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  1. Pre-Pre Heresy Army
  2. White Worldeaters!?Creating a Pre-heresy Army...
  3. Heresy Era Fun, Part 2(pics)
  4. Shaw3029's Heresy era Imperial Fist Project log
  5. Death Guard Heresy-Era Blog is up.
  6. Luna Wolves Army Project
  7. Tale of the Legions
  8. Pre heresy Iron Warriors
  9. Pre-Heresy White Scars
  10. Ancient Enemies (Death Guard, Iron Warriors, Heresy Era World Eaters)
  11. pre-heresy luna wolves
  12. Handro's First Project -Pre-Heresy Death Guard.
  13. Heresy-Era Warhound Titan (Legio Metalica)
  14. Pre-Heresy Abaddon & Justaerin
  15. Abaddon First Capt SoH
  16. Noserendas Pre Heresy Alpha Legion
  17. My take on pre-heresy World Eaters
  18. The Heresy-Era Traitor Army log
  19. Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors : Joining the Crusade!
  20. Pre-Heresy DeathWatch.
  21. Heresy? did you say Heresy? - Tiriel's Log
  22. Death Guard: Pre-Heresy Fellblade
  23. My Pre-Heresy !STYLE! Sali Army Log
  24. Garviel Loken SoH
  25. Sons of Horus WIP [Heresy 2000pts]
  26. The Mournival
  27. Pre Heresy Death Guard (my first blog)
  28. 54mm Pre-Heresy Dark Angel
  29. Pre-Heresy Angron
  30. The Dark Heresy Project
  31. The Stricken (Pre-Heresy Plauge Marines)
  32. Anodyrs second project log - Pre-Heresy Guard
  33. Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
  34. Prospero's Lament - Heresy Era Thosand Sons Log
  35. MkI Thunder Armour - Pre-Heresy Madness Continues!
  36. Pre Heresy Emperor's Children blog
  37. True Scale Pre-Heresy Death Guard
  38. truescale astartes (heresy era)
