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  1. Epic rocks!
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  8. What is the current state of EPIC system ?
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  10. Epic
  11. Starting Epic
  12. Epic's Living RuleBook
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  14. Your Epic Force
  15. Is Epic popular enough to recieve it's own forum?
  16. Epic Marauder Destroyer
  17. EA: Necrons
  18. Crisis Suit variants a possibility for Epic: Armageddon?
  19. EA: Marines taking down Titans
  20. Epic questions.
  21. Epic:A: Gaurd Commisar question
  22. EA: Imperial Guard, Where are the sniper models?
  23. Tau in Epic Armageddon
  24. Should I start playing EPIC?
  25. Please help the Epic n00b
  26. Epic Armageddon
  27. Titan model measurements
  28. EA Space Marines
  29. EPIC: Tournament in Mansfield (UK) - Full Scale Assault
  30. I'm very new to Epic any info will help.....
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  32. Question about Epic 40k.
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  34. Models for Epic Raveners?
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  36. EPIC Battle Report - SiegeMasters Vs Ultramarines
  37. Image request: Slaaneshi Knights & Titans
  38. How many Stands in Epic?
  39. Any good Epic:Armageddon web sites/forums?
  40. EPIC BattleReport- SiegeMasters Vs Orks 1500pts
  41. Epic vehicles
  42. Epic Pictures
  43. A use for Epic IG jump troops
  44. What to buy to start Epic.
  45. Another EPIC BatRep: Ultras Vs Orks
  46. Full IG Regiment for Epic
  47. [all] Call to Arms
  48. Epic Imperial Knight models
  49. any rumors/news about epic eldar?
  50. Starting Epic, have some questions
  51. [Epic] Incoming 25 available
  52. Epic Squats!
  53. Does anyone know How I convert Eldar Renevant Titans?
  54. Epic Feral Orks
  55. Where do the gun turrets on an ork battle fortress go?
  56. Adeptus Titanicus Campaign
  57. [Epic] Infantry base sizes
  58. Specialist Games Chaos Release news
  59. Looking for love in all trygon places...
  60. [Epic] A Squat Stronghold!
  61. What could be used for Epic Necrons?
  62. Epic force sizes
  63. [Epic] Will this army work at all?
  64. [Epic] Macragge 333rd: Battlegroup Lucius
  65. epic space marine chapter
  66. Starting Epic IG
  67. [Epic] Mini Showcase for Firebase?
  68. First IG army list (Epic)
  69. Epic Gargants scale vs. Warhammer
  70. Is epic 40k dead?
  71. Want to play Epic
  72. Epic Armageddon Armies
  73. [Epic] A couple Epic games; first impressions
  74. Battle Reports: Dark Eldar vs. Imperium
  75. epic chaos comeing soon
  76. Batrep: Tyranids vs Orks, 3k
  77. Transporting Epic
  78. Petition for Forge World to do epic minis
  79. Epic Chaos now up for Advanced Order.
  80. First game of Epic and some noob questions
  81. Batrep: IG Steel Legion vs Marines, 3k
  82. First Marine List - Advice please
  83. Epic 40,000 vs Epic Armageddon
  84. Got pics of epic Ork terrain?
  85. Adeptus Titanicus/Space Marine Rules
  86. Best epic model
  87. epic dreadnoughts
  88. What online stores stock Specialist Games?
  89. Base size?
  90. EA rule query
  91. Forge World: Ork Vehicle Variants
  92. Feral Orks armys?
  93. Epic Tau-fans?
  94. Regarding Warhound Titans and Modelling
  95. List for new epic chaos
  96. Getting back to Epic
  97. 2 Ork Questions
  98. Can the commisar upgrade go in titans?
  99. FAO the Epic Squat development team
  100. Ragnarok tank size
  101. Titans in a Space Marine army
  102. Trying to find pics of model any help?
  103. Primarch models
  104. 3k IG list
  105. 1500pt Siegemasters Vs BloodAngels
  106. Batrep: Tyranids vs Ulthwe Eldar, 3k
  107. Epic Rules question.
  108. Finding Epic opponents
  109. Just to let you all know
  110. Post-fight questions
  111. A question on Stands
  112. New Player; Help on Blitzkreig List (EDITED)
  113. Super Heavy Tank companies
  114. Chaos Infantry
  115. Imperial Crusade Force
  116. Batrep: Armoured Marines vs AMTL, 3k
  117. What works well against Titans?
  118. Batrep: Armoured Marines vs Ulthwe Eldar, 3k
  119. Simple Epic Question...
  120. 4k Epic Tournament (Uk)
  121. Grey Knights
  122. Any news regarding Titan Legions?
  123. Contents of Ork Invasion
  124. Lost and the damned- cannon fodder and artillery
  125. Batrep: Marines vs Orks, 3k
  126. Epic Assault 070707 Perth Australia Tournament
  127. Epic Event: Euro EpiCon, 12-14th October, France
  128. FW epic nids
  129. So what's this forum about then?
  130. Batrep: Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion vs Tyranids, 3k
  131. Whats the Abattoire and can you get it as a model?
  132. Revenant Titan Size Question
  133. New to Epic
  134. Epic Terain
  135. 2K Nid Army List - plus maybe a bat rep...
