopy's "Let's try to complete an Army this time" log
  35. Bunker 29: The Wasteland Experiance
  36. de Selby's log of unsubstantiated generalities...
  37. Daemonslave's first ever log
  38. Zaamaels DA & Eldar painting/modelling log
  39. Ancientsociety's Project Log (& Inspirations)
  40. Tale of 4 Armies.
  41. Etham Build His Guys: A Long-term Dark Angels vs. CW Eldar Project Log
  42. Monkeychilds converathalon
  43. Allies and enemies of the Imperium- Some Guy's project log.
  44. Paz' 1st company, traitor marines, eldar and witch-hunters!(pic heavy)
  45. Maximus Prime's XTREME SUPER ACTION LOG!
  46. Titan136 completes some armies
  47. Negrodamus' predictions: Elysians, Warhounds, Guard and other sundries
  48. Nathan's Attempt to Organize his Brain
  49. Building for Apocalypse
  50. Rom's Project Log
  51. IJW does Nurgle! (or possibly Orks, or Squats, or more Eldar)
  52. bdo and friends - a newbie to midlevel painting experience
  53. A Badab Project: Lost And The Damned & Red Corsairs
  54. Konrad's Log of Wonder
  55. SS_Cherubaels Apoc log (DK,IG,BT,GK,Nids,Tau & Chaos)
  56. Gonzo's first fully painted army
  57. MutantMaggot sends his Minions to March to Mania
  58. Villains Gigantic AM Bipedal Mech
  59. Slobomeister´s Shotgun log
  60. Heretic12's - Chaos, Ork: Painting Sucks Log
  61. *Insert Clever Name* Painting Log (Guard, Orks, Inquisition)
  62. good vs. evil
  63. Grimtuff does a(nother) Project log.....
  64. Shabbadoo's WH40K Log (Dark Angels, Orks, Word Bearers, etc.)
  65. Daniel36's Log - Vindar 136th and other stuff
  66. Triszin Wrath Guard + other Log
  67. Ninners' Log of Sci-Fi (ness) (Pic heavy)
  68. IG, Tau, DA, and whatever else I manage to get my grubby hands on...
  69. My First ever project log: Chaos and Imperial guard
  70. Where Did It All Go Wrong? Orks, Space Marines and Eldar
  71. Currently on table... Admech&chaos
  72. Biel-Tan Eldar, Witch Hunters and Valhallans
  73. "Knowledge Is Power, Guard It Well" and a few odds and ends
  74. DKs Attempt at Apocalypsing his Armies...
  75. Comrade's list of unfinished jobs
  76. "Control..you are not gonna believe whats coming down this canyon!!" Reaver Log
  77. Sons of Malice Army Log/Painting Spree (Maybe some Orks/Eldar)
  78. Castellan Raiders, Tau & Deathwing (Working Title)
  79. Slaaaaaanesh's Ultramarine army, Tau Army and other 40k-ness log
  80. Of Marine jetbikes, Ork mek's And Necrons (Sooooo many necrons)
  81. After 10 years in this hobby, Hicks finally paints his armies.
  82. Faolan gets lost, a dozen projects at a time!
  83. Raimo is teh logzor! Imperial Fists, Red Scorpions and Tau
  84. The idiocy of two Sluffians...
  85. Napalm's log of doom (BFG, 40k, battle & Epic)
  86. Death Guard Scratch Built Plaguereaper, Ork stuff, Titans etc PIC HEAVY
  87. Feldenaus's Log of Witch Hunters and Death Guard.
  88. Right. That is it. I've had enough. - Hawkes degression into deeper insanity
  89. 3D Space Hulk Table?