  39. My Pre-Heresy Emperors Children
  40. BigGun's pre-heresy Emperors Children
  41. "Kill for the living, Kill for the dead" A Preheresy Project Log
  42. GT + PH World Eaters
  43. lil pre-heresy log
  44. Pake's Heresy Era Death Guard army finished.
  45. Epic Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
  46. Praetors of Calth Pre-Heresy Ultramarines
  47. The Emperor LOG II
  48. looking for advice on Pre-Heresy Death Guard question
  49. Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists
  50. Pre-Heresy Blood Angels
  51. Another pre-Heresy log
  52. Pre-Heresy White Scars
  53. Emperor's Children per heresy
  54. Ironpit's heresy Emperors Children Log!
  55. Revered by Dusk
  56. LUNA WOLFS painting guide
  57. LUNA WOLFS first ever sculpt
  58. Pre Heresy Thousand Sons Log
  59. Pre-Heresy nightlords by Deadpool2345
  60. Returning to my origins.... and going further back in time (Pre-Heresy)
  61. Whitehorn's Pre-Heresy and Mechanicum
  62. Heresy traitor PDF force
  63. pre heresy iron warriors
  64. LordKhaine does some armies! (starts with pre heresy space wolves)
  65. Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons army for AoTE
  66. Ben's blog (Heresy-era White Scars)
  67. 54mm Dark Heresy character - Skarz the Scum
  68. Pre Heresy LUNA WOLVES and IG very WIP
  69. Shaw3029's Pre heresy Imperial Fist Army Mark 2.
  70. "Fear through Focus" - Pre Heresy Night Lords by Lord Khaine
  71. Vegge's rogue trader Post-heresy emperor's children/commission work
  72. Pre-Heresy Stormbird Troop Transporter
  73. Imperial Fists, Heresy(ish)
  74. Great Cruasde/ Pre Heresy Thousand Sons
  75. clairvoyants post-heresy non-true-scale marines
  76. Pre-heresy thousand sons
  77. Pre Heresy Thousand Sons
  78. The Razing of Prospero,The Saga begins...
  79. World Eaters ( starting with wip Rhino "heresy style")
  80. A Thousand Sons: pre-Heresy 15th Legion
  81. Heresy-Era Iron Warriors Log
  82. Death Guard - During the Heresy
  83. Pre-heresy Land Raider (mk1) - truescale restyle
  84. Night Lords Pre-Heresy Jetbike
  85. mid-/post-heresy World Eaters
  86. Purging of Olympia - Heresy Era Iron Warriors
  87. Heresy-Era Death Guard
  88. Pre Heresy Thousand Sons
  89. True scale pre heresy female space marine!
  90. Heresy Death Guard
  91. Scions of Colchis: Pre-Heresy Word Bearers
  92. Chopping up the Armorcast Baneblade; Blackadder's Heresy
  93. Pre Heresy World Eaters.
  94. Knights of the Dark Blade
  95. Pre-Heresy Sisters of Silence
  96. Biscuit's Log of Pre heresy Word Bearers of the grey variety!
  97. Dornian Heresy Ultramarine Damocles Armour
  98. Pre-Heresy Space Wolves
  99. Magnus the Red (first try NMM)
  100. Pre-Heresy, True Scale, Fluff Accurate Alpha legion
  101. LordKhaine's Pre-Heresy Space Wolves Mark II
  102. IX Legion / Horus Heresy Blood Angels
  103. Pre Heresy Iron Warriors
  104. Pre Heresy Thousand Sons
  105. Superdupermatt's post heresy heroic scale log
  106. Pre Heresy Death Guard. A Warhammer 30k Story
  107. Blood and Betrayal- Heresy era Truscale World Eaters
  108. Heresy Era Raven Guard
  109. Luna wolves - WIP
  110. Heresy-era Ultramarine (well...sort of)
  111. Heresy Era Alpha Legion, XXVII Company
  112. Pre heresy Dark Angels and more
  113. Walking the lines of heresy: Chaos Army Project Log
  114. Dornian Heresy Blood Angels TO4G
  115. Various WIPs, some pre-heresy
  116. Silentexile's Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons (Warning, Large Photos)
  117. Truescale Landraider-more heresy era madness
  118. War is expensive - Pre-Heresy Blood Angels
  119. Thought begets heresy; heresy begets retribution
  120. Tinners' Log of Not So Secret Things. Pre Heresy Space Marines
  121. Painting the Fallen (or Pre-heresy Dark Angels)
  122. pre heresy thousand sons ideas.
  123. pre heresy landing craft
  124. Pre Heresy Emperor's Children WIP LOG
  125. Pre-Heresy, Pre-Mortarion Dusk Raiders
  126. Heresy Thousand Sons - TOS Oct 1750pt
  127. In Midnight Clad - A Night Lord's Log
  128. Cvife's Pre Heresy Death Guard
  129. Heresy-era Alpha Legion Blog
  130. War is upon us brothers!- Pre-heresy terminator armor
  131. Heresy Era Noise Marine Army
  132. Heresy Era Noise Marine Army
  133. To topple the Gates of Eternity
  134. Pre Heresy Emperor's Children (pic Heavy)
  135. The Iron Without ~ Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors
  136. pre heresy army (death guard, night lords or maybe sons of horus)
  137. Arael82 Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Army
  138. Memnons Pre-Heresy Emperors Children
  139. Heresy Thousand Sons + Magnus too! (Many Dex's will be abused)
  140. Space Marines Pre and Post Heresy
  141. Heresy Era Imperial Fists
  142. Pre-heresy White Scars
  143. Luna Wolves
  144. Ettore's slow topic: converting mid-heresy Death Guard
  145. Conquer the universe! Pre-Heresy space marines.
  146. Von's Heresy Emperor's Children
  147. Imperial Fists. Pre & a bit of post heresy.
  148. In Midnight Clad! Pre/Mid Heresy Night Lords
  149. XIII Legion
  150. Pre heresy Blood Angels - The Defiance of Horus
  151. Martin's pre-Heresy Blood Angels; a blog of sorts...
  152. In Midnight Clad - VIII Legion operatives and their truescale masters.
  153. Pre Heresy Night Lords - Because there isnt enough!!
  154. The Defenders of Terra
  155. Hello band wagon... A Pre Heresy Word Bearer log
  156. Pre Heresy World Eaters
  157. Heresy/Scouring Era Ultramarine Captain + Command Squad / Extra: Alpha Legion Cell
  158. Converter's Pre-Heresy Word Bearers
  159. Pre Heresy Iron Hands
  160. Pre Heresy Emperors Children Infrequent Updates
  161. Pre Heresy Nightlords Army Log
  162. Pre-heresy World Eaters and other Projects by Brother H
  163. Defence of Terra-Heresy era Blood Angels
  164. I'm back.... Still with the Ultrasmurf legion!
  165. LordKhaine's great crusade blog!
  166. Pre-heresy World Eaters
  167. Ultramarines 40k becoming Pre Heresy
  168. Angron project log
  169. 7th legion army that I might do (yet another pre-heresy thing, yawn...)
