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Your Evil Twin
30-08-2007, 13:39
Good day ladies and Gents and welcome to my thread!

Like many warhammer players I have unfortunatly got into a rather large painting dept with my varios 40k armies, monthly painting targets are just to much! But after a short talk with dept matters iv managed to consolidate my monthly painting targets into one easily paintable monthly sum!

In other words iv combined all my diferent armies into 2 Apocalypse armies which, hopfully, I will be able to finish faster! YAY! Unfortunatly these projects also include varios Titans which could distract me for bulk painting about a guzillian guardsmen Hmmm :D

So I feel a list is in order! My current porojects stand thus:
Imperial guard..
Paint 2 plattoons of steel legion + comand squad and supporting HW teams.
Paint 4 storm trooper squads, a veteran squad, there chimera and comand squad.
Paint 2 leman russes and a basilisk.
Buy, assemble and paint a Baneblade, 2 more leman russes and 2 more basilisks + some more infantry
Schratch build 3 warhound titans (using LackOfs templates)
And erÖoh thatís it!

Paint 3 falcon grav tanks + Aspects inside (banshees, fire dragons and scorpions)
Finish 16 dire avengers
Buy convert and paint 8 more dire avengers (using elf bowman legs)
Paint 5 rangers
Asemble and paint an armourcast phantom Titan (should be arriving this weekend)
Buy and assemble 3 Eldar shadow hosts (or whatever the set with all the wrath models in is)
And thatís all the Eldar!

And finaly I have to finish sprucing up my 2000pt khorne army and start and finished a Slaneshi army (which may also need a titan :D)

Oh and i will also put up pics of the apocalypse city fight board a friend and I are building as well as some other apocalyse terrain projects!

So I think I have my work cut out for the next year or so! Il be using this thread to let you all watch and laugh at my disasterous attempts to handle this..Enjoy

Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
31-08-2007, 19:59
OK no coments...goes to sit in corner and cry...but here are some pics for you look at and criticise!

First my WIP warhound titan foot...I used some clever photo shop as iv only actualy made one toe and the back toe mount and will be using casting to make duplicates! (all credit to LoBN for the templates which the rest of the model is based on oh and some to forge world which this foot is based on :D)

(iv drawn in the main toe piston)

oh and heres a rather random shot of the 94 steel legion i have to paint, wooo!

Coments criticisms and suggestions welcome!
Your Evil Twin

dave is the best
31-08-2007, 20:02
Looking good!


Firestorm Falcon
31-08-2007, 20:30

I'm speachless, I thought I had a lot on my to do list but whew, 3 warhounds, a phantom and a baneblade, that's a lot of stuff.

Good luck with everything.

31-08-2007, 20:49
i like it big armies are always the best, but bulk painting can get a bit boring. but ur stuff's all looking good keep up the work n keep us updated with photos :P

01-09-2007, 06:05
And I thought I had an huge log of things that needed work... looks like a solid start already. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on that warhound as it progresses as I've been considering the effort required to scratch-build one of those beasts (and you're doing THREE).

Your Evil Twin
01-09-2007, 12:22
Cheers guys!

I should probably say before you all faint with the thought of scratch building 3 warhounds that i will be cheating somewhat! As i will only be building one then casting the pieces in resin! That is why foot is alittle more detailed than lackofs templates show as i only have to make 1 (that goes for the legs as well!)
However dont get me wrong its still alot of work as all the little gubins and armor have to be put oin afterwards!

This was abit of a piontless update but i promise pics of the infantry (now 70 not 50 after a little reshuffle) with there brand new red coats (there all very happy, infantry union finaly paying off :D) Oh and maybe some pics of my eldar stuff...

Untill later!
Your Evil Twin

02-09-2007, 07:22
Oh cool, more steel legions painted red!
Use Mechrite red to basecoat em, :D heaps quick!

The Keeper of Secrets
03-09-2007, 17:33
Man I don't envy you mate.

Anyway, looking forward to eating you with my nids!

Lord Commander Eidolon
04-09-2007, 13:57
hey man, how are you going to cant the parts in resin?

Your Evil Twin
04-09-2007, 16:01
Il be using tianti sylicone rubber (found here) http://www.tiranti.co.uk/subcategory_list.asp?Content=Mouldmaking&Category=9 to cast each individual piece e.g leg segments, toes etc then add details like pistons after! Its abit of a risk as it could iether go disasterously wrong or briliantly right!

Also the phantom titan arrived today so il get pics up ASAP along with pics of the ST and other bits and bobs! Unfortunatly I just started 6th form so that will slow this project down abit.

Your Evil Twin

The Keeper of Secrets
04-09-2007, 16:06
Get thise pics up NOW!!!!!

Your Evil Twin
08-09-2007, 18:45
Ok my mum has finaly returned from Scotland with the camera so I have a weeks worth of stuff to update with making this is abit pic heavy!!

Not saving the best till last cause thats boring heres some pics of the phantom (just placed together)


And continuing with the titans here is the warhound leg and foot, it needs only fine detail (rivets and skulls and so on)
(I still only have one toe thats photoshop :D)

Continued in next post...

Your Evil Twin
08-09-2007, 18:45

And finaly, Iv been doing some clever cutting and positioning to make my 2 6x4ft boards into one Apocalyptic 8x6ft board!!


Oh and heres one with the Phantom in for scale!
(obviosly they will all be painted all the same colour and there abit more work to do on them!)

Any coments or critisisms would be much apreciated!

Your Evil Twin

The Keeper of Secrets
08-09-2007, 18:46
Wow, that titan is intense. Wish I could visit your place someday....

08-09-2007, 18:48


08-09-2007, 20:01
Wow, that new board layout didn't look particularly big till the last shot with the Phantom...impressive.

Size doesn't matter, oh no, of course it doesn't.

Your Evil Twin
08-09-2007, 20:32
A very concise yet motivating post scrubout (oh and thanks for letting me into your leage :D)

Rictus, it should look even more impressive once its all one colour and has all the trees I have for it stuck in!
(oh and those propaganda posters are exelent! they will make exelent finishing touches to the city fight board im working on!)

I must also now update to say that the resin and rubber for the titan cast has arrived so i should hope to have the caste curing by the end of tomorro!

Your Evil Twin

09-09-2007, 02:05
:O 94 steel legion! I don't envy you, i'm struggling to paint ONE red squad without crying! Great models, but red is an evil colour

Your Evil Twin
09-09-2007, 11:36
The red is meant to be inquisitorial (evil :D) but also alows them to play with my khorne army who need all the fire power they can get!