  136. what models would you need to do a whole space marine chapter?
  137. Batrep: Tyranids vs Dark Eldar, 3k
  138. Two questions about the Hammer of the Emperor...
  139. Epic Squats
  140. Siegfried/Bruenehilde dimension
  141. Return to Epic
  142. new to the game and want to start eldarhey
  143. Batrep: Armoured Marines vs Ulthwe, 3k
  144. New Imperial Commander
  145. Question about Orkamedies Gargant bigmob
  146. Modelling Imperial Infantry Companies
  147. 3k eldar list need help
  148. When modeling epic superheavies......
  149. Would you buy Epic scale Necron Warriors?
  150. New Epic player
  151. Whats on the Guard Commander Stand?
  152. New Guy
  153. Strange request for titan owners
  154. Batrep: Marines vs Tyranids, 3k
  155. Viability of Target Denial Armies
  156. Epic - how do different Eldar Craftworld armies compare?
  157. Batrep: Imperial Guard vs Tau, 3000 p
  158. New scenario (home-made)
  159. Batrep: Armoured Marines vs Speed Freaks, 3k
  160. Epic at Chicago GD
  161. Tyranid Models
  162. Epic items on e-Bay - dodgy models?
  163. returning player seeks opponents
  164. need help, and is it just me?
  165. Looking for Epic players in Madrid
  166. About GWs specialist-games priorities..
  167. Any of you have a Plague Tower?
  168. Big Gunz mob
  169. Space marine tactical stands
  170. Does anyone have an old epic horror?
  171. Need help starting Epic
  172. Thinking of Startign Epic Space Marines
  173. Need opinions on the Experimental Tyranid list
  174. EpiComp07
  175. Space Marine & Imperial Guard List - 2500pts
  176. Stormhammer weapons fit
  177. Air Cav Marines, 3000 points
  178. Batrep: Tyranids vs Death Guard, 3k
  179. Chaos list 5000 pts oinion wanted
  180. Epic scale Dark Eldar, Minervans, Necrons
  181. Shadow Scorpions 3000pts (SM)
  182. "Newer" Versions of Epic: What's Changed?
  183. Imperator Titan Rules
  184. Might be interested in Epic; have questions
  185. Tau?
  186. Eldar or SM v Imperial Guard - opinions please...
  187. Any Epic Players in Noerthern Ireland
  188. epic eldar points Help needed
  189. 1997 3rd Edition Epic Box
  190. Phantom Titan
  191. How to get a new player in?
  192. NetEpic?
  193. Looking for good pics of peoples' minis...
  194. Ork army (shopping) list
  195. Summaries and reviews for epic
  196. A possibly stupid question: Mulitple combats
  197. E:A Squats/Demi-Urg
  198. Question about Counts As
  199. Uneven points battles... What's the limit?
  200. Be Honest
  201. Are there rules for Epic Daemonhunters?
  202. Epic Howling Griffons?
  203. Those Epic bases!
  204. Model Storage?
  205. 3k Black Legion Suggestions
  206. Epicalopse... Apicolypse... Err... 40K Scale Epic.
  207. Batrep: Dark Eldar vs Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion
  208. Countercharges and Control Zones
  209. Dreadnought Formation!
  210. Tactical Command down? Oh noes!!1!
  211. Crazy Idea
  212. Starting Epic?
  213. Epic Rules & Army Lists - which version?
  214. Titan Legions
  215. How do Inquisitorial Retinues work?
  216. new epic player and very ?????? with rules
  217. first army list is this right? space marines
  218. Choosing AP/AT when shooting
  219. Epic Conversion,new 40k rule set?
  220. Epic rules, 40k scale
  221. Advice Please!
  222. Epic terrain
  223. Gargant dimensions?, Help needed!
  224. gargant weapons advice needed
  225. First Epic army in nearly nine years. Lots of help probably needed.
  226. Help in changing the stats of an Epic unit to an Apoc unit?
  227. Does Epic = BFG with Tanks and Troops?
  228. Death Korps list?
  229. started epic
  230. New to Epic, I need a solid Space Marie list.
  231. What makes Epic fun?
  232. New to Epic, I need a solid Ork and Tau list.
  233. Epic Tau
  234. Titan Legion colour schemes.
  235. picture of a forgeworld warhound
  236. Mega Wars
  237. Epic malcador rules
  238. Interested in Epic, need some help
  239. Support for Epic from GW!
  240. A good way to remove Infantry from bases?
  241. Beginner Epic List...
  242. any 1 no where i can buy a Warmonger & Imperator titan?
  243. Epic Eldar: Which list and what to get?
  244. Ork Building with gargant (Titan Legions era)
  245. New to Epic
  246. Imperator Titan
  247. Epic chaos: What to get and how to play?
  248. 4 Newbies
  249. Epic:Armageddon US Nationals 15/03/08
  250. Eldar Iyanden