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  1. Devastator Marines
  2. Thinking Epically...
  3. Into the Breach 2010 - 18/19th September 2010
  4. Space Marine Commanders
  5. Ork Lander.
  6. Squats
  7. Relative lorry sizes?
  8. Army points
  9. Chaos Squat Army List
  10. Kraytonian ... uhm
  11. MASSIVE Ork Army
  12. Epic Space marine sprues
  13. Mystery model
  14. Quick Nid/ General question
  15. My Large IG army !
  16. Newbie needs help recognizing units (orks)
  17. The beginnings of Ynek's necron army.
  18. Eldar Exodites army
  19. Kroots and Vespids
  20. Starting Epic with Eldar.
  21. Where's the Chaos?
  22. Epic Armageddon
  23. Saim Han Elder (about 5500) points.
  24. Epic Warkoptas?
  25. Need some size comparisons
  26. Heavy Bolter 2010 - Melbourne, Australia
  27. First try at a 3k Guard List
  28. Any Epic news from GD?
  29. Petition for Games Workshop/Forge World?
  30. [HEAT] Hamilton Epic Armageddon Tournament Notice!
  31. Space Wolves v 2.2
  32. Epic Armageddon tournament at Adepticon 2011.
  33. Epic List Tips
  34. Epic-UK Grand Tournament - 20/21 November
  35. Conversion suggestions.
  36. Games Workshop Epic 40,000 Release Timeline
  37. Why not go it alone?
  38. Adeptus Titanicus II- Xenos???
  39. Orks vs. Eldar
  40. titan legions
  41. why was the tau dropped?
  42. Black Friday Epic Armageddon tournament @ Asgard Games in Houston
  43. Epicomp 2010 : Deadline soon! Extra competition!
  44. Eldar Knight Titans
  45. Imperial Guard Tactics
  46. Epic Armies for sale, where to post?
  47. Space Wolves v2.3
  48. Starting Epic
  49. Orks for beginners
  50. Full Scale Assault - 5th February Gas Club Mansfield
  51. Best SW batrep wins!
  52. Rectangular and square bases in the same unit?
  53. A new/old foray into Epic.
  54. What do you think a complete used boxed set of Space Marine goes for?
  55. Epic Scale Buildings?
  56. Epic-UK Update.
  57. Can anyone ID these Epic Titan Legion Knights?
  58. Epic nids for sale, link in post to for sale ads forum
  59. where can i find "Cross roads" scenario old SpG .pdf
  60. Getting started Titan questions
  61. Apparently Epic Tyranids/Squats aren't as valuable as thought
  62. Aussie Epic Players?
  63. Could use some help with Orks
  64. Characters in Epic
  65. Epic Heights and Lengths - Orks
  66. 2nd Edition Epic Chaos Question
  67. Epic Horus Heresy project
  68. Space Wolves v2.3.1
  69. Searching for Dudley / West Midland Players?!?
  70. Games Workshop Epic 40,000 Release Timeline (Mk. II)
  71. Epic Grey Knights (list release)
  72. Epic Armageddon - units vrs stands
  73. An Epic discussion (mostly my personal memoirs).
  74. Eldar army - advice wanted
  75. Tyranids and basing options
  76. Iron Hands
  77. Leaving Epic?
  78. A couple of Epic questions
  79. Ork Oddboyz
  80. Looking for Feral Ork players
  81. Units you would never use?
  82. Epic Ork Invasion box
  83. space marine commanders
  84. Thinking of selling
  85. Questions about individual marine units (First time player)
  86. [WIP] Epic Hybrid - Another System in the works
  87. Epic Target Demographic
  88. how good are primarchs in epic?
  89. Imperial Guard Gorgon Assault Vehicle
  90. TacComms down?
  91. TacComms login problem...
  92. Fun strategems for a big Epic game.
  93. Capitol Imperialis measurements.
  94. Anyone know of a good Alternative set of figs for Tyranids?
  95. FW: Warhound back on line !
  96. Epic big in France/continental europe in general?
  97. Scale creep on Epic models after Space Marine?
  98. Capitol Imperialis - how much is it worth?
  99. Eldar Epic Phantom Titan - who made it?
  100. Traitor Guardsmen Colour Scheme Help?
  101. EPIC 40,000 Books
  102. Starting epic 40k
  103. "Oh god that's a small tank!" the thread of Epic priced auctions
  104. EpiComp 2011
  105. Active E40K
  106. Selfmade 6mm scale rules
  107. Shock Attack Gun in E40k
  108. Tactical Command forum down?
  109. Video battle report LatD vs Dark Eldar, 3k
  110. Space Marine Army Cards
  111. Tyranids in Epic Armageddon
  112. Savlar and LATD
  113. New to Tau
  114. Full Scale Assault tickets for sale - inlcudes introductory offer for new players
  115. Siegfreid vs Rhino
  116. Value of older Epic items second hand? Looking to sell.
  117. small scale non-GW sci-fi miniatures?
