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Colonel Myrymma
16-09-2007, 06:49
I have a handful of Escher gangers that i use in my Imperial guard as hardend veterans(There is a fluff reason.).I tried to get Necromundia started up at my game shop but after a few weeks it kinda fizzled out. Now some one else wants to start up a campaign next month.
I was thinking taking just a small gang of around five or six gangers, and limit myself to one lasgun. My current list is as follows

Gang Leader Haley Corrimth-auto pistol, sword, frag grenades-165
Heavy Vierna Delva-Heavy plasma gun, autopistol-360
Ganger Kiera Rylis-auto pistol, shotgun-85
ganger Angyla Grwa-auto pistol, lasgun-90
Jeenifer Corrimth-auto pistol, club-50

I want a gang that is fun to play and not just a killy kill band. Any suggestions?

16-09-2007, 14:25
More juves. Juves are always fun!

16-09-2007, 15:47
Right. First up you really need at least 5 Gangers. Ideally 6 or 7. You need them to work territories to get money coming in. Secondly, a small gang will need to take bottle checks sooner. 9 models would serve you well. Means you can have plenty variation with weapons and also means you need to suffer 3 casualties before your gang considers running.

Still all that is just what I'd do. In the end it's up to you what you take. Good luck in the campaign!

Colonel Myrymma
16-09-2007, 17:15
Ok so I should take alot more juves. Whate should i take in terms of weapons?

16-09-2007, 17:35
Juves are fine with just a pistol. Combined with their free knife, they get an extra attack in combat and a ranged attack. Most folk swear by Autopistols but feel free to mix it up if you want to go for looks over substance.

Bear in mind that only half the gang can be made up of Juves. Get some more Gangers to work territory before you blow your stash on Juves.

Colonel Myrymma
16-09-2007, 17:52
Ok thanks.

17-09-2007, 02:43
I'd run a few juves with club and knife. Dirt cheap, useful for drawing overwatch and ganging up in close combat.
But yes, catferret is right. A few more gangers will help you more.

Colonel Myrymma
17-09-2007, 04:17
What kind of heavy weapons should i tkae. Have stubber or heavy plasma gun?

17-09-2007, 04:47
Heavy Stubbers are cheap and efficient at taking down basic Gangers. Good rate of fire. Decent Strength. Adequate range.

Heavy Plasmas are very effective sniper rifles basically. The small blast will rarely hit multiple targets but it does mean you may still catch someone in the blast if you miss. They are reliable and high powered. If you play the Raid scenario they are a god-send. Long range too. Their limiting factor is cost. You could buy 2 Heavy Stubbers for less than one HPG. If you want a HPG, buy it at the beginning. You'll never be able to save up for it.

If you are willing to splash out on the big guns then Autocannons are worth thinking about too. Long range, powerful, reliable and have Sustained Fire.

Heavy Plasmas are fun. Take one for looks and fear factor. You can easily save up for a 2nd Heavy with Heavy Stubber after about 4-5 games.