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  1. Titan Weaponry
  2. contents of present infantry plastic boxes
  3. Late Addition to the Black Legion List?
  4. Warseer Epic Painting and Modeling Project Log Links
  5. looterz on the ork infantry sprue
  6. kevs army projects
  7. [Tyranids] Tyranids v9.2.1 development
  8. [Eldar] The "Big Five" Craftworlds Army Lists
  9. [Eldar] Iybraesil Craftworld Army List v1.3.2
  10. [NetEA] Suggested Tournament Modifications
  11. Epic Army List Request Thread
  12. Why Play Epic When There's 40K Apocalypse?
  13. Eldar Army list, 5000 points
  14. FW Infantry
  15. Tau Army List
  16. A few questions
  17. Some appreciation
  18. Wanting to start Epic: Chaos and Imperials
  19. Necron Changes
  20. Extra barrage Template.
  21. 40k as Epic
  22. Help identify old models
  23. [Tau] Alternate Fire Warrior Models
  24. Current Epic Army Lists
  25. [batrep]Tau 5.1 tests.
  26. 2008 Change Version
  27. Spacemarine Battles :The lost pages.
  28. Land Raiders? How to use?
  29. Elar War Host (1991) - still usable?
  30. [BatRep] Tyranids v9.2.1 vs Marines
  31. Tau V.5.1 Army list
  32. What weapons can be used?
  33. Eldar additions
  34. Epic Basing and Dual Color Marines
  35. considering starting epic
  36. how much $ is squat vehicles worth
  37. Chaos Space Marines or Imperial Guard
  38. Suns of Damnation
  39. Character upgrades and basing
  40. Vassal Epic
  41. New to Epic, Modeling Eldar Questions
  42. Army Lists?
  43. Epic Rules Question
  44. How much do you premeasure?
  45. Overwatch on assault formation and aircraft CAP.
  46. Sniping in assaults
  47. lucius style emperor titan
  48. Epic IG 3000 pts list for consideration.
  49. One more aircraft question.
  50. Help versus eldar.
  51. Imperial guard Character pack?
  52. How to use Storm Troopers
  53. Elder cobra question.
  54. Necron Aeonic Orb and Titan Scale?
  55. For the new guys.
  56. BatRep: Tyranids vs Ulthwe, 3k
  57. Garrisoning on overwatch?
  58. How Many Points in 40k is the Average Epic Game?
  59. BatRep: Lost and the Damned vs Tau(5.1), 3k
  60. Chaos Assistance; New Player
  61. Orky problem
  62. Siegemasters viable?
  63. 2.6K BloodAngels Vs Nids Bat Rep
  64. Questions about 40k epic...
  65. Forge World stopping selling Epic :( -get your orders in double-quick for last stock!
  66. "Standard" game size for Epic?
  67. Eldar players - your opinions!
  68. Looking for very old SM images..
  69. Realm of battle competition interview, Where is it?
  70. Base contact with light vehicles
  71. Crossfire
  72. Locating Epic Tyranid rules
  73. Imperial Guard Infantry Force for Sale.
  74. Ork Mega Gargant
  75. Imperial Tank based army.
  76. Titan Legions Rules
  77. Amry builder 2.2c?
  78. [BatRep] Imperial Guard vs Tyranids, 3k
  79. New to Epic.
  80. Is now a good time to get into Epic?
  81. First Strike and Support
  82. BatRep: 2.5K Ork Speed Freeks Vs Ultramarines
  83. Finnish Ropecon 2009 tournament
  84. Orks + Awesome?
  85. Size and models of the Gorgon and Ordinati
  86. Into the Breach - Epic Tournament 12th/13th September Wakefield UK.
  87. The Epic Handbook
  88. Anyone know where I can find...
  89. Effects of bases on gameplay
  90. The value of 2nd ed. epic models?
  91. FW Epic: "Majority to return"
  92. formation help
  93. Catachan Deathworld List 3000 pts
  94. EpiComs Down?
  95. Alternative Epic Tyranids
  96. Received my Forgeworld order today
  97. Games with large point values
  98. [BatRep] A Rage of Raveners - Battle 2
  99. Net Epic v5 Advice
  100. A Warhound Titan I made
  101. [battle Report] Eldar vs Space Marines
  102. Epic UK Update - Codex Orks released.
  103. A Few Quick Questions About Models
  104. Point amount for a 30-40min game?
  105. You might want to check these
  106. 2nd Ed (blue) Space Marine help please
  107. Eldar Warp Hunter - what weapons?
  108. A scale question for scenery
  109. Netepic gold is finally here!
  110. Imperator Titan Instructions?
  111. epic models i 40k
  112. just bought a shed-load of epic...
  113. Epic Tau battlesuits out of production?
  114. Imperator Titan, still legal in game? Also tip on epic/Chaos
  115. Limit on Eldar Titans
  116. Forge World Ork Models
  117. Epic starter forces
  118. Noob rules questions
  119. Epic Ruined Buildings Question
  120. When transports die.
  121. new starter
  122. Epic Guard with 6mm Historicals?
  123. Looking to start what do I need to round out my force?
  124. Epic Macharius...?
  125. BatRep: LatD vs Ulthwe
  126. Pros and Cons of "Double-Basing"
  127. I have been given alot of Epic models... Should I play?
  128. Intrested in Epic
  129. Thinking of an Army
  130. Availability of OOP rule sets
  131. Score
  132. Beginner questions about starting epic
  133. Plastic "Beetleback" Warlord Titan Sprue Guns, 'stealers
  134. TacCommand Forums on the fritz again
  135. Tactical Command Seems to be down
  136. Plastic minis for epic?
  137. Death Guard List
  138. [Playtest] Dark Eldar vs Tau, 3000 points, Lots of Activations!
