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  1. Historical plastic kits in 28 mm
  2. Perry Miniatures late 15th century ranges
  3. Deus Vult and Warband...opinions?
  4. William the Bastard Vignette For Hastings Demo
  5. Men of Bronze- Battle of Crius- Ionian Revolt
  6. Men of Bronze- Ravaging the Fields of Pergamon- Ionian Revolt
  7. 28MM Archameanid Persians in 28MM-- Who?
  8. Conquest! Rome in Italy- Ambush during the Great Samnite War
  9. Men of Bronze- Battle of Ephesus- Ionian Revolt
  10. My first BIG Napoleonics game
  11. Looking for Resources on Ancient Sicily
  12. Review: Outremer: Faith and Blood- Osprey Games
  13. Heirs to Empire: First War of the Diadochi- Eumenes vs. Craterus
  14. Men of Bronze- It's Happening!
  15. Ideas For A Historical Tabletop-Wargaming, Also Educational, Channel
  16. Up the Nile! First Beja Unit Complete! Yay!
  17. Byzantine Dismounted Bucellarri (Finally!) Complete!
  18. Aventine Early Byzantine Psiloi
  19. Up the Nile! Beja Sixth Lot!
  20. Early Byzantine Magister Militum/Army General Base
  21. Early Byzantine Skutatoi Unit Complete!
  22. Early Byzantine Skutatoi Command Base 16/10/20
  23. Early Byzantine Skutatoi and Command Base Group Shots
  24. Frankish Franks
  25. Anglo Danes- Huscarls Unit 2- 17/11/20
  26. Shieldwall Markers Experiment!
  27. Frankish Command Base 1
  28. Anglo Danish Casualty Markers
  29. Anglo Danish Huscarl Fyrd Unit Three & Two command Vignettes
  30. Anglo Danish Huscarls/Fryd Fourth Unit Finito!
  31. Early Unarmoured Byzantine Skutatoi
  32. Atheling's Early Byzantines- Unarmoured Skutatoi- 13/01/2021
  33. Atheling's Byzantines- Unarmoured Skutatoi Unit Complete!
  34. Unarmoured Early Byzantine Skutatoi Close Ups of the Individual Bases
  35. Up the Nile: Mounted Infantry, Second El Teb Added- 29/04/2021
  36. Atheling's Early Byzantines, Belisarus' Boukellaroi
  37. An Early Morning Norman Scenic Photoshoot
  38. Goth Command Base 1
  39. Pete Armstrong's The Battle of Dupplin Moor- Where to Buy?
  40. Middle Imperial Roman Field Army 2800 pt List for Scrutiny
  41. Wargames Annual 2022 Released Featuring Some of my Work!
  42. Wargames Foundry Medieval Civilians
  43. Steppe Nomad Full Cantabrian Circle and Single Bases
  44. Italian Wars- Spanish Trastámara Italian Wars Ordinance Gun UPDATE 17-01-2022
  45. Bedford's Battle, Battle of Verneuil 1424, Heraldic Info etc
  46. Spanish Sword and Buckler/Rodeleros - Army of Gonzalo de Córdoba, "El - Capitán"
  47. "ONUS!" system and TRAIANUS game
  48. Artizan Designs vs The Assault Group Renaissance Spanish Size Comparison?
  49. Thematic Byzantine, Heavy Tagmata Kavallarioi
  50. Atheling's Thematic Byzantines- Thematic (Light) Kavallarioi Unit
  51. Andalusian/Almohad/Almoravid Noble Command Vignette Base
  52. Thematic Byzantines, Varangian Guard
  53. Anglo Danish Command Bases
  54. Byzantine,Tagmatic (Nikephorian) Kataphractoi