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  1. Ring of Barahir
  2. Did the grey company come off the boats on horses?
  3. The Silmarillion
  4. Sauron's Motivation
  5. Who here has read Lord of the Rings?
  6. tom bombadil questions
  7. Where are the elves in Middle-Earth?
  8. orcs, half orcs and uruk hai
  9. Rumors about after Frodo goes to grey heaven
  10. Arnor
  11. I need some help with themeing a mordor army.
  12. Fallen Realms Skin Tones Query
  13. Battles after the ring is destroyed?
  14. LOTR, it's been a while- Siege of Lothlorien?
  15. Elven armour
  16. What LOTR related products has everyone consumed?
  17. Heroic duels and epic battles. favourites ?
  18. Coat of arms and colours of the gondorian army
  19. Aiglos
  20. Shagrat
  21. How powerful was Melkor?
  22. Sauron as an eye
  23. Isilidur, is he a coward?
  24. Harad Fluff Questions.
  25. Lurtz
  26. What happened to Mordor?
  27. What was your favorite part?
  28. The siege of fornost
  29. Haldirs Elves
  30. Black Numenorian's ?
  31. Are dwarves jews?
  32. Dale/Esgaroth Iconography?
  33. Mordor after Last Alliance
  34. Looking for list of Middle Earth books
  35. The Hobbit
  36. Background on Fiefdoms
  37. Ghrond and Anduril, what were their powers?
  38. Sauron as the Necromancer
  39. Vampires serving Sauron?
  40. Why would Sauron keep using Orcs?
  41. Elves at Helm's Deep? (and other deviations from the books).
  42. Orc/Uruk shamans canon or not?
  43. Gandalf's Staff
  44. The lesser demons? What were they?
  45. Had the fellowship not split up..
  46. Family Guy had a good point....
  47. How was Sauron destroyed?
  48. Could the Valar bestow gifts upon others.
  49. Middle-Earth: a land of magic or a land of magicians?
  50. The Balrog
  51. Who does the sweeping and the cooking?
  52. Legolas and Glorfindel
  53. Orcs in the Halls of Mandos?
  54. Powers of the Maia and Valar?
  55. The host of the Valar?
  56. Unfinished Tales?
  57. Would there be such things as good wargs?
  58. What happened to the Ringwraiths after the ring was destroyed?
  59. 4th age materials?
  60. Was there ever a different conclusion to the mount doom scene in return of the king?
  61. Size of Ents
  62. The best Silmarillion stories
  63. Erestor
  64. Morannon Orcs
  65. The Mouth of Sauron
  66. Mouth of Sauron and Aragorn
  67. Hypothetical LOTR AU: Saruman doesn't fall.
  68. Banner of morgoth
  69. deep background.
  70. Do you think GW did a decent expansion on Tolkien's world?
  71. Tom Bombadil
  72. What's your favourite sections.
  73. Middle Earth SBG: "Battles in Widlerland"
  74. Matěj Čadil's Lotr Artwork
  75. Concept Art of Lotr Dwarves (2017 Image Salvage)
  76. Far Over Misty Mountains Cold
  77. The Seven Houses of the Kh‚zad, by Sergio Artigas [Lotr]