  90. Ell's Painting, modelling a the odd conversion Iron warriors (and some tau!) log
  91. Battle Brush Studios Commission Log .... In Space!
  92. Brothers of the Night plus their Fleet and BFG FW Tau
  93. Kishvier's Black Legion/Hive Army/Misc. Log
  94. BigEaZyE's log of veritable greatness and possible failure
  95. The Ultimas
  96. Orks, Khorne, and selected other dishes
  97. Venerable Archmage's Slaanesh, IG, and whatever else I end up painting
  98. Plastic Crack Rehab Clinic - Miscellanous stuff
  99. Log of Orks, Tyranids and Black Templars
  100. The Log Is Back!
  101. Jono's lets paint some stuff, eventually...
  102. The Lost and The Damned (Demons and Eldar)
  103. Pre-Heresy marines, Mechanicus, Eldar & Imperial Army
  104. T's Tally
  105. Kishvier's Guard/Chaos Marines/Tyranid/Tau Log of Ness!
  106. Shadowphrakts crazy log
  107. Catachan Devil
  108. Arkaedin's log of Insanity (Orksies and Marines)
  109. all my projects in one thread
  110. The Blog of an Excentric Matlow
  111. Lt. cleans his closet and starts painting.
  112. The Fall of Finrasal: Daemons & Orks
  113. Tales of the Painter, Saint Coppella's 40k stuff
  114. Redstar goes Loggy.. for Completed Commissions and Projects!
  115. 40k projects from chaos to tau actully i think i'm doing everything
  116. The uber-slow log of doom (DA and 'Crons)
  117. Very Good Log! (Worth looking at!)
  118. The Guys log of...whatever he wants to take pics of.
  119. Any Idea on what vegatation I should use?
  120. "battle formations! now!"
  121. My Triumphant Return After 10 Year Hiatus
  122. Coolhand start's a 40k Project Log
  123. My Eldar/Daemons log
  124. "And They Shall Know No Shame"
  125. Fighta-bomba base
  126. Scratchbulding a 40K manta vs thunderhawk diorama
  127. The Bit Box Chronicles
  128. Flash Gitz and Arco Flagellants conversions
  129. From Fists to Eaters and more!
  130. Stuff I have done.
  131. Ell's Tau & Iron Warriors Log/showcase
  132. Compotitions and Commissions log
  133. Fluffystuff paints stuff ( orks and smurfs )
  134. BBWags: Space Wolves and Eldar - Motivational Incentives
  135. zigoR's general 40k blog - DEATH GUARD, STEEL LEGION, WHITE SCARS and more...
  136. A 40k project log (Easternheretic's Peach Blossom Isle)
  137. The Lord Mayors Triumphant Return! - Chaos, Orks, Nids and Marines
  138. IncrediSteve's Other 40K Log [Orkz, Eldar, Ultramarines, Etc]
  139. Log off Doom 4.0
  140. Nurgleallan's Traitor Guard and Jopall extravaganza!
  141. Gav's Log of DA + Tau
  142. Building the Bergundian VIIIth, plus some random Imperials
  143. A log is made....general 40k.
  144. I collect Tyranids, Warriors of Chaos and resentments...
  145. come and listen...to the saga! (general 40k)
  146. Epic Red scorpions and orks
  147. Pouk's Log ---> Iyanden, Blood Angels <---
  148. BoyMilla's log of this and that!
  149. Mika´s 40k log (with SM, orks, and valhallans)
  150. Commissar's Corner
  151. Cookiescrumble's Log of Everything ....
  152. Aggressive Expansion.
  153. gears of war locust army
  154. Arbite, traitors, and whatever else i feel
  155. Bahir's (and son) Painting Log - Bugs, Tau, Marines, and whatever else we can find...
  156. Tves does everything at once. Log
  157. Smurfs, Orks and Guard...Oh My! (Or: Why I don't own more nice things..)
  158. Road to Games Day 40K unit entry plog - Hive Tyrant & 3 Guard
  159. Stompz's 40k Log - Marines & Nids
  160. TwoKingMicks 40K Thread
  161. Bob"Lazy Squig"TheZombie does Orks and Chaos
  162. Morph's Tau, DH, and Lamenter Plog
  163. Slowly ruining expensive things (marines, tau, and skellingtons).
  164. Essays on Monsters and Marines; An Illustrated Guide
  165. Space Hulk
  166. Daemons, eldar and more oh my........
  167. Space Hulk: Redux - a log of Zombies, Mutants, and Hideous Monsters!
  168. 5pointer's Plog of Many Armies (and Warbands!)
