View Full Version : Which Codex?!

25-08-2007, 23:59
Would be used to compile a Fallen Angel's Army? i'm confused would it be Chaos or Dark Angels?! :confused:

26-08-2007, 00:03
chaos, reasonable to assume they have lost faith so dont get atsknf.

26-08-2007, 00:05
what is atsknf?

26-08-2007, 00:19
and they shall know no fear

as an old DA player i have o say the chaos list better represents them, in fact the new dex is particually good and representing them

remember they are raiders and pirates, itis doubtful there will be any terminatos, and vehicles will be rare. also they dont use deamons typically

raptors are a possibility as are cult troops that the fallen commander has 'bribed' in to helping him

deff no defilers, perhaps some stolen preds vindi etc

26-08-2007, 08:18
I'm undecided on the Fallen at the minute, I'm either gonna have a small unit of them in my Chaos hordes or do an entire army of them. I think it'll probably be the afore mentioned as that will give me more options with Greater Daemons and the likes.