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Darius Rhiannon
18-03-2005, 05:52
A poem to Portent (as seen on many other websites... :) )

There was a dream that was Portent
A castle built from many stones.
A home to too many, resources stripped to the bone.

The lords of the inquisition held all in sway,
always ready to cut the deadwood away,
and the grammar naxi's to make sure everyone posted the right way

There were to be found the harbringers of rumour
Who listened to the wind, whose words were oft heeded not
Those farseers who shared their visions of future
In both WHFB & 40K.

Then there were the guru's known for their tactics
The ruthless desire to know how to win
War was their religion and efficiency their God.

Mighty loremasters ensured that the old stories still lived
Heresys and heroes, both were remembered
Of Jokearo and Ollanius Pious the tales were told
Brusilov towered like a colossus over the background battlefield.

In P&R the wars were waged with words,
The battles fought as fierce as any with swords
R&M there was talk of many things, from ships to shoes to sealing wax

And of course, in the wastes, pantlessness prevailed

Sgt John Keel
18-03-2005, 11:18
Give up! Give up I say! ;)


18-03-2005, 11:19
Cool poem Darius. ;)

18-03-2005, 15:58
LoL, good stuff, although I've seen it before, I still enjoy it. :D

Inquisitor Mikarovic
18-03-2005, 16:08
I got poetic too, limmericking up my Sig, calling those who do not cheer for Nick's coolness a really naughty word. Yeah, that'll totally make up for never buying guilder status... :o

Grimskull Gutslusher
18-03-2005, 17:40
Just for you my love bunny* Mika. ;)

Man from down under:
Censor not, care not, amuse much.
With this does he pay.

*Well, that or gitface.

18-03-2005, 23:42
I love the last line.

Good to see the poem again. Thanks.

Rabid Bunny 666
19-03-2005, 22:47
almost brought a tear to my eye...*sniff*

never heard that before, but it is a symbol of portent as much as brimstone and 'nid 05

20-03-2005, 05:52
never heard that before, but it is a symbol of portent as much as brimstone and 'nid 05

Me a symbol, LOL that's funny. :p

Lord Balor
20-03-2005, 05:55
Your so modest Brimstone, remember the roots of Portent was Rumours and your position in this community is the Rumour provider. Thus you are a symbol of the Internet blowing Corperate secrets...good job soldier ;)