  170. Guri's 30k/40k Gallery
  171. Still Standing's Heresy Era Thousand Sons
  172. For the Warmaster! Khorneguy does Pre Heresy - mainly Sons of Horus/ Thousand Sons
  173. Pre Heresy Emperors Children
  174. Heresy Era Ultramarines - A two year project.
  175. Sultans PH Emperors Children
  176. Sons of horus, a pre heresy army
  177. Kronos' Eaters of Worlds
  178. Children of the Emperor, Death to his Foes! My preheresy Emperors Children Log
  179. III Legion
  180. Those who are about to rock we salute you! A heresy era Emperor's Children blog
  181. Horus Heresy - WORLD EATERS
  182. WarmasterPainting....The Horus Heresy
  183. sdkfz goes preheresy, yhea right
  184. By our will, these walls will never fall! Heresy Imperial Fists
  185. Escape from the black Sands! A heresy era Salamanders log.
  186. Ed's Heresy Project Log
  187. BCL Pre heresy Dark Angels [Cataphractii Terminators VIP 10/1/13]
  188. Pre/Horus heresy Imperial Fists. Picture Heavy:)
  189. Pre-Heresy Ultramarine Planning / Part Search
  190. Rampagers (30k) WIP
  191. Pre-Heresy World Eaters
  192. Heresy project log
  193. Justaerin - Point of the Spear
  194. Defenders of Ultramar - Pre Heresy Ultramarines
  195. Pre Heresy: XVIII Salamanders Legion
  196. Sons of horus - pre-heresy log
  197. Horus Heresy Diorama: Abbaddon and Loken by Lil'Legend Studio
  198. Pre Heresy: For the Khan!! Legion V project
  199. Pre Heresy Ultramarines, 51st Company "Consuls of Calth"
  200. Thin Blue Line: A Heresy Era Ultramarine Project
  201. 30k World Eaters - Test models done
  202. Horus Heresy Project Blog
  203. Pre-Heresy Epic 30,000 Project Blog.
  204. "I've never lost a war in my way" A Pre-heresy World eaters plog! XII!
  205. A New Age of Justice : Pre-Heresy Death Guard and other Imperials
  206. Heresy Era Legio XVII, Chapter of the Radiant Qliphoth
  207. Forgworld fulgrim project log wip
  208. Spikyjames does Horus Heresy
  209. The Draconii Campaign - A Horus Heresy log
  210. The Howl of Luna; XVI Legion's Crusade into the Abyss by LilLoser
  211. Worldeaters: Pre, During and Post-Heresy
  212. In the Swamps of Barbarus: A Pre-Heresy Death Guard log
  213. CMDante does Horus Heresy - Abaddon
  214. vlka fenryka- Tabletop quality pre-heresy space wolves log.
  215. Vlka Fenryka - Horus Heresy Space Wolves
  216. Post-Heresy Dusk Raiders
  217. Pre-Heresy Emperors Children
  218. Another Defender of Terra steps forth. Heresy-era Imperial Fists.
  219. The Iron Tenth: A Heresy Era Iron Hands Log
  220. Horus Heresy-Era Iron Hands
  221. Kill for the living, kill for the dead: The Rise of the Luna Wolves' 14th Company
  222. Pre & Post Heresy Word Bearers 17th Host
  223. The II Legion - Void Bulls
  224. Still's Loyalist Thousand Sons
  225. Primus Angelus - The Battle for Terra - Heresy Era Blood Angels
  226. Once more onto the breach! Heresy Era Iron Warriors - 19th Grand Company
  227. War is expensive - IX Legion with possibly some bits of XVI inside...
  228. Converter's Log of all things Pre-Heresy
  229. Iron Warriors 13th Grand Company (Heresy Era Plog)
  230. The Gorgon Ferrus Manus - a WIP and tutorial log
  231. Fizzy's Horus Heresy thread! WB, WE and IH!
  232. Converter's Imperium now with Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children
  233. The Horus Heresy by Lil'Legend Studio
  234. Elfaen's Loyalist Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children
  235. iplaythisgame's Heresy era Deathguard
  236. A clean cut - The fall of The Gorgon.
  237. Pre-Heresy || Taking Sothis out for a walk || A warhound Titan Blog
  238. IV Grand Battalion - Horus Heresy Iron Warriors
  239. Atias Space Marines log (40k Ultramarines, Horus Heresy Stuff)
  240. Pre Heresy Emperors Children WIP.
  241. Terimus's Pre-heresy Night Lords and other Horus Heresy stuff
  242. A Warriors Progression: True-scale, Pre-heresy Emperors Children
  243. Furryblueelf's Thousand Sons Log w/- Pre Heresy colours
  244. CDalton takes on the Horus Heresy
  245. My Horus Heresy/Great Crusade era Ultramarines
  246. IV Legion; 175th Grand 'Garrison' Company - A Horus Heresy Log
  247. Heresy World Eaters
  248. Asdrubaels Horus Heresy tread, SoH, Dark Mech and just a bit of Word Bearers
  249. Yes...another Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists army
  250. House Degallio, Standing Defiant Against Heresy! An Imperial Knights Project Log