Your Evil Twin

the varks
09-09-2007, 11:46
that warhound leg is looking great and so is the phantom. i am scratch building a warlord titan for apocalypse but casting it is so expensive. i am still looking for ideas and there is a few ideas on my log( the link is in my sig(shameless plug)). good luck with the titan and the steel legion (especially),


Your Evil Twin
11-09-2007, 20:16
Hey folks, thanks for your comments everyone, just a quick update explaining...why there is no real update :S

Unfortunately my mums has the camera again so I cant put up pics of the amazing amount of work I..er..have done..ahem…but I have made some progress! As soon as I get a chance I’l be putting up pics of my first successful titan toe cast pieces!! Alright not to impressive but unfortunately my leg cast was a complete disaster for a number of reasons, (namely I was tired and put half the right amount or catalyst in Whoops) But I’m buying some more rubber and persevering...also iv ran out of paper cups so I cant cast any more toes :(

Iv have however made some progress on the bulk painting of my steel legion and have done the bone on the banshees.

Keep up the flow of motivating comments ideas and criticism it rocks!
Your Evil Twin

Lord Zso Sahaal
11-09-2007, 20:38
looks realy good, btw what are you using for building are you buying the cities of death buildings or are you making them???

Your Evil Twin
13-09-2007, 16:42
Pray silence please, for the FOOT!

One of the middle toe pieces cast abit funny and im still using some of the masters but this is NOT photo shopped iv actualy finished one foot so please tell me what you think??
...the ..ahem...new leg cast should be ready mid week as im waiting for some more rubber!

Your Evil Twin

13-09-2007, 19:00
Hail to the foot!

Lord Zso Sahaal
13-09-2007, 21:27
nice work mate!!

The Keeper of Secrets
16-09-2007, 13:04
Oh wow......
Just wow

Your Evil Twin
17-09-2007, 21:01
OK small update: Iv made the crotch piece and while its not detailed yet it gave a great opertunity for a poorly fotoshoped picture!!

So behold...The Titan

C&C Welcome!
Your Evil Twin

17-09-2007, 21:15
It's looking great so far mate, the feet are excellent and the toes on the left foot are spread nicely enough that it looks well balanced. :)

Your Evil Twin
28-10-2007, 20:10
Ok guys, this thread has been dead for a while as my wonderful sister took our camera with her to Australia!

However I have been slogging away slowly but biggest update is the warhound! I have now nearly finished the body, waste and head (all need green stuffing and detailing ready for casting) pics....




Btw both the head and waist will have have round spacers in on the finished model! (oh and your not imagining things they are milk bottle tops :P)

Comments and criticism welcome! (seriously don't be shy, id rather you point out my mistakes now rather than after its cast)
Your Evil Twin

28-10-2007, 20:29
That look great very good job you done there, one question will you be selling casts of the Titan???

Your Evil Twin
28-10-2007, 21:09
That look great very good job you done there, one question will you be selling casts of the Titan???

Err :rolleyes:....of course not, that would be a breach of forge world IP :angel:
*cough* pm me *cough*

Your Evil Twin

Firestorm Falcon
28-10-2007, 21:24
That Titan's looking shinny mate. will you be modeling detail on it or just painting them on. Either way it's looking good.

29-10-2007, 00:27
Damm very cool titan building!He need more details

Dren Krelar
29-10-2007, 03:56
That is looking incredible. I would never be able to do that in a million years. :D

What weapons are you planning on giving it?

Your Evil Twin
29-10-2007, 13:59
Cheers guys!

Maracna, il be adding detail when the whole model is finished before i cast it wires and power packs and so on!

Dren Krelar, I will be making all 4 (plasma, vulkan, blast and inferno) then casting them to give me a choice (as im having 3 asis my mate so we need all the combos) they will be magnetised as well wooo!

Keep up the comments guys there very motivational!

Your Evil Twin

The Keeper of Secrets
29-10-2007, 15:45

Very nice, very nice indeed.

Pointers, don't get carried away and cast it before you add details.

And can we see a better picture of the head from the front pls?

Brilliant, look forward to seeing in the flesh!

Dren Krelar
29-10-2007, 20:31
Dren Krelar, I will be making all 4 (plasma, vulkan, blast and inferno) then casting them to give me a choice (as im having 3 asis my mate so we need all the combos) they will be magnetised as well wooo!

Keep up the comments guys there very motivational!

Your Evil Twin

Nice. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Your Evil Twin
29-10-2007, 22:03
Ok folks BIG update tonight!

First up an army shot of my inquisitorial forces (note nothing is finished :s terminators and land raiders with be bone white as will storm troopers)

Next is my Junior inquisitor (3rd in command after living saint and high inquisitor (converted lysander)
*the flash has totaly ruined the painstaking white blend i did grrr

And lastly a quick heavy bolter conversion for my storm troopers!

Continued in next post....

Your Evil Twin
29-10-2007, 22:03

And the Titan, coming along now...
The finished foot (now with ball joint and piston connector bits) Also the Waist section with spacer, yep thats right, another milk bottle lid :D

Then the finished head (needs green stuff and general tidying up)
*kariskin in for scale is what storm troopers will look like

And finally put all together with some makeshift guns (i call them plasma pens)!!

Continued again!....

Your Evil Twin
29-10-2007, 22:07

Thanks for looking!
Your Evil Twin

Dren Krelar
30-10-2007, 00:52
Nice job so far.

The round markers would make good turbolasers with very little modification, but the highlighters would take a lot of modification to turn into plasma blastguns.

30-10-2007, 03:43
Is your titan complety plasticard besides the resin and platic /gs bitz?

Your Evil Twin
30-10-2007, 12:36
Mostly. The whole structure is plasticard with some foamcore and random bases and milk bottle tops etc!

It still needs a lot of green stuffing along the lines where there are small gaps. Im off school today due to a serious wasp sting reaction this morning! So il have a chance to get some more work done...update tonight hopefully!

Your Evil Twin

30-10-2007, 17:58
I really like the warhound so far :D looking forward to following this to completion.
Avoid those wasps though they can be nasty. I personally am supposed to carry one of theose adrenallin pens around to stab myself with if I get stung. Due to the fact that they reckon I would only get about 30 mins to get to a hospital before i'm pushing up the daisies...


Firestorm Falcon
30-10-2007, 18:15
Nice work dude, the guns are great :D.

30-10-2007, 19:09
Great log. The Warhound is really cool, but as I'm never likely to have the time or inclination to make one (barring imminent detention at Her Majesty's Pleasure), I'm much more interested in your rebuilt modular table. Care to share some progress?


30-10-2007, 20:01
I'm sorry I ever laughed! those are nice, so very nice, I like the pen guns, AP 6 Ink blasters... 'shudder'

Your Evil Twin
30-10-2007, 20:13
lol yeah, they paint all models under the template green and brown with no armor saves allowed!

Precinctomega, iv unfortunately done no more work on the modular board tho likelihood is that il try to finish it before our first proper apocalypse game!

