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02-09-2007, 06:47
The Paravon Pegasi ( have played their third match in the local League. After starting the season 0-2, (shut out both games, superquick recap at bottom) they managed to put some points on the board, and a win in the books.

Final score was 3-1, over the Ardnoks Miners (dwarfs). Fantastic performances were put in by both of my team's Runners. #11 ran in for two TDs, and #12 for the last. I really do need to name these guys. #10, my runner's squire managed to make two more completions today, thanks in part to his previously acquired Accurate skill. This brings his SPPs up to 9. MVP went to #16, the big blitzer. Now if only he can manage to break some armor and get a casualty.

First score was easy, the dwarf backfield was left completely open, ball sitting in the middle of the pitch, #11 made a mad dash for it, and brought it in on turn 2. After that, the Dwarf Coach decided it might be wise to actually try to pick up the ball. That made things a little more difficult, but nothing that I couldn't handle. I would make a similar mistake later in the game, leaving my backfield fairly open, and his thrower unattended, which allowed the dwarfs to score. Though I at least made him throw some blocks at the end for it.

The second score was a mad dash down the sidelines, with a token effort by an errant Slayer. The third, well... would have been easy had my Runner not tripped over his own feet whilst going for it. That did, at least, let me spread the love around as far as scoring was concerned.

Thanks to his 2 TDs, one of which came from blitzing through a Dwarf Slayer, #11 picked up his first new skill. Rolling a whopping Snake Eyes, he picked up Dodge for the double, which brings him up to a value of 130K... I think I may have to stop using him as a secondary blitzer. He's now a force to be reckoned with though, with Block, Dodge, and Catch. I think he'll probably be worth every penny... or shilling... or whatever we pay them in.

On the down side, another one of my linemen got seriously injured, shattering his hip, turning him into a shambling mess (-1MA). This happened in the first couple turns, leaving me down a man for the rest of the match. Since he's out for the next game anyway, I've got a little time to think more about whether or not I need to Retire him. I'm thinking I'll keep him around though, as a reminder to the rest of the Peasants of what happens when you don't do your job right. Thoughts?

Superquick recap-
Game 1: TerrorSqueek! (Skaven, had played at least 4 games this season at this point) Lost 5-0. MVP went to a Lineman, another lineman received Shattered Collarbone (-1ST). He was immediately Retired. #10 Earned his first couple completions, and a Casualty.

Game 2: Da Green Machine (Orcs, had played at least 4 games as well) Lost 1-0. Journeyman was killed by a troll on the first roll of the game, leaving me down a man for the rest of the match. MVP went to a Blitzer's Squire. #10 made a couple more completions, leading to his first skill roll.

03-09-2007, 11:56
Watch that white line at the end of the pitch, very easy to trip over that...

05-09-2007, 08:04
dont retire the lineman, just put him on the LoS all the time, and let him keep ur opponent's big guys and/or blitzers in TZs... providing they are blocking the punchbag, they cant hurt the players who are important to ur team...

and dont use the apothecary on him when he dies... of course, the match he dies he will also win the MVP award :)

05-09-2007, 08:55
Well, I'm only running an 11 man roster for the time being. And with my Linemen already having Loner, there's no negative to simply replacing any that get wrecked up with Journeymen, and only buying them if they pick up SPPs.

And, after thinking about it... I decided to go ahead and retire him after the match I had today. Sure, it's lame... and I'm the only team in the League that can do that without it affecting how I play... but for now, I'll take what I can get. I'm still down games to all the original league players, and I've seemed to have fairly decent luck, even playing with only 10 men on the Pitch.

Speaking of the Match today, I played the Marienburg Angry Dolphins (humans) and gave them a sound thrashing. Final score ended up 4-1 in my favor. Today I split the scoring duties evenly between Rogier leRapide (#11) and #12 (still un-named). I also managed to end up putting 3.5 casualties down, to the Dolphin's 1. I knocked 2 out for the game, 1 took a -1AV and misses next game... and the .5 well... his S1 Catcher failed a Dodge roll and managed to kill himself. His apothecary didn't do him much good, the re-roll came up dead too. I guess the dice liked me today. All he managed to do was get one of my Journeymen to miss the next game. I guess I gotta pull another peasant from the fields.

You know who scored the casualty rolls? Both of my runners, and a squire. My Blitzers... they just can't seem to bust anyone's armor, though they are pretty good at putting guys to the turf. To add insult to injury I rolled another freaking Lineman for MVP... at least it wasn't one of my Journeymen.

Thanks to my wealth of SPPs that game (that's 25, including the MVP) I managed to advance a couple more guys down the skill path. No doubles this time though, which is a shame. I'd rather my runners have Normal access to Agility skills than Strength, as it would keep me from being so tempted to use them as assistant Blitzers. So I now have a lineman with Jump Up (how do my Linemen get Agility as a Normal skill roll?), which will hopefully catch my opponents off guard.

My second Runner now has Guard, in addition to his basic Block and Catch. I don't know if that was the best choice for him... and I guess as long as I don't play a match, I can probably change it. For what, though, I'm uncertain. Maybe Sure Hands, in case he needs to scoop it up in the opponent's backfield? Ideas, anyone? He's got access to General and Strength skills... any input would be welcome.

This brings the current record to:
2 Wins, 2 Losses, 0 Ties
Casualties For: 4, Casualties Against: 4
Points For: 7, Points Against: 8

I guess I'm doing okay for a rookie?

11-09-2007, 09:19
Had another game Saturday, this time against the League Commissioner and his Norse team, the Sea Kings. Got to play on his custom 40mm pitch, which is always fun. I certainly prefer them to the 30mm standard ones.

