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12-09-2007, 18:13
Rules used

All experimental rules
- Landers cannot contest conditions on turn they land
Tyranids v8.3
- Nodes as in http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=21;t=10335 (alternative version)

Tyranid Hive Group

Nexus: Hive Tyrant and 2 Tyranid Warriors with 4 Termagants, 4 Hormagaunts, 3 Raveners and 6 Gargoyles
Node: Synapse Node with 6 Biovores and 2 Gargoyles
Assault: 3 Tyranid Warriors with 8 Termagants, 6 Hormagaunts, 2 Raveners and 2 Gargoyles
Support: Hive Tyrant with 4 Dactylises and a Gargoyle
Attack: Hive Tyrant with 3 Malefactors, Haruspex, 2 Carnifexes and 3 Gargoyles
Meiotic Spore Cloud
4 Mycetic Spores

Synapse: 650, 21.67%
Independent: 700, 23.33%
Common Brood: 830, 27.67%
Uncommon Brood: 820, 27.33%

BTS: 6 Synapses


Death Guard Heavy Patrol

Death Guard Retinue
- Nurgle Warlord, 7 Death Guard Plague Marines
Death Guard Retinue
- Plaguelord, 7 Death Guard Plague Marines
Death Guard Retinue
- Sorcerer Lord, 7 Death Guard Plague Marines
+ Dreadclaws
Plague Tower
Plague Tower
Chosen Retinue
- 4 Chosen
Chosen Retinue
- 4 Chosen


12-09-2007, 18:15

Death Guard put the blitz into the centre of the field and Tyranids follow the suit. Second objective on Death Guard end was put southwest from blitz behind a hill and third to farther southeast into open area with buildings and forests around it. On Tyranid end second objective was put directly north of blitz near centre line. And Third to west of that in an open ground between forest and rubble.

Despoiler is then marked to arrive at turn 2. Orbital bombardment and Dreadclaws are preplotted.

Death Guard didn't garrison anything. Tyranids garrisoned the Node swarm into west to a rubble and on overwatch. Then the Support swarm was garrisoned north of blitz directly behind building.

Deployment had Feral Titan and Plague Tower 2 covering the western flank of the Chaos. In centre around blitz was Retinue 1. And east of them was Plague Tower 2 and Retinue 2.

Tyranids had Hierophant 1 in the western flank with Nexus swarm next to it. Then came Attack swarm that was between Nexus and Support. Meiotic Spore Clouds were deployed behind the Support swarm. Then came Assault swarm and lastly the Hierophant 2 in eastern end of the table.

12-09-2007, 18:18
Turn 1 "High Tide"

Initiative: Death Guard

Death Guard starts the game with Feral titan advancing from behind the hill in west. It gets just in range in order to shoot at the Node swarm. Blast engulf the swarm and leaves two Biovores and a unit of Gargoyles dead. Retaining the Plague Tower 2 near Feral advances and fires into the Node swarm as well. Again the same effect is done and another two Biovores and a unit of Gargoyles are killed. The swarm goes on instinctive.

Tyranids reply with a Dactylises sustain firing. They target the Plague Tower 1 in east and also get two units from the Retinue 2 within the blasts. No damage is done, but BMs are handed out. Death Guard reply with doubling the Plague Tower 1 ahead to target the Assault swarm in east. But the extreme range harms the aim and only two units of Hormagaunts are dead from the swarm.

In west the Hierophant 1 is next and it doubles ahead next to Feral titan. And it fires at it dropping a single void shield.

Next in centre the Retinue 1 doubles to bring itself within a forest in front of them. Attack swarm reply with a march to just west of the lake.

Then in east the Retinue 2 doubles to take positions within forest and staying away from the Plague Tower in case of another barrage to both of them. Tyranids reply with a double from Hierophant 2 which brings it within striking distance of both the Plague Tower and Retinue 2.

Then it's only Tyranids activations. In east the Node holds and redeploys it's swarms to have better firing positions. Nexus swarm marches forwards near the Hierophant 1. Assault swarm tries to march, but ends up holding and moving just a bit forwards. Lastly the Meiotic Spores hold and redeploy nearer to the Support swarm.

End Phase

All Death Guard formations rally.

Node (<30cm, instinctive, spore) spawns a Biovore and a Gargoyle unit. Assault (>30cm) spawns 2 Hormagaunt units. Nexus (<30cm) fails to spawn. Attack (<30cm) spawns a Gargoyle unit.

12-09-2007, 18:19
Turn 2 "Clash"

Chosen 2 teleports to the west around the Feral titan. They get 1BM.

Initiative: Death Guard

Turn starts with an engage from Chosen who stay put and open fire. Hierophant moves a bit forwards in case of second round. Hierophant manages to hit once as do the Chosen. Both save the hits and it's a draw! The chosen choose to counter charge into the Hierophant. Now the Hierophant scores 2 TK hits and 3 normal hits. Chosen give back 3 Macro and 5 normal hits. Both TK hits are saved with Invulnerable Save and normal hits fail to penetrate as well. Hierophant takes 1 damage. However the resolution is still for Hierophant with 1 and it manages to win the engage. Chosen withdraw in to a forest in west and Hierophant consolidates a bit after them. Retaining the Feral titan advances and moves away from the Hierophant. It fires all the weapons at the bio titan and manages to do 2 damage. One of the hits cause critical and Tyranid beast is killed in the blasts.

