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01-09-2007, 13:32
Ahriman the vampire lord has retired. The highly rated star player was featured in issues of highlander and got high on the spp charts. When he received a niggle

His replacement "2SideD DiE" has probably been called in to replace the niggled Lord before feared changes to the Strigoyan roster where str may be reduced to 4. The Vampire Lord has a big advantage over the other large counterparts as he is not a "big guy".

01-09-2007, 16:27
Also in the news, Warseer Warzone North star werewolf Kasparov has announced he is on the verge of retirement. After a fantastic display in an off-season game against the Dark Seers of Truth II, he picked up another slight injury. In isolation an injury isn't so bad, but the sheer number of them now is slowing him down.

As one of the best defensive players in the league, Kasparov is looking for a big send-off game against any other league team. He just hopes he'll be able to fight off the pain.