Il have finished pics of the finished plasma blast gun in about half an hour, iv been working on it for about 5 hours errrr but its loooking pretty cool (the bloody sloping end is a pain in the ass!)

Until later
Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
30-10-2007, 21:58
OK after almost 5 hours straight work i have almost finished the plasma blast gun! It just needs the front re done now i know how. (my trial and error method succeeded only in coting my hands in super glue) and a bit more detailing and green stuffing!

And here is a fairly terribly photo shopped image of what i should look like when its finished!

C&C welcome
Your Evil Twin

Comrade Wraith
30-10-2007, 22:03
Excellent work, like the scratchbuilds, and the highlighters are brilliant! this humbles my apocalypse efforts

30-10-2007, 22:11
very cool stuff dude, i'm plannin somet similar, so we'll see who's looks better at the end eh?


Your Evil Twin
30-10-2007, 22:18
Cheers comrade, it seems il be making a highlighter gun due to populate demand at the moment hmmmm

G.hawke, Yours will probably look far better than my humble attempts but as i will have at least 3 or 4 of these beasts im fairly sure that will trump yours any day! :D
Still give us a shout when your pics are up and we can judge!

Your Evil Twin

30-10-2007, 22:22
Cheers comrade, it seems il be making a highlighter gun due to populate demand at the moment hmmmm

G.hawke, Yours will probably look far better than my humble attempts but as i will have at least 3 or 4 of these beasts im fairly sure that will trump yours any day! :D
Still give us a shout when your pics are up and we can judge!

Your Evil Twin

i'll forgive you on the grounds i've not yet been a longterm member here. I'm building not one, but a legio, including a warlord. 3+1.

Should be... whats the word?



Your Evil Twin
30-10-2007, 22:28
Awesome good luck with that!! I struggled to make one so i will be feeling your pain every step of the way! (Il give you some casting tips of you get board on the first one :D)

Im off to bed now but tomorrow evening I hope to have the plasma blast gun finished and a WIP of the vulcan mega bolter!

Your Evil Twin

Comrade Wraith
31-10-2007, 10:08
I was under the impression that it was rude to say 'yeh yurs is okay i suppose but mine is sooooo much better' but hey, ill stay out of this. good work want to see more updates soon!

Your Evil Twin
31-10-2007, 15:06
I was under the impression that it was rude to say 'yeh yurs is okay i suppose but mine is sooooo much better' but hey, ill stay out of this. good work want to see more updates soon!

Huh? I havnt seen his as i dont think hes started yet, I said im sure his will be better but mine will be cooler because i will have more (quantity not quality in my book) he then told me he is also making 3 or 4 which viods my piont, end of.

But moving on, il be starting the vulcan mega bolter tonight and may have a crack at the turbo laser as well (i need to find somthing to use for barels, any ideas?) but as the turbo laser and inferno cannon use the same base i will make one of those and cast it then make seperate barrels! Also i need to finish and add detail to the plasma blast gun!

Keep up the comments guys!
Your Evil Twin

31-10-2007, 17:25
I was under the impression that it was rude to say 'yeh yurs is okay i suppose but mine is sooooo much better' but hey, ill stay out of this. good work want to see more updates soon!

with me concepts like rude, arrogant and loveable are pretty much none-started.

to be honest, i'm jelous of his work. 1. because its existant. 2. because it is rather cool.


mad men are fueled by ego and hate. i'm paticularly well stocked :angel:

anways keep it up, lovin the work


Your Evil Twin
31-10-2007, 21:39
Ok guys (and girls) UPDATE TIME!!

After a few more grueling hours of cutting and trimming not to mention a few cuts (conveniently glued together with glue :D) Iv got the basic work done on the vulcan maga bolter! She still needs A LOT of details and barrels etc but the base is done!


(I still havnt had any success with the end of the plasma blast gun so any suggestions welcome!)

And finally a equally badly photoshopped photo now with the vulcan mega bolter!
(you can now kind of see what this beast will look like when shes finished!)

31-10-2007, 23:00
just as well your plasticard skills are better than your photoshopping skills ;)

Really nice model... How much money do you recon you've spent on materials for it so far, just so I can look at the price of the forgeworld kit and giggle inanely to myself.

Your Evil Twin
31-10-2007, 23:27
well the plasticard came to a whapping £15 + glue, plastic tubing and faom board its probably about £20 (about a 14th of the cost) however resin and rubber for casting has come to about £80 so far. But from this i get infinite number of them so i should get my money's worth! (assuming i make 3 for instance thats a saving of £840 and a cost of about £150 hehe)

Feel free to giggle insanely if you feel its justified!

Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
01-11-2007, 21:12
6th times the charm it seems, Iv finally got an end piece for my plasma blast gun! I had to cave it out of foam core with a file but it looks ok. Needs a bit of refinement and green stuffing though! Iv also done the ammo boxes for the vulcan! Both guns obv still need a lot of detail, thats tomorrows job!



Comments and criticism please!
Your Evil Twin

01-11-2007, 21:23
for the ends of the plasma blast guns have you tried experimenting with empty deoderant tubes? The shape looks right, but I am not sure about the size.

Aside from that fantastic work!

03-11-2007, 19:50
how many working hours are in it so far?

looking good....

Your Evil Twin
03-11-2007, 20:07
how many working hours are in it so far?

looking good....

I have absolutely no idea! But a lot, iv been working on it for about 2 months. Done a lot more recently though as im getting faster with the plasticard. Still it will be worth it in the end!

I got most of the world done on the inferno cannon tonight so i may be able to get pics up later!

Also iv decided to convert my phantom titan into a huge revenant titan instead, more details soon...

Your Evil Twin

03-11-2007, 22:13
You know deep down the depression when you realise these are only scout titans :cries:

Your Evil Twin
03-11-2007, 22:27
shush, these are mighty god machines of the imperium "capable of destroying entire armies of the enemy" or something like that! and besides i feel that anything with a gun longer than your average tank is not is scout :D

Unfortunately i cant find batteries for my camera but tomorrow night i shall have pics of the inferno cannon and (if i can think of something yo use for barrels) the turbo laser. If anyone with a turbo laser armed warhound could measure the exact diameter of the barrels i would be eternally grateful!!

Thats a point, anyone who can think of something to use for the turbo laser barrels (that works) gets a prize!! (possibly a turbo laser when its finished :D) as im totally stumped, iv tried everything from pvc piping and felt tip pens to wooden spoon handles! theres just nothing the right size!

Thanks in advance
Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
04-11-2007, 21:57
Hey Folks, just a quick non-update to say that im in norfolk till next Friday so there will be no updates till then.

Also iv finished the inferno cannon but my camera broken (new one in the post)!

Please all keep pondering my turbo laser trouble and remember a prize for the best idea!!

