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  1. Arbites/Imperial governor knowledge of traitor Arstartes
  2. [Eldar] Slicing Orbs of Zandros: I just had an epiphany! :)
  3. Weapons of the primarchs
  4. Codex Astartes Q: chapter size
  5. Remind me: Legio Cybernautica in which HH book?
  6. Neferata Book Review (no spoilers)
  7. ADB Interview on 'Lord Inquisitor'
  8. Has BL stopped producing Hammer and Bolter
  9. Saint Sabbat's Day
  10. How strong are links to successor chapters and how powerful are the ultramarines?
  11. Some questions....
  12. What if chaos had won?
  13. Lords of the Space Marines series?
  14. Battle Damage on Space Marine armor
  15. Audio dramas!!
  16. The Book Of The Lion
  17. You seem quiet, Warseer... (Dark Angels codex discussion)
  18. I feel dumb for asking this...
  19. Buying MP3 files on the BL website
  20. Heresy Era Legion Equipment and Formation Encyclopaedia
  21. Anything new in The Greater Good?
  22. Cypher ... does he have rules?
  23. Space Marines and the Five Stages of Grief
  24. Why the Demon-primarchs are so inactive (philosophy)
  25. Lore for your own special character
  26. lightning claw design
  27. Ravenwing Dreadnaughts?...
  28. Planing RT adventure, few questions..
  29. Heresy era Salamanders ships? Got any?
  30. Anyone have a list of Dark Angels Novels + Author?
  31. What changes to the lore would make you wash your hands of WH40K?
  32. Craftworld Iyanden and the Eldritch Raiders
  33. Please offer opinions on these books?
  34. The Long War? Running out of gas
  35. Tau language trnslating help
  36. what is the big bad in the 40K fluff...
  37. Space Marine Chapters destroying traitors?
  38. Questions about Wolves
  39. Space Marine questions
  40. Concerning the Vlka Fenryka
  41. Honour the Dead
  42. Order in which the Primarchs have been found (official list)
  43. Black Library editor releases "official" order of Primarchs discovery
  44. Mortarion's Heart - New SMB Audio Drama
  45. Primarch Powers
  46. The Zombie Plague
  47. Adeptus Arbites Remit
  48. Could the butchers nails be used as a weapon against chaos/psykers?
  49. Rock Paper Scissors, Thunder Warriors, Space Marines, and pre-uni psyker warlords
  50. the tau
  51. Fifty Shades of Geek
  52. Ork Clan Help
  53. About Vernerable Dreadnoughts...
  54. Short story for Throne of Skulls army list
  55. Ultramarines and CSM - who do they hate most?
  56. Please offer opinions on these novels
  57. Dark Heart by anthony reynolds
  58. Buncha questions for a role-playing campaign; Eldar, Necron, Inquisition
  59. Could a Human wear and utilize Eldar Armor?
  60. What are space wolves BAD at?
  61. any fluff instances of marines using chimera, valkyrie, sentinel, etc?