In east the Hierophant 2 engages the Plague Tower 2. The Tower manages to do 1 damage to the Hierophant while Hierophant does 3 to the Tower. The assault ends up with Tyranids winning and the Plague Tower falls back 30cm and Hierophant follows. Then the Retinue 2 in forest advances and fires on the Hierophant, causing 1 DC damage.

In west the Node swarm is next and they have intention to sustain. However that fails and they hold and fire at the broken chosen but are unable to make any hits.

Next it's the Despoiler. The Orbital Bombardment was aimed at the Blitz on Tyranid end. It ends up getting 4 Meiotic Spores of which one is hit and destroyed. The Dreadclaws were set to land to a building north of the Blitz. They deviate a bit off and is pushed by the ZoCs of the swarms there to land just north of it. The Deathwind kills 2 gaunts from the Assault swarm and fails to hit anything in the Support swarm. Then the 3 lasers of which 2 is aimed at Synapse Node and one on Hierophant. All lasers hit, but cause only 1 damage and all targets survive them.

Then the Retinue 3 retains and engages or tries but there seems to be conflicting orders and they are only resolved by the Nurgle Warlord. The target is the support group behind the building. Plague Marines get into base contact with almost all targets, but avoid one in order to prevent Tyrant from getting into close combat as well. Chaos marines do clean job and none of the Tyranids survive to tell the tale. Retinue then consolidates to keep all units within the building. Tyranids respond by moving the Meiotic Spore Clouds closer to the Retinue 3.

Then it's Plague Tower 2 and it sustains targetting the Nexus swarm. Tyranid Warrior saves as the explosions engulf the swarm. Total number of deaths though is small as only one unit of Raveners, Termagants and Hormagaunts are killed.

In Tyranid end the Assault swarm then decides to get in contact with the target and engages the Retinue 3. Total of 3 Plague Marines are killed, but in return the Tyranids are routed. Winning the resolution by 8 (snake-eyes rule) total number of deaths is 6 Hormagaunt, 2 Ravener, 2 Gargoyle and 4 Termagant units. The Tyranids fall out of 30cm range instinctive.

Death Guard respond by putting the Retinue 1 into overwatch. Attack swarm decides to close in on the target and doubles to the Retinue 1, which fires back. The volley of plasma causes 1BM to Tyranids, while the volley of spines from Malefactors is equally ineffective. Lastly the Nexus swarm doubles ahead and fires at the Feral giving it 1BM.

End Phase

Death Guard fails to rally Feral and Retinue 1, but others rally.

Assault (>30cm, instinctive, spore) spawns 2 Termagants and 2 Raveners. Node (>30cm, spore) spawns Dactylis and Termagant. Nexus (<30cm) fails to spawn. Attack (<30cm) spawns Ravener unit. Node and Hierophant regenerates 1DC.

12-09-2007, 18:20
Turn 3 "Low Tide"

Chosen 1 teleports into blitz objective on Tyranid end without BMs.

Initiative: Death Guard

Turn starts with Retinue 1 marshalling and giving 1BM to the Attack swarms. Then the Plague Tower 2 retains and advances to fire at the Attack swarm. The destruction is almost complete and 2 Carnifexes, Malefactor and 2 units of Gargoyles are killed forcing the swarm into instinctive.

Tyranids reply with Assault from Nexus targetting the Feral titan. A single Ravener and Termagant units are killed, but the chaos titan is unable to stop the swarm and is teared apart by the Tyranids. Swarm consolidates to bring a single Tyranid Warrior unit within range of nearby objective. Retaining the Assault swarm is ordered to engage as well, but there seems to be problems in hive mind as the orders are not carried out. Instead the swarm moves towards the blitz to contest the objective there.

In east the Retinue 2 is next and they sustain targetting the Hierophant. The tyranid critter suffers 1 damage and gains critical which kills the beast.

The Node is next and it's swarm sustain fires at the Chosen 1 in the blitz. However they hit only once and are unable to break the chaos formation with two additional BMs. Fearing for breaking the Chosen 1 marshalls and fires at the Assault swarm, but only gives out a BM and remove blast markers from itself.

I have activations missing from somewhere here but the game is clear as Retinue 3 that was saved from assault moves to take control of an objective in the centre for Take and Hold. I had Attack swarms hold to do, but they couldn't do anything to prevent this. Also chaos had activations left, but as they couldn't have changed the result either we chose not to play them.

End Phase

The battle ends 0 - 2 for Death Guard with "Blitzkrieg" and "Take and Hold".

12-09-2007, 19:06
Good game Hena! Nice bat rep!

Tell me, how did you (or your opponent) create the Plague Towers? They look so cool!

13-09-2007, 08:37
Are the plauge towers models of Howls moving castle he is useing? They look a bit like that.

Good battle report, good to see two armies that are not used a lot.

13-09-2007, 10:57
The tower are made from miniatures of the Hayao Miyazakis movie 'Hauru no ugoku shiro' which is according to IMDB 'Howl's Moving Castle' (I knew it only by the finnish translated name :)).