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28-08-2007, 11:11
Ok, so as i am doing Tale of Fantasy Painters i thought i would get a log going also so i can keep up with my painting.
Not much done so far, but this months entry is a 5 crossbowmen detatchment and a Wizard (using the lore of death).
Here are some pics..

My one downfall is skin, a good skin recipe building from talarn flesh would be good please :)

On the wizard, the roses and the hat type thing have been inked since the pics..

What do you guys think?

28-08-2007, 11:28
On the crossbowmen: The feather on the middle one isn't convincing...it looks a bit "solid".try giving it a black ink and then a highlight with bleached bone..might be the quality of the pictures though!

General thoughts:
-Try watering down your paints before applying them to the miniatures, it will give a better finish and protect their details.
-Use drybrushing in conjunction to inking to achieve a deeper effect. (for example the crossbowmens' hair need a drybrush with a dark grey or something like that..)
-On the flesh, build the colour up from tallarn flesh to dwarf flesh (i think that's the name of the colour...)

Don't get discouraged by the comments, I am by no means an expert (and my painting shows that for sure :D), but only through constructive criticism can we ameliorate our skills. Keep the updates coming!


28-08-2007, 12:06
partly the picture quality, but mostly it is in need of a rework. i'll go with the inking, never thought of that before with feathers.. :P

i'm terrible at watering paints down, i tend to just get what resembles an ink and it just runs off everywhere.. but i shall persevere with it..

i'll try that with the flesh, hopefully it'll go okay..

08-09-2007, 23:48
So i've been busy lately.
Managed to assemble 20 spearmen, 20 militia, 18 swordsmen, 15 flagellants, 21 handgunners and a rocket battery for my empire. All ready for the ToFP, don't know what to do this month, not started anything yet...

Been playing around with the new possessed models, getting the poses right.
They really are great models.
This and modelling my girlfriends O&G and tyranids (In the year and a half she has been into the hobby she still hasn't got into modelling them herself :( more work for me).

I've also been busy reading the comic series' from boom studios. Warhammer: Forge Of War, and Warhammer 40,000 Damnation Crusade. They are really good - but so distracting.
Hopefully an update with pictures to follow soon. Just want to get this picture quality thing sorted..
Update in a few days.

15-09-2007, 00:16
have just got a bit of this warrior priest started today
Just got the base colours on so far
C&C is welcome

Hven't had much time for painting with work and the building of my ToFP empire.
Also just started a Brett Enchantress, an will have pics of that to follow soon...

28-10-2007, 22:40
Haven't updated in ages!
Well the brettonian damsel i was doing is finished

Then i painted up this spawn..

28-10-2007, 22:42
And some stuff for this months ToFP which i haven't got pictures of.
Though here is what i have started of next months (Nov)

And i've just started building my girlfriends Wyvern. Popped the magnets in for the wings to create easy storage


28-10-2007, 23:03
Nice to see that you haven't quit.. (and might I say kudos for getting the girlfriend to play...that's a rare sight!)
-Damsel:The unicorn's horn needs a touch-up; if you do a quick search in the M,P&T threads, I'm sure you'll find a good recipe... The trick is to sart from a brown and build it up to bleached bone (leaving the successive layers showing at the base of the horn...)
-Still on the unicorn subject, the mane might need a bit of work, as it looks a bit plain right now (it might as well be the flash of your camera, if you had it on-which I assume..)

In the latest watchman there's an article on photography, you might get some ideas on how to take better shots (and do justice to your painting)

-On the spawn, i notice there are some areas where the white undercoat is showing, ruining a nice model...What I suggest is either give the model a brown ink wash, or use black undercoat instead of white.. (white has never worked for me, as I'm not the world's most careful and precise painter!!)

On to positive comments, now... I really like the way you painted the vines on the damsel, and the stone work on the base is perfect! Great work on the unicorn's skin as well (and turn off that camera's flash !!!! ;) )

Keep up the good work , and don't get disheartened by the lack of comments, people are usually too lazy to post,but if you're getting views, it's ok!

28-10-2007, 23:34
thanks for the advice. some of the problem here is the flash. (actually didn't know how to turn it off on this camera, its not mine). The white bits on the spawn are due to flash also i assume, as they are not there currently. it was a black undercoat (i too hate white).

On the girlfriend playing subject, yeah i know, shocked on how interested she was with the whole thing. Swa that i used to play/model, then we sort of both got into it, thankfully i still had a lot of my old stuff. She now has 2 fantasy and a 40k army and thoroughly enjoyed Games Day this year. So lets hope that continues.

My main problem is the photography side of things (although i'm not claiming to have great models, obviously i don't, but i'm happy with it as i go, where as the camera, i'm not). I think i got the right length away from the model and zoom right here. i had two lights set up over the models (though perhaps outside would be easier?) so i think that if i do what i did before just without the flash... could be on to a winner.

01-11-2007, 04:10
For taking photographs of miniatures, the general suggestions are settin the flash to off (there should be a little button with a lightning-icon next to it), using a tri-pod, as much light as you can find and no zoom. And macro-mode of course (usually a button with a little flower next to it, resembling the fire flower from Super Mario World).

Concerning your miniatures, I think they need more shading. The dress on the damsel looks fine but the horse and the damsel's skin definately need some kind of shading.

It's nice to be able to follow how a fellow ToPF'er proceeds.;)

01-11-2007, 21:03
because of my extreme shortness on time, these photos are extremely bad, but here is my October stuff for ToFP and then the whole army so far


03-11-2007, 14:21
Cool! Is that a Priest in the back? If so, can we get another pic? I like the color choices on the Wizards.

09-11-2007, 13:24
sure, here are a couple of pics of the WP before i added a final highlight to the parchment and stuff.


29-01-2008, 08:41
Here is my current WIP shots of my rocket battery.
Bases are mostly for scenic display purposes, and in game i use the battery base and the 3 crew seperate..

But i wanted to use all the sprue extras.. =P

Rocket Battery Full:
Base 1:
Base 2:
Base 3:

Alex Under
29-01-2008, 21:50
The moment you learn how to add more depth to skin, your minis will improve sooo much. I too am painting an Empire army because I've never been good at painting human colour skin and wanted to practice. You'll find so many formulas for skin, but in your case, I think that a simple watered down flesh wash would be enough to see an improvement.

30-01-2008, 17:34
i'll give that a go. though i'm not too good with inks and washs in general.
seem to water them down too much or not enough, i don't know which, but they don't look right after...

17-02-2008, 14:51
On the subject anyone have any other tips for skin?

that start with a base of tallarn flesh??