  169. Team Anarchy Arms for Apocalypse!
  170. Darkmaw's painted stuff.
  171. Fisting, Choppas, and assorted other bits
  172. Arch_Inquisitor finally does a plog (Pic Heavy)
  173. Vinsanity's 40K Log of Insanity!
  174. All about the £$€ (i.e. spring cleaning time)
  175. My 40K models (from any race :-) )
  176. Fay_redd tries again....
  177. Cam gives it a go.
  178. Fire Harte's Hlog/Plog
  179. Hive Mind 33s log of Marines, Guard, and Nids.
  180. noobzor's Eldar and Guard conversions
  181. Mindless_Destruction's 40k Stuff
  182. Vaaish's All things Epic (and the ocassional 40k/BFG)
  183. klstrider28 starts his 40k log... still making a name for himself...
  184. Assault on Black Reach - Plog
  185. Shadowskale's Log.
  186. Flight of the Psycho Killer Bumblebees
  187. Getting some armies started/finished
  188. Ozzy boy finishes an army…finally
  189. Saved from the Glue Factory
  190. Well, the weekend's here....
  191. The Log that came to be - featuring Urban Guard and Chaos BFG
  192. Kobayashi's log of epic failures!
  193. Back again, old and new commissions from redstar and swine flu
  194. So, our gaming group is starting 40k...
  195. Chunks 40k Log
  196. a dane's log of 40k (nids, marines, and much more)
  197. War on Silentium IV - a BFG & 40k project!
  198. The Tale of 1 Youngblood!
  199. Duel for open!!
  200. Prezo's got a log!
  201. GD BLOG- Fresh eyes 26/5
  202. Gd phlog- please vote!
  203. Marines, Chaos, Orks. Conversions and WIP Armies. Lots of pics!
  204. Plague Tower
  205. Project Log: Team orange box
  206. The Great Crusade.
  207. Chaos, orks, apoc blog!!!111111
  208. BFG Imperials, Scratchbuilt Orks and 17th Flexeberg IG!
  209. A knight of the woeful countenance
  210. Khorne to Iron Warriors?!?! - CSM - Necrons - Nids and more!!
  211. Zombiebeatbox's PLOG (Blood Ravens, IG and Eldar)[CLOSED]
  212. Paul's random 40K log
  213. Madcap's madcap log
  214. Tell me what you think.
  215. Travel Space Hulk construction log
  216. Tau vs Guard vs Traitor Guard Plog
  217. NightseeR's log of Necromunda goodness!
  218. Torgoch's Epic Log
  219. red/winter's all-in-one painting log
  220. Rickie8437 40k project log
  221. Your Average Guy's Average Thread (Flesh Tearers, Tau, and anything I feel like!)
  222. bang for your buck home made supertank
  223. Planetstrike.
  224. The Custodians Titan, Eldar, and Nid Blog!
  225. Apocalypse Painting Frenzy
  226. Ironclad? Who needs it
  227. My armies (Eldar and Imperial Guard) Picheavy
  228. The Dragon's Den
  229. Sparda's Log- Ultramarines, Orcs, and others
  230. paint, build, conversion log
  231. My 40K Plog of things big and small...
  232. One day at a time: A painting log
  233. Golden Demon 2009
  234. Log of my cybermarines army, sorta
  235. The Badab War(a gaming group project)
  236. DK Apocalyises his armies up! (again)
  237. [EPIC]The Kholstrum Campaign: An Anargo Sector Modelling Blog
  238. Orange's 'Nid and Ork Log
  239. My first painting log! This years GD entry and some other bits'n'bobs
  240. Space Hulk
  241. Despoiler's painting of the Space Hulk log
  242. Poly's Log of Tau, Imperial Fists, Inquisition and fluff.
  243. Nedius' 3D Space Hulk / Anphelion Base
  244. Space Hulk - Another Essay On Monsters And Marines
  245. space hulk to space wolf!
  246. b3e's painting log for the 2k9 wh40k tale:
  247. VanSan`s Space Hulk Thread
  248. Delving into Space Hulk
  249. Ssorck's Astral Claws, Space Hulk & anything else I feel like log...
  250. Golden Demon Diroama