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  1. Cadia or Tallaran force list?
  2. what come in a space marine battle company?
  3. New w/ Epic & Space Marines
  4. FW Tau
  5. Connecticut Epic tournament, June 21st
  6. Batrep: Minervan Tank Legion vs Dark Eldar, 3k
  7. Epic Armageddon or Epic 40k
  8. New Epic errata is available..
  9. Contemplating Epic
  10. Grand Tournament scenario, where to find?
  11. Grey Knights
  12. Epic Deathguard?
  13. BatRep - Siegemasters Vs Orks 2K
  14. need help identifying model
  15. Ork question(s)
  16. What size Epic gaming board?
  17. Basing?
  18. I am Starting Epic: Armageddon. Any Advice
  19. Will epic be revised again and with new models or is it soon to disappear? [CLOSED]
  20. Rules question
  21. how many marines in an epic army?
  22. Forgeworld Epic Terrain
  23. Epic chaos marine box set
  24. Just ordered some Steel Legion off Direct
  25. Epic at Baltimore GD
  26. measuring distance when shooting
  27. Bike Units - How do you have yours
  28. rules on hits : allocation
  29. rules when no moral
  30. rules on pb
  31. To base or not to base... (that is the question)
  32. FW vulture base
  33. Emperor Titan
  34. What colour scheme to use?
  35. rules: combined assault and activation
  36. A few Lost and the Damned / Nurgle questions
  37. Batrep: Tyranids vs Emperors Children, 3k
  38. New Epic Miniatures Log
  39. IG help please!
  40. SM Vindicators
  41. Blood Angles force list: 0-1 whirlwind?
  42. Contemplating a return to epic
  43. DM needs SG photos for Firebase secret project
  44. Hellbore's, how much are they worth?
  45. tempted by epic
  46. Want to start Epic but dont like any of the races...
  47. Slaaneshi Daemon Knights and Scout Titans
  48. Play Area Required?
  49. Space Marine army, opinions please
  50. I need help on a Solid Marine List
  51. Forgeworld aircraft scale comparison
  52. [IG] tactica : LR screening
  53. [IG] tactica : assault
  54. What to do with old chaos stuff?
  55. converting epic to hex bases
  56. First army list - help! (BA)
  57. First Epic: Armageddon army list. Thoughts?
  58. transporting my armies
  59. Imperator Titan Data Cards/Sheets.
  60. Is Epic the answer?
  61. Problems with Hydra Model
  62. Second (and third!) Epic: Armageddon Lists
  63. Separate transports.
  64. FW Ork vehicles
  65. Epic Terrain?
  66. Epic Imperial Guard Army - Suggestions??
  67. Eldar Army List Advice
  68. Tyranid questions
  69. Pre-Heresy Marine List
  70. Epic World Eaters Army List
  71. Imperial Guard Army Selection
  72. Hellblade and harbinger for Epic
  73. Best source for background?
  74. WANTED: 1 Previous Edition land speeder!
  75. Question - about selling Epic Miniatures
  76. My(first ever) Biel-Tan army list
  77. Work in progress lists.
  78. help choosing an army for epic
  79. Guard Coy Markings
  80. Re-starting Epic - Guard Army List Critique Needed
  81. Epic: A Query on Bases
  82. A few questions.
  83. Couple of quick questions.
  84. New to Epic - Tau.
  85. Tyranids?
  86. How similar are FW and GW versions of the same model?
  87. NetEPIC
  88. Staring Epic Valhallans-any ideas on colour scheme?
  89. How's this for an Epic IG list?
  90. Conversion advice: radar dish for a Warmonger titan
  91. Titan battles in the 41st Millenium?
  92. Epic, intrigues me.
  93. Leman Russ casting probs
  94. Epic gamers in Manchester (UK)?
  95. Epic rules links?
  96. Batt Rep - 2.6K Nids Vs Siegemasters
  97. Navy markings questions
  98. Epic: Raiders (new Epic Supplement)
  99. Space Marine Chapter composition
  100. Titan cracking for the boyz
  101. Starting marines, need a list
  102. Can you help me identify these?
  103. Battle Report, 3k Eldar vs. Chaos [Pics]
  104. New IG project log over in PLogs
  105. Epic box set
  106. Hoping to return to Epic
  107. Epic Stands
  108. Epic Eldar Army List Mark II
  109. Tournament pics from Finland
  110. 3000 pt Eldar noob army
  111. 5000 pt Eldar
  112. Epic: 40,000
  113. Just a heads up on another Epic project log
  114. The thin lead line (epic praetorians)
  115. "unit" questions
  116. Firefight Values/Weapons
  117. WHW and Epic
  118. 3000 pt AMTL list
  119. Adeptus Titanicus?
  120. Warmonger Titan, finished!
  121. HG's Epic Orks - First "Batch" done!
  122. Reaver titan boxed set contents
  123. EpiComp08
  124. Epic vs 40K
  125. Can anyone tell me what these are?
  126. Epic:Armageddon Tournament 18Oct08
  127. ITT Helicon_One moans about Eldar
  128. Which rules for Eldar?