I was outclassed (again) with 190K to spend on inducements, I picked up a BloodWeiser Babe, and a wandering Apothecary, both of which would come in extremely handy. Playing at the Sea Kings home stadium, they naturally had the crowd advantage, their screaming fans almost drowning out my supporters.

I won the coin-toss, and elected to receive to start the match, hoping I could get out to an early lead. His team marched out onto the field, with two Ulfenwerners at the head of the pack, and I knew I was going to be in trouble. At the very least though, my Blitzers would get a chance to see just how Dauntless they really were. Again, I played the heavy flank that's seemed to work fairly well for me. The first turn saw the ball move halfway up the opposing end of the pitch in the hands of leRapide. I tired pushing the frothing norsemen around a bit, but didn't have a whole lot of luck. He came back, flattening just about my entire team, but managed only to push the ball carrier toward the sidelines (thank god for blodge). Rather than try to fight a losing battle (and hopefully earn myself some pulled punches later), leRapide simply blitzed his way off the sideline, and into another 2nd turn score.

The joy and elation didn't last long, as the Sea Kings decided to run the exact same play on me... to similar success. Except with far more hurt dished out on the two turns to the goal line.

After that, I couldn't get any momentum going, and burned through my re-rolls like crazy. With the S4 of the Ulfs and one of his Catchers, and his Guarding lineman running all about, I couldn't get many good blocks in though the whole match, and was at the mercy of 2die blocks pretty much either way I went. I burnt my first apothecary on turn 4 or so, when one of my runners got cas'd out... fortunately only rolled miss rest of game, so no long term damage.

We duked it out for the rest of the half, the ball moving slowly down field until the bottom of 7 when he took it in to bring the score to 2-1. Somehow during the fight, my Lineman (of all people) Jumped Up, and managed to cause a casualty to one of his players, knocking him out for the next game. After that, it was all about me trying not to get too mashed up before the second half.

I kicked off the start the second half, trying to get a half hearted line set up, to maybe at least slow down the crazed maniacs. It didn't help much. He slammed headlong into my lines, piling up a casualty on a Journeyman (out for the next game) and finally busting through the armor on one of my Blitzers, knocking him out for the game. Thankfully, the wandering apothecary fixed that right up. That drive was thankfully short, though disgustingly brutal, and my Blitzer charged right back onto the pitch.

My re-rolls went even faster this half, running out by turn 3. Times were pretty desperate. I ended up running turnovers awfully fast the next couple turns. Failed ball pickups (sure hands, C'MON!), bad dodge rolls, and risky (but necessary) blocks gone bad ensured I'd have my work cut out for the last part of the half. Things started to turn around just after the halfway mark though.

I got lucky on strings of single die, or 2-against blocks. And there was a great opportunity on turn 6 to set up a mad dash for the endzone down the left sideline. All I needed to do was make a pass... which I fumbled. So much for salvaging ANY sort of dignity. The Sea Kings spent the next two turns knocking my paltry defense clear of the ball, scooping it up, and tossing it across the field to their star catcher.

#11, leRapide decided to hoof it into the backfield anyway, with the support of some blitzers to cause some havoc before the match ended. My other runner, and his squire hoofed it after the catcher, pushing themselves to the limit to put one final hit on him moments before he bolted across the goal line. With a thunderous crash they slammed full-steam into the crazed viking, smashing him to the ground, though they were unable to deal any damage to him.

After smashing what remained of my team near the line of scrimmage, and pushing about my players in the backfield, his catcher sprang to his feet, and blitzed my runner in an attempt to clear the ball from a tackle zone, and make a quick run (2 squares) into the endzone. With the squire at his side, my runner wasn't going anywhere, as he butted heads, and struggled against the catcher. With nothing left to do, I got the last turn.

Seeing an opportunity to salvage that dignity I thought I'd lost in turn 6, I hatched a brilliant plan. All I needed to do was knock down the catcher standing between the squire and the ball, clear the two opposing players off leRapide in the backfield, hurl the ball with all my might to the far reaches of Long Bomb range, catch the ball, and run my tail off for the touchdown. Simple, right?

So, I decided to start putting the plan in motion. First things first, I had to clear leRapide (4 squares from the endzone and the left side of the pitch) to have any chance of success. But there were two guys, both Ulfenwernes no less, on him... and no one else was in contact with either of them. My blitzer called in a nearby lineman for support, and blitzed one Ulfenwerner to the turf. At least I only had to battle through one Tackle Zone to catch the ball now. My runner at the other end of the pitch (two squares off the endzone, and two from the right sideline) threw his single die block (damn ST4 catcher) and slammed the catcher to the turf. His squire Ran down to pick up the ball, and sprinted as far back upfield as his legs could carry him (with 2 successful GFI rolls) and hurled the ball with everything he had (Accurate, all the way to the end of Long Bomb, needs a 5+) rolling a 6 to put the ball square on target. leRapide snatches the ball from between the fingers of the Ulf over his shoulder (rolled a 4 to catch) and immediately makes a break for the endzone. He's one dodge roll away from salvaging the game... and rolls up a 4. He's home free on a mad-dash for the goal line.

A beautiful play to end a hard fought game, bringing us up to 3-2. Only 16 SPPs on my end that game. Not great, but leRapide gets a Normal Skill roll, and my Blitzer earned MVP and rolled up doubles. I'm thinking Dodge for the blitzer. I lost count of how many Defender Stumbles rolls game up that game.

This brings the current record to:
2 Wins, 3 Losses, 0 Ties
Casualties For: 5, Casualties Against: 8
Points For: 9, Points Against: 11