  118. Video battle report: Scions of Iron Marines vs Imperial Guard, 3k
  119. Sample army lists.
  120. Thinking of Epic Necrons
  121. Epic Points - new play ish
  122. A mission designed for larger games
  123. Trowbridge Area gamers
  124. EPIC 40,000 Lifta Droppa Rules
  125. Card terrain/city scape?
  126. Epic: Armageddon Troop Base Width?
  127. Basing titans
  128. Tyranid Malefactor/Dactylis/Haruspexs/Exocrine sizes
  129. Warlord and Reaver titan load-outs?
  130. Converting Razorbacks?
  131. FW Warhound titans size/warhound questions
  132. What sort of prices are Epic squats fetching on Ebay?
  133. Epic: No.
  134. Epic, Swordwind questions, balance, bases..?
  135. multiple weapons of same category
  136. Epic Scale Cobra Class Destroyer
  137. Caught the Epic 40K bug... couple of questions.
  138. Air-mobile Space Marine army?
  139. Need a link to research
  140. Thinking Epic
  141. Possible Epic Knight Miniatures for conversion......
  142. Mk2 Gorgon
  143. Bought Epic stuff, now I need rules...
  144. Net Epic Gold FINISHED!
  145. What's in the current GW plastic Epic Space Marines?
  146. First game of Epic:Armageddon!
  147. Fire control center and Plasma Cannon / Destructor on titans
  148. Warmachine and Epic?
  149. Exodites 40,000
  150. Balanced rule set NetEpic or E:A?
  151. Old Epic Collector
  152. Identifying 3rd ed Tyranid sculpts
  153. The Draco Sector: Specialist Games Global Campaign Intro
  154. [video] Battle report: Feral Orks vs Space Marines, 3k
  155. Falcon Size?
  156. Some Epic minis are gone - anyone knows why??
  157. Largest epic space marine collection you'll ever see.
  158. Onslaught Minitures
  159. My Epic stuff so far
  160. Starting a NetEPIC Tau army and need some basing advice.
  161. Find Another Epic Player - Miniwars
  162. Where to go from here?
  163. EpiComp - 6mm Painting Contest
  164. Epic space marine company for sale
  165. Suitable 6mm Proxies for use in Epic
  166. [video] Battle Report: The Lost and the Damned vs Tau Empire, 3000 points
  167. Video battle report: Space Marines vs Ulthwe Eldar, 4k
  168. Epic about to be re-released?
  169. Epic Chaos Land Raiders
  170. Capitol imperialis substitutes
  171. Adeptus titanicus and space marine
  172. Looking for new terrain?
  173. Selling up and moving on
  174. Adeptus Titanicus II: Tital weapon load-outs
  175. Epic musings
  176. Creating stats for nids in space marine
  177. What edition of epic do you play?
  178. Rediscovering Epic
  179. Epic space marine WD articles
  180. [video] Battle Report: Space Marines vs Death Korps of Krieg, 3000 points
  181. Cheap 6mm bases video tutorial.
  182. Tech help to create an EPIC Archive
  183. Epic chaos space marines
  184. Custom vehicles and buildings via 3D printing
  185. [video] Battle Report: Lost and the Damned vs Biel-Tan Eldar, 3000 points
  186. Best form of basing ?
  187. Minervan Tank Legion question
  188. 2nd Ed Ork cards
  189. Black Templars
  190. Steam Punk Space Marines
  191. Playing epic with 40k minis
  192. 6mm scale bunker systems Indiegogo campaign
  193. New Epic inbound.
  194. Where to find Epic-sized SM terminator pics?
  195. Rules for really old Epic Eldar miniatures
  196. [video] Batrep: Imperial Guard Steel Legion vs Death Korps of Krieg, 3k
  197. EPIC Armageddon taboos
  198. Best way to find Epic gamers in your region?
  199. Just getting back into Epic
  200. Epic Armageddon Tournament at Adepticon 2015 (Saturday 7am-9pm)
  201. Epic tourney at Dark Sphere in London 7th March 2015
  202. Titans vs super heavies
  203. What do you store your Epic miniatures in?
  204. Points values
  205. Iyanden themed army help for epic
  206. New England Epic Armageddon Tournament VIII - June 13
  207. [video] Scions of Iron Space Marines vs Death Korps of Krieg, 3k
  208. [video] Imperial Guard vs Space Wolves, 4k
  209. [video] Army showcase: Ultramarines
  210. What elements must be included in an Epic army list
  211. [video] Battle report: Orks vs Tau, 3k
  212. Epic city walls
  213. [video] Titan Legion vs Tyranids, 3k
  214. Building tiles and containers
  215. GMG Video Battle Report - Epic: Armageddon - Space Wolves vs. Emperor's Children
  216. Looking for a resource to find names of old epic models
  217. [video] Imperial Guard vs Orks, 3k
  218. Let Me Sell You On: Epic 40k
  219. Starting Tau?
  220. Epic at Adepticon 2016
  221. Really nice Epic Terrain on Kickstarter
  222. Epic scale Warlord Titan by FW?
  223. Return of Adeptus Titanicus?
  224. Epic Heresy lists (epicau) & Tactical Command forums
  225. Epic Tactica?
  226. Epic proxies?
  227. 40K Terrain for Apeticus Titanicus?
  228. Were Lucious Pattern Titans Around During the Heresy?
  229. A Green Christmas II - Epic Space Marine AAR
  230. Imperius Dominatus: Warfare in the age of Horus and the Dark Imperium