  129. Epic Eldar
  130. Whitescars army list, feedback appreciated
  131. Eldar 3000pts V2
  132. Combined Imperial list?
  133. Interestin in epic/IG
  134. Space Marine Chapter
  135. Getting back into epic
  136. Size?
  137. My 1st list in a looong time
  138. Daemon Primarchs
  139. New to Epic; Eldar list.
  140. Starting Eldar.
  141. Batrep: Tau vs Imperial Guard, 3k
  142. Eldar Guardians for Tau FWs?
  143. Need help with IG
  144. Epic Tau
  145. A little help please
  146. Adeptus Mechanicus Titan list starter questions
  147. Startup question.
  148. 3000 pts tyranids
  149. Almost finished my army, a few questions on the niceties of club Epic play
  150. Void Shields?
  151. Chaos army lists using the BL list-help appreciated on a few questions!
  152. forgeworld Mars pattern titan
  153. Wanting to Start Epic
  154. Army selection clarification
  155. Scratchbuilt Epic Defiler over in general modelling discussion
  156. Need Help Finding Some Old Epic Art
  157. Tyranids vs Dark Eldar, 3k
  158. Help against eldar
  159. Discount Epic?
  160. Placcy Land Raiders
  161. 3 Lists 3000 Tyranids/2000 Space Marines/2000 Lost & The Damned
  162. eldar hit and run
  163. Anyone Play in the SoCal Area?
  164. Some Eldar questions
  165. Daemon armies in epic
  166. eldar phantom
  167. rule question about engagement
  168. combined vampire assault
  169. Vampire Raider or Hunter Model?
  170. tyranid genestealers
  171. Easy Blast Markers
  172. Feral orks?
  173. Where to find the Epic Chaos rules?
  174. Battle Report- SM vs Eldar 6k
  175. 1990s epic space marines
  176. Updated Rulebook
  177. WikiWikiWar: Epic Armageddon Army Lists
  178. basic epic rule questions and model questions
  179. [Need Help!] Space Marines vs. Titan Legion
  180. Stormhammer
  181. Mixed Artillery Companies
  182. First try at a Dark Angels list
  183. E:40K vs. E:A Imperial Guard Tanks
  184. Breaking the Rules
  185. 3000pt Chaos vs Space Wolves
  186. A really dumb epic question.
  187. Interested in sculpting epic-scale.
  188. Allies?
  189. BatRep: 2.6K BloodAngels vs Tyranids
  190. Titan dimensions?
  191. 3000pt epic space marine list, is it any good?
  192. are their any epic forums that are more active that this one?
  193. Thoughts on Biel-Tan vs. Ulthwe 2.3 lists
  194. finding older epic rules?
  195. starting epi, need help
  196. Imperator, Great Gargant, and Knights
  197. The first part of my army just arrived.
  198. How about an Epic campaign?
  199. 3000 pt tourney lists: Help/advice/discussion wanted
  200. Where can one buy square bases?
  201. Firepower Questions
  202. Where doz I get army lists?
  203. Ive got the epic bug again
  204. Soopa Gun Blister Contents?
  205. Army List Flavors: Space Marines
  206. the best approach for eldar versus orks
  207. Epic Imperial Guard Questions?
  208. Batrep: Black Templar vs Ulthwé, 3k
  209. Starting Epic - Need help
  210. Return of the Specialist Games Website
  211. Need player in need of inspiration
  212. E40K vs. E: Armageddon
  213. Feral Ork Questions from a Newcomer to Epic
  214. FB9: Any last articles?
  215. Adeptus Titanicus II Thread
  216. Current Epic Imperial Guard Plastics?
  217. Need some help with sourcing Epic Marine Terminators (plastic)
  218. Fb 10: The sg epic battle... Of doooooooom!!
  219. Looking for a game of Epic in Guernsey
  220. Proxy Guard
  221. Epic Tyranids... Worth trying and any decent conversions to match current nids?
  222. Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament II
  223. Epic Tournament at Games Day Baltimore May 9th 2009
  224. 2K beginner guard army
  225. Epic Tourney at Adepticon!
  226. Anyone still like Epic 40k? (3rd edition, I mean) :)
  227. Plastic epic necrons
  228. On Building Epic Forces
  229. eldar dark reaper in FF
  230. Epic Emperor's Children Army List
  231. live in the eastbourne/brighton area?
  232. Tyranid Model Scale
  233. Summary of formations and breakpoints/morale values for space marine/titan legions?
  234. Epic VideoGame?
  235. A quick rule question.
  236. One more rule question.
  237. Emperor Class Titans
  238. Baltimore Games Day Epic Tournament- Register Now!
  239. Link to ORB?
  240. Where do I find the rules?
  241. Army Builder
  242. Eldar Cobra
  243. Stormblades
  244. Marauder Bombers?
  245. Sooo.. Orks..
  246. Tactical Wargames Forums down?
  247. What stuff is in old epic boxes
  248. The Epic:Siege development thread.
  249. Titan Legions killed Epic!!!
  250. [BatRep] Tau vs Imperial Guard