  62. Why Chaos Space Marines dont have *And they shall know no fear*
  63. During the Final Battle, who will challenge the Traitor King?
  64. Could the Emperor harvest life energy from a Primarch the same way he uses psykers?
  65. How many Custodes survived the Heresy?
  66. Chapter flaws.
  67. Which is the Legion for me?
  68. Faction population sizes
  69. Fear to tread? i fear reading many more HH books
  70. The 9 weapons of the 8 Brotherhoods of Grey Knights
  71. Ships of the 41st millenium
  72. If the Legions reformed, which would be the largest?
  73. Chaos and death
  74. angels of absolutoin
  75. Dark Angel run-ins with the Inquisition
  76. 'Loyalist' SMs in the Age of Apostasy/Fluff idea
  77. Can you ally with yourself?
  78. Eldar Cruiser Layout (Deathwatch Game Idea)
  79. Iron Warriors questions
  80. Nova cannons and lances
  81. Fire Claws colour scheme before they became Relictors
  82. From Sons of Horus to Black Legion
  83. Alternate Lord of Change designs.
  84. New direction for HH
  85. chaplains and librarians
  86. Background for my Chaos Chapterthe Heralds of Fate
  87. Dark Angel's worst nightmare
  88. The sundering and dark elfs?
  89. Can the Codex Astartes be amended ?
  90. Does the Imperium use child soldiers?
  91. Andy Chambers Harlequin novel
  92. The best daemon summoning cult leader
  93. How do some Fallen reintergrate into human society?
  94. Old eldar background
  95. Bureaucracy and Sociology of the Imperium of Man
  96. How big is a legion/ markings?
  97. Exile and geneseed
  98. BL Live! 2013 Questions
  99. Salamander Sergeants
  100. Heresy Era Battle Barges/Strike Cruisers
  101. Foul language in the 41st Millennium
  102. Horus Heresy "New Format" Weekender 20th February
  103. Angel Exterminatus thoughts?
  104. Orks and Necrons allies and fluff questions...
  105. Failed Initiates
  106. Homebrew : The Scorpions of Baal
  107. Ship wrecks and salvage post HH
  108. Dire 1st half of 2013
  109. Why do Craftworlds continue to exist? Or perhaps, why do they continue to fight?
  110. Betrayer - spoilers in tags
  111. Seventh Retribution - Impresial Fists novel
  112. The Sons of Horus and Terminator armour
  113. Space hulk Threat?
  114. Dark Angels blades similar to Heavenfall Blades - who all is carrying them?
  115. So I finally read Raven's Flight...
  116. Torgaddons Equipment
  117. Eldar Feet
  118. Ogryn Ripper Guns
  119. The Confessions of an Imperial Fist (re: Angel Exterminatus)
  120. Belief System in the Imperium VS the Imperial Truth
  121. Daemonhood, Ascension to chaos!
  122. Thousand Sons - Does non-Rubric Marines still exist???
  123. How Homeworlds Effected Each Primarch?
  124. Eldar and Dark Eldar differences
  125. The Masque of Vyle review (no spoilers)
  126. Black Library Live 2013 Tidbits
  127. Silver Skulls Geneseed, Ultramarines? or Traitor Stock...?
  128. Graffiti in the 41st Millennium
  129. Daemons background discussion
  130. Chapters that hate Dark Eldar?
  131. Can you combine gene seed from two different chapters/legions?
  132. Were the remnants of the two lost legions (II and XIX) folded into the Ultramarines?
  133. The next chapter masters...
  134. Novokh dynasty necron fluff...
  135. isstvan
  136. The long sleep...
  137. Autoguns in the Imperial Guard
  138. Tusks and Terminators
  139. Necron invasion fluff
  140. Draigo defeated?
  141. Anything new in 'Fire Caste'?
  142. "Vulkan Lives!" Synopsis
  143. Malan'tai Colour Scheme
  144. Late to the party - helsreach
  145. Academic publications within the 40k universe
  146. Tyranids
  147. THQ's Space Marine: Anything in the Background 9!$$ you guys off?
  148. Van Horstmann Novel: review. what did you think?
  149. Slaanesh, Emperors children background
  150. The Heck is up With the Timeline?
  151. Sigilite
  152. raptors fluff
  153. Relationships between Death Guard and Night Lords
  154. Any instances of Space Marines joining up with the Tau?
  155. Size comparison between valkyrie and Iron eagle gyrocopter
  156. Why didn't the Lion use Tuchulcha (warp entity from The Lion SS) to reach Terra asap?
  157. Why did not Horus nuke Terra from orbit?
  158. Extra-Galactic travel and contents
  159. Mk IX armor? Or just extreme artistic license?
  160. Opinions on some 40k novels
  161. Just re-read Xenos
  162. Tyranids effect on the warp.
  163. The Mark of Calth - A Review
  164. HH Black Library book formats.
  165. xenos exterminatus methods
  166. Question about Chaos Undivided Traitor Legions
  167. Interex really wiped out?
  168. non-chaos traitor marines
  169. The Emperors Gift paperback
  170. Are space marines sterile?
  171. Advice on gotrek and felix books
  172. Speed of voidships
  173. Shadowsun: the Last of Kiru's Line
  174. tyranid backgound
  175. Why Not Clone Space Marine Recruits & What About Genetic Cross Pollination?
  176. A few questions
  177. so where do the keep their mags?
  178. The Gates of Terra
  179. Daemons?
  180. Chains of Golgotha, shockingly good
  181. The Necrontyr/Necron
  182. What is the greater good?
  183. Deathwatch Shoulder Pads
  184. Thanquol
  185. Unremembered Empire: Thoughts and Predictions (Possible spoilers from entire series)
  186. Space Marine Breeding Program?
  187. Warp Storms: Why is only the Eye a threat?
  188. Tau Empire: Eldar Conclave
  189. Fire Caste (Peter Fehervari)
  190. New 40K army?
  191. Why the Imperium imports ores?
  192. Chaos Ultramarines?
  193. Battle for the abyss - it's better than you think.
  194. Arhra - the truth?
  195. What is the game definition of Chaos?
  196. The Imperial timeline for a layman.
  197. Space Marine Servitors?
  198. Death of Antagonis [spoilers]
  199. And here it is - the Warmaster cover
  200. Are Space Marines nothing but cold hearted Killers?
  201. Elves the omnibus
  202. Returning Deathwatch Marines
  203. Did the Steel Legion exist Pre First War for Armageddon
  204. Angron
  205. Corax: Soulforge
  206. The Talon of Horus
  207. The Sigillite
  208. Please offer some advice on books
  209. 40K zombies... what type to use? WIP Background
  210. The Star Child
  211. Betrayer Questions
  212. Do Crusade/Heresy-era Marines still have their pre-upgrade memories?
  213. Why is Black Library scamming Canadians?
  214. Dante - Chapter Master of the Blood Angels.
  216. Epimetheus?
  217. HH book(s) exclusively on the Emperor?
  218. DAoT humanity tech source thread [CLOSED]
  219. One of the missing primarchs
  220. Size of legions
  221. Whatever happened to constantin Valdor ?
  222. when did squad markings come into affect?
  223. pre imperial caliban
  224. New tau fluff.
  225. Tau non-state military.
  226. size of a word bearer host?
  227. Main legions and second founding chapters, why are they so different?
  228. who would win?
  229. If you were to apply real world physics to the 40k universe what would change?
  230. Branded as traitors for developing new technologies
  231. IA:12 The Fall of Orpheus fluff.
  232. Value of women on military worlds of the IoM
  233. Substance Over Style
  234. The Tau and Necromunda.
  235. Necron and orc ally background
  236. Non-Chaos Fallen
  237. Humanity during the Dark Age of Technology
  238. Would Tau have nose art
  239. Has there ever been a BL novel where the baddies win?
  240. The Patient Hunter review (Joe Parrino, ebook)
  241. The Imperial Truth
  242. Horus Heresy readers -could someone explain to me why Word Bearers arent extinct yet?
  243. Construction of Golden Throne good idea or bad idea
  244. What are the chances that Jonathan Green will write another Black Templar book?
  245. A Chaotic Good Chapter?
  246. How do eldar corsairs deal with slaanesh?
  247. Shadowsun's Sept
  248. Raven Guard fluff question
  249. So..who here loved Firewarrior?
  250. Have Tyranids destroyed any Space Marines