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  1. Thousand Sons Colours
  2. Can any Chaos marine learn to be a sorcerer or do you need to be born a psyker?
  3. Loyalists death guard
  4. An Alpha Legion discussion, of sorts...
  5. Noise Marine Colours
  6. Black Library Expo
  7. What's tougher, a Rubric marine or a Plague marine?
  8. What was the lion like?
  9. Have I missed something re the 4 Chaos Gods ..
  10. N'kari
  11. Burden of Duty
  12. Chaos Space Marines and teamwork
  13. Space marine interhatreds
  14. Can a Death Company marine fall to chaos? Red Thirst and Chaos
  15. Pariah/Blank Librarian's
  16. Night Lords and Chaos Marks
  17. "Pennance of the Elder Gods"
  18. which daemons are good at swimming? Can they survive in space?
  19. Is the Emperor a daemon? (includes Pariah spoilers)
  20. Beastmen, Ratlings and Ogryns
  21. Space Marine Escort ship ?s
  22. Necrons vs Chaos
  23. Battlefleet Bakka colurs?
  24. Sonic Weapons: Who builds them? Is it impossible for non-Slaaneshi to use them?
  25. What would you like to see in up-coming books?
  26. New to Chaos, lil help please
  27. Horus Heresy Collectors Hardbacks
  28. Tzeentch and Cult Units
  29. Vorpal Swords - Colour-sheme and logo?
  30. Blackhearts The Omnibus!
  31. Heresy era space marine squad armour marks
  32. Questions around the founding of a space marine chatpter
  33. Black Ships in the 31st Millenium
  34. Where do you stand on the whole "chaos=evil=mutant" stuff? Generational issue? -rant-
  35. Which chapters have the most brutal recruitment processes?
  36. Horus Rising: The beginning is confusing.
  37. How have you retconned your personal beliefs to the fluff?
  38. Fluff advice for CSM
  39. Could Nurgle be Perturabo's Patron god?
  40. Capturing chaotic stuff
  41. Possible to have non chaos rogue SM?
  42. Thousand Sons terminators?
  43. Night Lords + Loads of Jumpackers a Fallacy?
  44. Why was Guilliman not warmaster?
  45. Headtaker by David Guymer
  46. Despoiler Squats?
  47. Ahriman: Exile by John French
  48. Visions of Heresy
  49. Daemons versus Pre-War in Heaven Era Necrons
  50. Pre-Heresy era Orks
  51. What sort of wargear can the Imperium build from scratch?
  52. Why Incubi and Arhra
  53. Loyalist Alpha Legion
  54. The date of the Horus Heresy
  55. Bjorn in Battle of the Fang
  56. Reference in Betrayal made me laugh
  57. Necron Dynasty and Allies
  58. The Sigillite - Horus Heresy Black Library - Roman Numerals
  59. Squats killed off by the World Eaters - new horus heresy background?
  60. Necron Pylons on Cadia
  61. Where do traitor legions/renegade space marines keep their spawn?
  62. Were all the Primarchs found?
  63. Why did the Lion give Perturabo the Siege Cannons
  64. Dark eldar and allies
  65. Space Marine Promotion Rituals or Trials
  66. Chaos Undivided and Theology
  67. HH series?
  68. RT question
  69. So Dorn is dead?
  70. Samus
  71. Crimson fists strengths
  72. Weekender Anthologies
  73. Ravens flight minor changes?
  74. What did the Imperium make of the Lion's (possible) Death
  75. Genetic engineering of the Imperium
  76. Minotaurs sly reference in 30k
  77. Grey Knight Incorruptibility: A New Theory
  78. Ahriman and the Dark Eldar during the 13th Black Crusade
  79. Tau and Clones
  80. Raven's Flight - something 'd not seen mentioned before
  81. Las wepaonry in the 40k universe.
  82. Why are there prisons in the Imperium?
  83. Which would be the greater honour/rank - Captain or Chapter Master Honour Guard?
  84. Rangers and humans.
  85. HH novellas reprint in hardback
  86. Pre-Primarch Legion commanders
  87. Tau information
  88. Why didn't the Eldar gods intervene to prevent the Fall?