  139. Basing Epic miniatures?
  140. Building some sample Epic armies?
  141. Putting together my first 3000pts Chaos army
  142. How do you store/transport your Epic armies?
  143. Rules question re: War Engine and Assaults
  144. [Playtest] Dark Eldar vs Orks, 3000 points of pain and suffering!
  145. Starting a new army: Your thoughts?
  146. How do you paint orks?
  147. Marine Drop and Landing Craft builds?
  148. How do Burning Death Speed Freeks deal with Titans?
  149. Warhammer 40k Epic 40,000 starter box set contents
  150. Steel Legion Chimaeras
  151. [NetEA] Tau Development "Freeze" Pushed Back
  152. Death Guard Army for FSA
  153. Epic dreaming...
  154. Think I may have gone mad?
  155. Lysander targeting craft?
  156. Khorne Deathdealers?
  157. Reminder: Epic Project Reports are due.
  158. Random thoughts for a global campaign
  159. Anyone got a spare Phantom titan wing?
  160. Now that Epicomms is down?
  161. Mechanics of the Game or my Army to blame?
  162. Double Great Daemon Lists?
  163. Eldar pics
  164. Linked BFG and Epic games?
  165. [Playtest] Necrons vs Biel-Tan Eldar, 3000 Points of Age Old Struggle!
  166. Cadian Shock Troop Imperial Guard list revisited
  167. ranges and who can be hit
  168. Battle report Necrons VS Black Legion 2000
  169. Complete epic noob...
  170. Games played while Taccom has been down
  171. Knightworld armies and Mechanicum
  172. [Playtest] Chaos Cultists vs Yme-Loc Eldar, 3000 points
  173. New 40K Supplement 'Spearhead', Useful to Epic?
  174. Battle Report - Necrons Vs Eldar
  175. Open War 13 tickets on sale
  176. A plea to TacComm users
  177. Net Epic/Titan Legions era - Twin Plasma Cannons?
  178. Is there an Epic group equivalent to AA?
  179. Battle of the Chumps 10 Tickets onsale
  180. new sci-fi stuff from MicroWorld
  181. Battle of the Chumps V: The Chumps Strike Back
  182. Plague of Unfaith : Death Guard Insurgency Army
  183. So... Necrons...?
  184. Tactical Command
  185. Net EA lists questions
  186. Epic raiders???
  187. NetERC Inquisition army list
  188. Would Anyone Be Interested in an IRC Epic Chatroom?
  189. Necron Tomb World Army List
  190. Yme-Loc game and some thoughts.
  191. Rules for Lucius Pattern Reaver Titan?
  192. Chaos reaver titan
  193. Epic miniature casting
  194. Space Wolf Army Champ?
  195. Chaos Squat - Sneak Peaks
  196. [Battle Report] Steel Legion IG vs Eldar Saim-Hann
  197. Has Tac Com found a new home yet?
  198. Imperial Knight Household
  199. [Battle Report]Knight World vs Biel-Tan 3000 Points
  200. New FW Phantom Titan Desin (40K Scale)
  201. Space Marines: The Golden Rules
  202. So What's the Deal with FW?
  203. The Dying: Craftworld Eldar
  204. World Eaters DoF - List Freeze
  205. [Battle Repport] Scions of Iron vs Tyranids (4K)
  206. [Battle Report] Saim-Hann vs Salamanders in Spearhead
  207. Meotic Spores
  208. FSA armies
  209. [New!] Iybraesil Craftworld Crone World Raiders
  210. [Battle Report] Saim-Hann vs Steel Legion in Spearhead
  211. warhound size
  212. Imperial Guard newbie
  213. Epic Rules
  214. Teaching Someone the Game. 1000pt SM List
  215. Space Marine Character Pack
  216. Attack Bikes
  217. [Battle Report] Steel Legion vs FERC Tyranids
  218. Old Rhinos New Turrets
  219. [Fanlist] Kraxxax's Khorne Raiders
  220. Painting Epic Scale Stuff
  221. Vollone Global Campaign Data Sheet & Stuff
  222. Craftworld Kaelth-Anan; Keeper of the Dead, Bringer of Ynnead
  223. Craftworld Kaelth-Anan, Keepers of the Dead, Bringers of Ynnead v1.1
  224. The Apocrypha of Skaros
  225. BatRep: Tyranids vs Krieg, 3k
  226. Please Explain the Playtesting Online Program
  227. Medium infantry IG
  228. New Space Wolves List 2.1 playtest doc
  229. Armageddon Titan Legions???
  230. Need help with orks!
  231. TacComms on the fritz again.
  232. blast templates
  233. Sprue pics
  234. Fire Warriors
  235. Bjorn Fell-handed
  236. Emperor's Children V1.2
  237. BHSG accepting entries for Britcon 2010
  238. Thunderhawk Stat Question
  239. Eldar starter questions
  240. Looking for Round Epic-like bases
  241. orks vs imperial guard
  242. Questions?
  243. Epic at Open War 13
  244. Ork Stompa questions
  245. Eldar Army
  246. Getting Started...CSM
  247. New CSM ref ordinary SM?
  248. Eldar Exodites in 6mm - want some??
  249. 3000 newbie IG
  250. From over the hill, Chaos appears!