Your Evil Twin

05-11-2007, 16:30
For the turbo laser barrels, I'd get hold of some tubing that has an acceptable inner diameter, then build up the outer diameter using layers of thin plasticard.

I'm starting work on my own Warhound, I expect to set up a project log in the near future. Thanks for sharing your work, having you blaze the trail will make it easier for me! :)

05-11-2007, 21:28
@Evil Twin -

Good work so far, ill be lurkin about the thread for a while and really enjoy your progress. I like the ball joint for the feet a lot more then the one i did in my templates. However at the time it seamed much easier to make the design the way i did. I also like the changes you made to the feet and your resin casting looks really good.

As far as the plasma blastgun in the end i ended up not making the "nozzle" (end) out of folded plasticard. I had some 3/4" PVC that i cut long ways twice.

So i had 4x 2" lengths of a "Quarter Pipe" Shape. I then just separated them with a trapezoidal piece of plasticard horizonataly, and a triangular peice verticaly. I then just caped the end with plasticard and some tubing.

This picture is pretty dark but its the best i had.
Note i did something similar on the "plasma area"
The white is the PVC pipes and the red is the plasticard.


As far as turbolaser barrels i never actualy made some.
you can get about any size of pipe in PVC or plasticard tubing.
If that doesnt work alot of hoby shops sell small dia. brass tubing which comes in some decent sizes.

ALso if you have access to them, there are some tubes/smokestacks/whatever in the cities of death boxes that make great gun barrels.

Feel free to PM/IM me if you have any questions you feel i can help with.

Your Evil Twin
09-11-2007, 16:06
Ok im back from Norfolk, the last day was pretty interesting as the sea front of our town was basically destroyed by a tidal surge (luckily few building were damaged tho!) Other than that it was a bit dull tho (measuring sand dunes is not as fun as one would imagine)

As for the war hound iv made some progress but still no pics, the resin also hasn't arrived in my absence which is abit anoying.

Visgoth...good luck mate there tricky but very rewarding especially towards the end, il try to give you the best help i can though mine was mainly trial and error so it may not be all that good :D

Cheers Lackof, The only reason im able to put so much time into bits like the feet and guns is because i know il be casting it so for each thing i make i get like 10! Its very motivating (i only had to make 1 toe for example unlike your 8)

Thanks for the help tho, I will ask in my local hobby shop whether they can order in the right rod, i assume i want the diameter as shown on the templates? Also i think i will stick with the plasma blast gun end iv got now as its definitely warming on me!

Thanks again for all the support guys and I know i promised titans tanks terrain and more so hopefully my next update will also include some terrain iv been working on and some of my inquisition and elder!

Your Evil Twin
11-11-2007, 21:03
Ok update time!

I now have a fully working camera and somewhere to take photos so here is some random updates!

First the inferno cannon, still needs detailing but like the other two the base is there!

Here is some terrain i made for our apocalypse board, they look abit crap on carpet and they are only plumbing stuff sprayed gold and red etc but they look ok...
Im hoping they will look better when the whole board is finished!

And here is some stuff from my inquisition army, stormtroopers and new grey knights

Continued in next post...

Your Evil Twin
11-11-2007, 21:04

(oh and lysander who im converting into an inquisitor!)

over the next few weeks i hope to have all 15 grey knights plus there supporting power armoured units and three land raiders assembled, converted abit and painted bleached bone (at least then they will match :D)

Keep up the comments everyone!
Cheers. Your Evil Twin

11-11-2007, 22:34
Wow awesome work so far!

Your Evil Twin
14-11-2007, 19:45
Cheers mate!

Iv have now (almost) finished work on the vulcan mega bolter with only minor detailing and gap filling now needed.


Also my forge world avatar arrived this morning, its utterly fantastic as are all forge world models (£45 though) the plan is to have a squad of each of the 6 aspects (2 of dire avengers) each with a pheanix lord + the avatar and 3 falcons to create an Eldar aspect army! Should be cool...

And lastly the 6 pheanix that arrived a few days ago, each will eventually have a nice scenic base and a good paint job (asurman was speed painted along with the rest of my dire avengers and i will probably re-paint the blue)

Thanks for looking, il shal post another big update and maybe a short tutorial when the rubber arrives and i can get casting! Unfortunately I have until next Wednesday to write my house play (a 20 min version of the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy) so I wont be able to get much done on my various projects! (any suggestions for that would also be most welcome!)

Your Evil Twin

Firestorm Falcon
14-11-2007, 20:04
I thought this log was awesome before but the avatar just tops it all off excellent work I am watching carefully

14-11-2007, 22:04
your titan is so much better than mine, (i must update my titan log), although admittedly, i didnt pay a penny for my cheapo cereal box ''rough and ready'' beastie

keep it up

14-11-2007, 22:25
Titan should look realy good when finished!

Stupid question #1 from someone who has not done any plasticard work, would it be posible to make the housing for the megabolter and magazine by foldering plasticard instead of cut and glue? score the fold lines on the inside? Can you get a 90 degree bend or does it snap?

Just wondering.

Bugbait out.

Your Evil Twin
15-11-2007, 14:31
Well unfortunately blood_red_sandman if you make a titan out of serial box card it will usually look like a titan made from serial box card :D however it does seem to have taken you about 1/100 of the time of mine so kudos there!

Bugbait_nz... I don't really no about folding plasti card, the best advice a can give you is that it isn't very good for rapping round stuff and it does snap if you bend it to much. But i don't see why the thinest kind shouldnt bend so long as you have a solid something for it to attach to (although you may want 3 supports inside rather than just one at each end so it doesnt go a funny shape in the middle) Other than that all I can say is try it and see!

Your Evil Twin

15-11-2007, 15:45
Well unfortunately blood_red_sandman if you make a titan out of serial box card it will usually look like a titan made from serial box card :D however it does seem to have taken you about 1/100 of the time of mine so kudos there!

Bugbait_nz... I don't really no about folding plasti card, the best advice a can give you is that it isn't very good for rapping round stuff and it does snap if you bend it to much. But i don't see why the thinest kind shouldnt bend so long as you have a solid something for it to attach to (although you may want 3 supports inside rather than just one at each end so it doesnt go a funny shape in the middle) Other than that all I can say is try it and see!

Your Evil Twin

24 hours exactly :D

if you want to bend plasticard try using a heat gun

Your Evil Twin
15-11-2007, 16:16
24 hours exactly :D

if you want to bend plasticard try using a heat gun

Ah good idea, and if you dont have a heat gun boiling water might do the trick!

Your Evil Twin

15-11-2007, 16:28
Man, that Warhound looks awesome!! Keep it up, can't wait to see it finished.

Inquisitor Konig
15-11-2007, 19:32
Does your Titan have a name?

Your Evil Twin
15-11-2007, 19:58
Does your Titan have a name?