  89. Anyone bought & read Angel Exterminatus? Spoiler be careful
  90. Horus Rising: Question on Justaerin Terminators
  91. Identifying this Imperial Guard Regiment
  92. Iron Warrior Ltd Edition- is there still a demand?
  93. The real winners of the heresy
  94. Black Armored Deathwing?
  95. Has Legio Mortis' Scheme Changed?
  96. Legionary Roots and Fragments?
  97. Imperial mining in 40k
  98. Angel Exterminatus *Spoilers*
  99. DA force organization question
  100. Can you make a daemon weapon with a daemon prince or elevated space marine?
  101. Chaos Gods?
  102. Dark Angels or Successor chapter?
  103. Sisters of Silence in 40k?
  104. BL weekender questions?
  105. Black Library Weekender
  106. Is their any fluff written from the Tyranid's perspective?
  107. The Great Betrayal; over 20,000!
  108. 13th Great Company size?????
  109. Howl of the Banshee - BL Eldar audiobook by Gav Thorpe.
  110. Starting a new Space Marine chapter!
  111. Eldar Aspect Warriors with Craftworlds??
  112. Disposable drop pod.
  113. Best (or worse) piece of space marine lore.
  114. **Spoilers** Sword of Truth **Spoilers**
  115. Iron Warriors and Air Power?
  116. The best and worse chaos marine fluff
  117. The two forgotten legions - names
  118. "The Ages of Mankind" from 6th ed rulebook
  119. Lupercal?
  120. Warhammer 40k history: where to get started?
  121. How do Eldar skimmers fight in the fluff?
  122. Horus Heresy News & Rumors
  123. Reasons for space marines to turn to nurgle
  124. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes in the Imperium?
  125. Human Chaos worshippers and Xenos.
  126. Origins of the Primarchs' Names (link to blog)
  127. A uniquely capable prisoner
  128. The Crimson Slaughter...what's up?
  129. How many Tyranid hive fleets have launched raids on the Imperium?
  130. 'Home Brew' chapters- anyone do 'alternative history' ones?
  131. Imperial guard helmet
  132. Gorechild
  133. Flesh of Cretacia - cover art faux pas?
  134. Vox Dominus- Word bearers spoilers beware
  135. What is the history of the Tau empire?
  136. People reaction to librarianīs psychic powers
  137. Changing the Dark Angels leadership structure
  138. The Primarchs?
  139. A mention in Angel Exterminatus
  140. Tau reliance on Ethereals and 'Mind Control'
  141. The lion and his brothers
  142. Could Tau starships find themselves lost in the Warp?
  143. Final battle in 40k
  144. Perfection by Nick Kyme
  145. Confusion around Dark angels, robes and the inner circle
  146. Robes- Dark angels only?
  147. Eldar and the Tau empire
  148. Treacheries of the space marines - author mistake
  149. Loyalist Legion Lodges
  150. Black Library Weekender / The Pitch Factor and Concerns
  151. The new hardbacks (Angel Exterminatus et al)
  152. Black Library Weekender / Dan Abnett Interview
  153. What makes a primarch tick (all that gooey stuff inside)
  154. Eldar Colors - Farseers, Warlocks and Rangers
  155. The ravenwing by Gav Thrope
  156. What happened to the Primarchs birth planets?
  157. No Prince of Crows ebook?
  158. Atsknf
  159. Shadows of Treachery: The Crimson Fist - Spoilers in Post
  160. The Heart of Iron
  161. What do I need to read in advance to fully appreciate Angel Exterminatus?
  162. Adeptus Astra Telepathica - Color
  163. Drachenfels
  164. Radical Admech
  165. Eldar medicine and healing
  166. Babu Dhakal
  167. Could an inquisitor be swayed into heresy by a genestealer cult
  168. Hey U.S. 'Seers, get your copy of Brotherhood of the Storm?
  169. Adeptus Mechanicus
  170. New Cover Arts: The Death of Integrity, Orion: The Tears of Isha, Lords of Mars
  171. Memories Passed Down Through Geneseed?
  172. blacklibrary ebooks onto kindle fire?
