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28-08-2005, 15:48
Year ago, somebody on this forum mentioned it would be cool if there was a game that went further than epic armageddon. A game, where a single model represented not a soldie, not a unit, no, a full company!

Only now did my brain finally get an idea (quick thinking: 1-2 full years!).
I wrote some basic stuff down. I left some stuff out as I'm not in the mood for intricate describings of how to damage, but for everyone who knows epic it is all quite straightforward.
It is also those who play epic whom I ask: What do you think, and feel free to start brainstorming about further rules!

Note: These are just notes, so don't start complaining about format.

The glade wanderer

28-08-2005, 20:37
I think I have seen some grand scale historical games, where one miniature represented on battalion of troops.

New Cult King
16-09-2005, 00:40
Risk, Axis & Allies... Check those out to get an idea of good, fast flowing, easy to learn, difficult to master rules...

16-09-2005, 10:08
sounds really cool to tell the truth I would be up for it

16-09-2005, 20:31
sounds really cool to tell the truth I would be up for it

Ok then, start suggesting! :D

Are the stats I posted OK, or should they be different altogether?
What about the actions? Are they enough, or too much?
The morale system, too harsh? Too soft?
Finally, I'm very curious about what you think of the company system. I also thought about making them a basis for a form of 'regiment coherency'.

The glade wanderer

20-05-2007, 12:46
GW produced a range of games like this, however they didnt have miniatures, just counters representing entire batallions of troops, they produced battle for armageddon, horus heresy and doom of the eldar

they were good games, however you were a little limited by having to basically re-fight "historical" battles, a new system could be good, just dont make a risk clone!