Well this one is called "masterinius moldarus" which is of course Latin for master mold!

But when I have 3 they will be called something like emperors wrath, vengeance and retribution or something, any better suggestions welcome as I havnt really thought about it yet!

I hope to have some more pics tonight of the finished guns and the casting kit is definitely here tomorrow and i have the whole afternoon off to work on it so it should be ready for casting by Sunday night if all goes well (although i did say that a few weeks ago :angel:)

Stay tuned and thanks for all the support!
Your Evil twin

Your Evil Twin
15-11-2007, 21:31
Ok Quick update!

Here are some pics of the finished vulcan mega bolter and nearly finished plasma blast gun (notice barels) mounted on the slightly updated main torso!

And one with an inquisitor for scale...

C&C welcome!
Your Evil Twin

The Keeper of Secrets
15-11-2007, 21:45
Very Nice....


Seriously though, I like the Vulcanmegaboltergunorwhateverit'scalledamething.
The way you've done the barrels looks better that the FW version.

Your Evil Twin
19-11-2007, 20:03
Ok I know I havnt updated for a while but iv been very busy with work and have been waiting for the rubber to arrive and then set etc etc

But enough excuses here are some pics of my progress! I have successfully cast the waist and upper leg sections of the titan as well as the feet (no pics of that yet) and the inferno cannon (and mega melter, same stats as a turbo laser which saves me some work :D)

(the small air bubble you see in the inside right leg has been corrected (see other leg) and i have made the whole thing abit thinner)

The rest of the rubber will be arriving on Wednesday hopefully but as no one will be in it might have to be Friday and so the next update should be a totally finished, detailed and primed cast warhound!! WOOO finally!

Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
22-11-2007, 16:46

Just thanks...

I have no idea how much this beast is going to weigh nor how much resin it will use! Although i will be putting polystyrene blocks into the main hull to cut down the weight, not entirely sure how to do this yet but im sure it will work!

Your Evil Twin

The Keeper of Secrets
22-11-2007, 16:57
Has the rubber arrived yet?

Looking good.

Your Evil Twin
22-11-2007, 19:59

Seriously I did, Iv been doing some major re-posing today!
heres a pics of the phantoms new bent knee (obv needs ALOT of work this is just a mock up)


And here is a WIP pic of the avatar, he will be holding his spear behind him as though hes just swung it!

...yet more Eldar, bought some swooping hawks and assembled and based them today...

Continued in next post...

Your Evil Twin
22-11-2007, 19:59
Also had some time to base my rangers (not painted yet) along with their new friend the limited ed kneeling one!

Also managed to get some more time to cast so heres a pic of a totally cast foot, waist and upper thy (again) with berserker's in for scale...

Unfortunately the rubber didn't come today (grrr mumbles obscenities about parcel force) but im going to collect it tomorrow so I should have all the cast finished by Sunday night and a finished titan sometine early next week!

Your Evil Twin

22-11-2007, 20:27
Looking good.

It must have taken balls to cut that Phantom. I would have had to stop shaking first before I could even pick up the saw...

Are you going to have any posability in the feet or are they both going to be flat like that one there?

Your Evil Twin
22-11-2007, 21:23
Looking good.

It must have taken balls to cut that Phantom. I would have had to stop shaking first before I could even pick up the saw...

Are you going to have any posability in the feet or are they both going to be flat like that one there?

Well, how often in your life do you get to hack apart a £250 model?? Also, this simple equation explains why I did it...
Model bigger than warhound + cast that makes cheap warhounds = ruined warhound being stood on! its simple maths really

As for the foot...hope this helps!


Oh and while im here. A sneak preview of my terminator inquisitor...his HUGE axe!! Im using a converted capt Lysander...
(cookies if you can tell me where its from, not you keeper I know you know)

Your Evil Twin

22-11-2007, 21:29
Its lego...

Nice work casting the foot too.

Your Evil Twin
26-11-2007, 20:13
Its lego...

Nice work casting the foot too.

Cookies go to great destroyer...moral cookies as I don't think real cookies would survive the post...

Any way....its UPDATE TIME...

I have now finished the legs and have assembled a pair!

(the waist isnt glued in yet as i havnt done the base so you will have to imagine it in the next few pics!)



And one with some models in for scale...

Comments and criticism please...

Your Evil Twin

26-11-2007, 20:30
That's a nice titan you've got there. Excelent work.

How tall is it going to be when finished? From what you've gotten done, it looks like it'll be around 17" or 18".

BTW, I like the Terminators axe.

Your Evil Twin
26-11-2007, 21:17

Not sure about hight, it should be about 10" like the forge world one or maybe a bit higher, I think its just the camera angle that makes it look bigger!

Your Evil twin

26-11-2007, 21:23
nice work on you titan keep it up

29-11-2007, 12:55
looking great

Firestorm Falcon
29-11-2007, 14:41
The titan is looking really great the squad will be a very impressive sight.

Keep at it.

Your Evil Twin
30-11-2007, 17:02
Thanks everyone!

Im very p*ssed off as I have once again ran out of rubber!! And so while this should have been finished by tomorrow night it will now have to wait as long as next weekend as I couldn't cast the head! grrr...

But on the up side iv had time to work on my other junior inquisitor and his command squad, il post pics when their done!

Your Evil Twin

30-11-2007, 17:18
what you need to do is buy it off ebay, there is a guy in Texas (where I get mine) that sells it buy the 5 gallon pails!!! shorly you would not run out then.

Your Evil Twin
30-11-2007, 22:22
what you need to do is buy it off ebay, there is a guy in Texas (where I get mine) that sells it buy the 5 gallon pails!!! shorly you would not run out then.

You would be surprised, I have so far got through 8kg of rubber (£150) over 3 separate orders! Its getting very annoying...but oh well

Anyway here is an update of what I have been able to do...


And a scale pic...its already about 11" tall..er..thats taller than the fw one already...hmmm)

And iv also been working in the Grey Knights, here is the WIP high inquisitor and the 2 squad leaders...
(better pics when their painted)


Your Evil Twin
30-11-2007, 22:23

Iv also been doing some somewhat random work on another junior inquisitor and command squad to use up some random bits i found...not sure what the base models are but he look a bit like Achillies so im happy :D


Thanks for looking!
Your Evil Twin

Anvils Hammer
01-12-2007, 11:34
looking very nice... cant wait to get my hands on one of those titans!! hurry up!!

Your Evil Twin
01-12-2007, 13:13
looking very nice... cant wait to get my hands on one of those titans!! hurry up!!

Cant, sorry mate, warseer dont like me breaching IP so im not selling them!..having said that im not sure that covers Christmas presents for family members...Mod??

Quick update, iv been to tiranti today and bought some rubber + some hardener so the model should be finished and game tested by this evening, having said that im not sure how good the head and torso molds are as there were some complications, I shall know soon enough though, eta...3 hours!