  173. Harlequin Troupes
  174. Advent Calendar : Born to Us by Dan Abnett
  175. Eldrad's Successor?
  176. Saint Nadalya
  177. HH scripts book..
  178. Renegade chapters
  179. Salvation's Reach
  180. Aspect Warrior Fluff
  181. Terminator Armour: What are the different types?
  182. More evidence the Emperor walks amongst us
  183. Should Marines eat brains?
  184. Kabals, Cults and Covens
  185. What next for the Eldar?
  186. The best book 2012
  187. Return of the Primarchs...
  188. Horus Heresy: Betrayer - December Advance Order
  189. Warmaster - new audio story
  190. Black Library Book review podcasts?
  191. Advent Calendar: Dust by Graham McNeill
  192. Dark/vampiric Blood Angels: fluff recommendation
  193. Adeptus Mechnicus and the Machine Spirit
  194. Imperial Forces Questions
  195. Marines, Brains and Ork technology
  196. Great Crusade expeditionary fleet size and composition?
  197. Eldar Webway, what exactly is it.
  198. "Anti-Warp" capabilities of the Necrons
  199. Why haven't the Blood Angels been punished yet?
  200. Reading order for Relentless/Mortal Fuel?
  201. Tyranid Ork Lootas - silly?
  202. Word bearers structure.
  203. Marines and Imperial Guard.
  204. Advent Calendar Stories - Opinions
  205. Imperial Navy Commissars
  206. Machine Spirits, Machine Souls, Daemonic Possession and Mechanicus blessings.
  207. Imperial Citizenship.
  208. Question about The Crimson Fist
  209. Which chapter do you think came out of the heresy best?
  210. Cover art - Unremembered Empire
  211. Which (not so) Chaotic Legion for me ?
  212. help, looking to start reading WH40k novels, advice needed
  213. Wich Eldar Craftworld is the most Powerfull?
  214. Cataphractii Terminators for Pre heresy NL's?
  215. What happened to Yriel's Eldritch Raiders when he returned to Iyanden
  216. Was the Hellstorm cannon in Mechanicum the same as in dawn of war?
  217. Do the Mechanicum still have an army of their own?
  218. Raven Guard Gene Seed Flaws
  219. Helbracht question
  220. Experienced Marines as Scouts?
  221. Some clarification needed over First Company, Veterans and promotions
  222. if all orks baned togeather...
  223. Do tyranids get fat or wooly for the winter
  224. BL Editing
  225. Any good IG Tank novels?
  226. Do Space Marines ever remove they're armour?
  227. My fiction
  228. Most Efficient Legions
  229. Candlemass Story
  230. Kharn world eater question
  231. Question about Fenris.
  232. Third War for Armegeddon
  233. BL: Rebirth
  234. Subtle hint by the big E?
  235. How Chaos Tau Could Happen (some fan-fluff)
  236. Word Bearers opinion on Deamon Princes
  237. My Avatar
  238. Actual Space Wolf Numbers?
  239. Tyrant's Chosen by Sarah Cawkwell
  240. Most interesting little known chapter?
  241. BL Submissions Window
  242. Warp Talons
  243. Trying to find info on Crusade/Heresy Death Guard
  244. Legio Audax (Ember Wolves) colour scheme?
  245. A heresy question
  246. SM teleportation question
  247. Dark Angels' comrades
  248. Dark Angels fluff
  249. What book to start on for Grey Knights
  250. The Temple of Corrections