Thanks for all the support everyone!
Your Evil Twin

01-12-2007, 13:41
Oh and while im here. A sneak preview of my terminator inquisitor...his HUGE axe!! Im using a converted capt Lysander...
(cookies if you can tell me where its from, not you keeper I know you know)

Your Evil Twin

From the Motherland :) It's a Khadorian Man Of War axe.

Your Evil Twin
02-12-2007, 22:05





Unfortunately iv ran out of resin so the guns and head are the originals...I have the casts done now! There was some minor damage to them during casting so ignore that! It also needs the "hood" piece...but I don't care its finished!!

Il put up better shots tomorrow when its finished and undercoated!
Now all I have to do is detail it, paint it then...finish 2 more!

Your Evil Twin

02-12-2007, 22:43
cool now to see the painted version (which should be awesome)

02-12-2007, 23:27
It looks great man! really good looking, the best I've seen so far.

03-12-2007, 02:14
looking VERY nice

just wondering though......are you planning on casting the leg armour plates,or leaving them to plasticard?and are you making the upper leg armour?

03-12-2007, 03:08
I like those Grey Knights alot.

03-12-2007, 03:57
Damn I want to see that titan painted!!!


Your Evil Twin
03-12-2007, 23:08
Cheers everyone, very motivating!

I have now added some purity seels to the shin armor and undercoated the model!!


And heres a battle shot on the city fight board (more shots of that when its finished)

and one with scale models in...

It stands 12" high and is now officially finished *begins world longest sigh...

...still sighing....aahhhhh

Thanks for all the support folks! Now for some more work else where, I still have the avatar to do and the phantom as well as 2 more warhounds, a storm blade (using the plasma blast gun and a Baneblade) and the entire imperial and eldar army!!

Your Evil Twin

Anvils Hammer
04-12-2007, 17:06
very nice!!! now detail and paint it dammit!! cant wait to see it in the flesh, it looks absolutly huge!!!!
When you first told me you were planning this.. id didnt beleive you could/would actually do it, so im doubly immpressed!!

your still a padawan though.... :)

Inquisitor Konig
04-12-2007, 17:23
I dont know what a "padawan" is but that thing is supper cool!

Is it traitor or loyal...?

Your Evil Twin
04-12-2007, 19:31
I dont know what a "padawan" is but that thing is supper cool!

Is it traitor or loyal...?

lol, a "padawan" is what Jedi masters call their students, Its a brotherly joke, Anvil like to think of himself as my master when really...

As im sure you can tell, having gone over to the dark side...(adopt Darth Vador vioce) "NOW I AM THE MASTER!"

But thank for the kind words Anvil, although they sound more like shock and surprise than a compliment :D

Konig, im doing 3 loyal "inquisitorial" titans and one Khorne titan (with a big ass axe, who needs guns!!)

Your Evil Twin

Inquisitor Konig
04-12-2007, 23:47
3 Inquisitorial Ones and only One Khorne one? Seems a little lopsided to me... heh heh.

When are you gonna get a chance to take that bad boy for a spin?

Your Evil Twin
05-12-2007, 10:03
3 Inquisitorial Ones and only One Khorne one? Seems a little lopsided to me... heh heh.

When are you gonna get a chance to take that bad boy for a spin?

Already have, lost its plasma blast gun early on because I forgot about viod shields but the vulcan mega killed 3 squads of marines and nocked some guns off a baneblade

Im currently working on the white, pics asap, its going to be white, red and back with inq symbols in places!

Your Evil Twin

05-12-2007, 23:56
I'm working on my Phantom as well, and I hope yours goes better than mine, though I didn't cut mine up for posing, the past 3.5 days has been spent filling the hundreds of pinholes and priming.

Your Evil Twin
06-12-2007, 09:47
Good luck with your project gruubii, mine wasnt cut up for postage, im re-posing it so it can have its leg on a warhound!

Your Evil Twin

06-12-2007, 14:17
Fantastic work Evil twin, just enjoyed browsing through the entire post. I feel such a philistine only working in old fashioned cardboard :o !

Hey regarding the armorcast titans I think we have a bit of a 'standing on stuff' theme going here!


06-12-2007, 16:36
nice, very, actually one of the best looking AC reavers I have seen, and I dig the Warhound, being sans income, I can't get my own, and even when I had one the FW is just monetary murder. Mmmm Twinlinked TurboLaser and Vulcan Megabolter..., yeah er.. good times.

06-12-2007, 19:37
The warhounds are made from card Gruubii, cheap as chips, cost around £25 in materials to build both and put them together in a couple of weekends, I agree with you though, the FW stuff is nice but sooooooooooooooo expensive!

Anyhow, back to the subject once again great work evil twin, nice to see a different approach to scratch building ;)

Your Evil Twin
06-12-2007, 20:25
Bulldog, that Reaver is fantastic...and now people browsing my thread will think its mine hehe...I mean..er.. it is! ahem..Great work though, Im really trying to get my hands on one of those AC Reavers, not that I dont have enough on my hands but to have one of those leading my titan squad would be awesome!

Ahhh and your the guy who made those utterly ridiculously cool thunderbolts, warhounds and warlords...inspiring stuff my friend! Your warhounds barely look scratch built, I should have cast one of them!

And Gruubii, hes right, £25 and a few weekends and your done! it rocks!!

Iv been green stuffing my avatar and starting the bone white on my inquisitorial space marines tonight. pics when I finished something important..

Your Evil twin

07-12-2007, 16:13
Look forward to seeing them Evil twin!

hehe, guess it looks like you just adopted the reaver then evil, two walks a day and 5 square meals, he's house house trained and everything!

Ebay is full of reaver madness at the moment, its worth running 'armorcast' through the search engine every week, be surprised what it drags up!

07-12-2007, 16:19
I'm not pointing any fingers, but with as much Armorcast stuff as I'm seeing on eBay over the past few years...

I'm thinking there are some recasters out there making a good second income.

Your Evil Twin
07-12-2007, 16:52
lol excellent, a house trained titan, just what iv always wanted!
-BUT REMEMBER a titan is for life not just for Christmas!! :D

Your probably right Visgoth, im not even sure if mine is an original as it didn't have the proper box and I have nothing to compare it to! I cant see anything wrong with it though, its not like GW make anything similar!

Your Evil Twin

I <3 W
07-12-2007, 17:22
I think that titan needs more detail and you need to do some work onn the plasma blastgun. VERY nice thouigh.

07-12-2007, 17:44
That's pretty tiz-ight!

Your Evil Twin
10-12-2007, 22:44
OK. Small update folks (no pictures)

First of all I have managed to trade my Eldar Phantom Titan which was just WAY to big for my Eldar army for a Reaver titan for my inquisition (although im now considering a separate allied titan legion)

This means my imperial apoc army now includes:

Inquisitor in terminator armour
2 junior inquisitors in the guard
20 terminators (5 normal)
22 marines (10 grey nights 5 with jump packs)
3 dreadnoughts (one forge world)
3 drop pods for the dreads, miniature scenery ones
3 land raiders for the termies
a predator
5 bikes
30 Kariskin
60 steal legion (3 heavy weapon squads)
2 leman russes
a basilisk
2 warhounds
and a reaver

and you will be glad to here that so far I have finished... 20 STEAL LEGION!! Come on!!

But I have also done the first coat for the bone white on much of the marine stuff and some of the kariskin...ahem...please help me get motivated im starting Orks in January *sits looking at army considering eBay...NOOOO

Eldar are also coming oin nicly, they all have nice scenic bases now, shame nothing is painted *starts crying again

But I must be positive, its not like I have exams or anything to distract me...ahem :s

Your Evil twin

13-12-2007, 15:41
its pretty easy to tell if they are orginal Armorcast or not, what color is the resin. Cause the resin they used should be pretty yellow by now. If its all bright white its recast. Even still I do want a warlock head, psi-lance and powerfist for my phantom. Who knows perhaps the recasts have less pinholes.

Your Evil Twin
13-12-2007, 17:46
Oh, thats good, the phantom I have recently shipped off was very yellow! Lets hope the Reaver is to...not that I care, im converting it into a forge world design Reaver by scratch building new upper legs and putting the shoulder armour on top of the shoulders not on silly sticks! Any thoughts on other things I can do?

Your Evil Twin

The Keeper of Secrets
13-12-2007, 19:54
Oh, thats good, the phantom I have recently shipped off was very yellow! Lets hope the Reaver is to...not that I care, im converting it into a forge world design Reaver by scratch building new upper legs and putting the shoulder armour on top of the shoulders not on silly sticks! Any thoughts on other things I can do?

Your Evil Twin

Dude, you gotta redsign the eyes. The FW ones look FABULOUS!

Your Evil Twin
02-01-2008, 16:58

Thats right, I know its been a while since I updated but with Christmas and looming exams iv had little time for warhammer let alone updating my thread, so sorry to anyone following the project!

But in my weeks in exile I have managed to assemble the avatar, a little differently than forge world and iv finished another pair of titan legs (minus wait armor)



Iv also painted almost all the terminators and marines dark flesh ready for the white dry brushing and iv assembled a few extra GK goodies (pics when their finished)

Thanks for looking
Your Evil Twin

02-01-2008, 17:45
Nice titan you have there!

post 800, woot.

Hasan ibn Sabbah
02-01-2008, 18:27
One question. Where I can find armorcast's titans?

02-01-2008, 18:44

heres the darn 10 chars.

Your Evil Twin
02-01-2008, 18:47
heres the darn 10 chars.

Yeah eBay is the place to go, although they tend to fetch a lot! Might be best looking around the various forums or bartertown for one first!

Your Evil Twin

02-01-2008, 19:17
My god! I thought you where DEAD!

hmm orks? check on my siginature, the spearhead is £85!!!

I tried learning my lines, its a WIP job, I sware! Besides, the film appeared on T.V a while ago, so thats like revising, right?

Nice to see the work, haven't seen you around the shop... we need to discuss things, like the Play....

02-01-2008, 20:29
This is all very swish, the avatar and titan look kick ass

Your Evil Twin
05-01-2008, 11:01
Thank you Luthien.

Ok folks, just started painting the avatar with is a pain in the ass tbh! Apart from all the fiddly details you also have to highlight BACKWARDS to get the inner glow effect. So please tell me if my current plan will work and or make suggests! Im trying to get this effect...
http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/avatar.htm (top one)

I have used watered down scab red run into all the crevasses and cracks etc i will add successive thinner lighter shades of red then orange to the whole model (but only in the gaps) the start working in yellows and white into the very deepest/ nearest to hist chest cracks, then add some residual glow highlights and do the detail...will this work?

Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
16-01-2008, 16:54
Hey folks

As know one answered my question I used trial and error, not finished yet but its looking ok so far! (reserving pics until completion for dramatic effect :D)

But I have a new question! my whole army is currently based on miniature scenery "ruined temple bases" I think, anyway there very Eldar'y and cool but im considering painting them grey to match our city fight table rather than an Eldar bone color...So, display temple style or grey city fight, your thoughts...?

Your Evil twin

The Keeper of Secrets
16-01-2008, 17:30
Oh, display temple, it has to be. You could pull that off well.

Lets see some pics of Mr Spear...

17-01-2008, 22:56
i just finished my FW avatar. the reverse layering was pretty interesting. im interesting in seeing what your doing to the reaver though...

Your Evil Twin
19-01-2008, 19:39
i just finished my FW avatar. the reverse layering was pretty interesting. im interesting in seeing what your doing to the reaver though...

Well essentially iv cut the whole thing the pieces with the intention of adding spacers but my local store is out for foam core so its still in pieces! Hopefully when its finished it will be a few inches taller than my warhounds and act as a "lead" titan!

I picked up some Dark reapers on the way home today and iv done the ed on the howling banshees. Iv also finished the sand bags on the heavy bolter teams!

Pics up some time tomorrow when i get a chance!

Your Evil Twin

20-01-2008, 03:46
That scratch built titan is the best I have seen of like ...anything 40k. It like embodies the word awsome.


Well done, seriously -speechless... -looks amazing...

...But now you're making another one?!?!

Good luck!


Brother-Captain De Angele
22-01-2008, 22:32
omfg i love your phantom titan

Your Evil Twin
23-01-2008, 15:00
omfg i love your phantom titan

Tragically I traded it away for a Reaver which im currently cutting up to make it more to my liking (no pics yet as its in pieces)
But I am shortly getting a FW revenaught which should be equally cool when painted all Bial Tan!

Any advice on painting Bial Tan falcons would now be appreciated as doing them as a batch fairly soon! (the Eldar are coming along slowly with the dire avengers, banshees and one fire dragon now 3 colors, 3 shades)

Your Evil Twin

23-01-2008, 17:57
that titan is amazing, and resin casting too, why that's sheer genius (but please don't get big headed ;) )
i like the karskin colour scheme aswell

Good Job

Your Evil Twin
25-01-2008, 21:15
Cheers mate!

OK folks, its UPDATE TIME!! *party poppers and general hurah's all round!

Iv been fairly busy as iv just finished exams and have lots of time on my hand now, although due to a new project starting next week, and he fact im now officially board of Eldar im speed painting these guys so I can finished the army, its 2 colors based all round!!

OK, first some of the Eldar Aspects iv been working on....
The banshees also have a Banshee bases Autarch (far right)

And one of the falcons....im giving up the aspect specific falcons in favor of 3 green ones (so I can batch paint them)
Heres the first...the flash really brings out the shoddy highlighting :D

Iv also got some dark reapers ready for painting and, coming in the post next week....A REVENAUGHT TITAN!!! The plan is to paint the Rev. the Falcons and the Rangers in a Biel -Tan Scheme + all the aspects will make it more in tune with the fluff, an elite Bial-tan strike force....the rangers infiltrate, locate the enemy and call in the aspects in falcons, they call in the Rev. if they need fire support and the DA's come in to mop up the survivors! Or at least thats the idea, it usually all goes to the dogs after turn one!

See next post for the Imperial update!

Your Evil Twin
25-01-2008, 21:19
Ok, the imperials have also seen some progress, on the modeling front iv sand bagged the heavy bolters....

And, after trading off the first warhound for the Revenaught iv built a new one! (still needs some detailing work and ...oh yeah, painting!)


Iv also started work on beefing up the reaver!

Eventually that extra bit of card will have an imperial eagle on and some rivets, I prefer the techno look for titans not the smooth sleekness of the armourcast ones!

Unfortunately most of the work iv done on the imperial force is painting High Inquisitor *no name yet's strike fores, but as there on their second highlight over dark flesh (going for bone) they all look pink and girly so no pics yet!!

Anyway, thats all for now, next update when iv done some more work!
Your Evil twin

Firestorm Falcon
26-01-2008, 07:54
The fire dragon looks really nice and it must be great to be able to mass produce titans :).

It looks like the reaver's going to get a fair bit taller. :D

The Keeper of Secrets
26-01-2008, 19:03
Two things:

1. You've dropped THE BEST IDEA YOU EVER HAD FOR YOUR ELDAR!!!!!! Do 3 specific falcons, or there will be pain.

2. You've used the inferno cannon on your titan. Does that mean that you're not casting that part? Only having 1 in you're titan legion seems a bit stupid, considering you only have two other guns.

Apart from the first point, really good, the fire dragon looks brilliant!

Your Evil Twin
27-01-2008, 16:41
No mate, iv already made the cast of it im just using the master cause im lazy and couldn't be bothered to cast one :D

Thanks for the kind works Firestorm!
Your Evil Twin

Colonel Stagler
27-01-2008, 19:55
If you prefer the techno look of the lucius pattern titans instead of the sleeker mars pattern ones, why dont you have a go at updating the armourcast reaver into a lucius pattern instead of a mars ,one youd just have to remake the armour to be square, you can keep the head and the framework of the original titan.
Just a suggestion!
Stagler out

29-01-2008, 17:39
Whoa the Titan is cool.
I keep in for the Reaver Titan!

Your Evil Twin
01-02-2008, 22:32
40k titan fan: I think you will like whats below....
First up, my new Revenaught (striped of paint and release fluid ready for assembly!)

And now, a sneak peak of the reaver...to give you an impression of its size!
This pic shows its original upper leg and a WIP of my new upper leg!
It still needs more pistons, wires details etc!

Oh and last and definitly least...3 some more WIP fire dragons!

Your Evil Twin

01-02-2008, 23:27
very good stuff here!
I love your Avatar..
you have no idea how annoyed I was when they released that, having bought the sword wielding version when that came out.. to then see one throwing a spear when I was watching 300 weekly was a major annoyance!
I agree that your plasma blastgun needs a bit more detail, but it's otherwise looking fantastic!

The Keeper of Secrets
02-02-2008, 08:16
Very nice, cant wait to see the Revenaut!

03-02-2008, 13:34
I just read through this whole thread and I am impressed with your skills in scratch building models! I can't wait for your next post!

Firestorm Falcon
04-02-2008, 16:26
I should be getting a revanant myself So I'll be interested to see this develop.

Your Evil Twin
04-02-2008, 17:06
Thanks guys!

Sorry for the general lack of updates iv been fairly busy recently (when a man has no time to assemble a Rev. he is truly busy!)

Anyway, hope to get more up soon!
Your Evil Twin

01-04-2008, 01:18
we need an update! :D

10-04-2008, 15:25
really nice work cant wait to see more of the rev

10-04-2008, 21:41
great stuff here, subscribed

KlutzyKultist of Kaoz
11-04-2008, 05:44
im sending a PM with some questions and im subscribed.

11-04-2008, 09:06
This is really nice, love the work you've done. One question - the parts you cast - are they solid? Doesn't that cost a bit much? Could you not make them with polystyrene spacers inside to cut down on the amount of resin used? Sorry if this has already been asked

18-04-2008, 15:44
Nice. Looking forward to seeing that warhound fully painted.

18-04-2008, 18:07
uh I think he uses the balloons, isn't that right? you where talking to dan about that.

oh well done on your China thingie.

10-06-2008, 06:19
Truly excelent titan! if i was that skilled with plasticard id be well on my way to some kind of railgun totting tau titan :)

Your Evil Twin
10-06-2008, 06:57
Wow, havnt posted on here in a while but, since its been brought to the top :D

I use polystyrene blocks held up by cocktail sticks in the molds to reduce resin usage. But its not to save money really more weight, my earlier models didnt balance as the top half was to heavy!

And since im here how about an update, try to motivate myself back into the hobby!
Reaver titan!....

Converted based on the new forge world model!

Your Evil Twin

10-06-2008, 11:12
that looks an awful lot like one on Ebay....
http://cgi.ebay.com/HUGE-40k-scale-Converted-Armourcast-Reaver-Titan_W0QQitemZ110260086081QQihZ001QQcategoryZ4412 4QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotoho sting

Did they steal your pics?

Love the Warhound....any updates?=)

Your Evil Twin
10-06-2008, 11:51
No, I am in fact selling the beast lol! Do bid for it id love for her to go to a good home rather than some spiolt 8 year old!

And no, no updates on the warhound, though one will be on ebay soonish. Im selling off my apocalypse army to help pay for my gap year atm! :(


10-06-2008, 12:28
Very nice thread; lots of updates and very good, quality work here. Nice job:)


Your Evil Twin
22-11-2008, 23:59
Havnt posted in here for ages since this project sort of died but what the heck, here is some progress iv made on an Ork Looted Warhound im building for eBay!


Any thoughts?

ard boy stu
24-01-2009, 10:58
That looks Awsome. As dose evreything in this log

24-03-2009, 12:04
man i wanted a titan lol

24-03-2009, 13:49
hey mate i like what you have done with the titan its so cool i really wont to make one for my templars but i dont have a clue realy were to start but yours is impressive i like it keep it up.

05-04-2009, 13:32
I'm stunned you cut apart your reaver, I wouldnt have had the balls to do that.

Out of interest how much did it go for on ebay? The link is too old to work now.

Whatever happened with the Phantom?