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Dead orc
16-09-2007, 15:10
Carnival Master, Sword, Dagger - 80g
Strongman, Flail - 70g
Strongman, Double Handed weapon - 75g
Tainted One, Mark of Nurgle, Halberd - 70g
Plague Bearer - 50g
2 Nurglings - 30g
2 Brethren with Bows - 80g
Brethren with axe, shield - 35g.
Total: 490g.

Witch Hunter Captain, Crossbow Pistol, Sword, Shield - 110
Witch Hunter, Double-Handed weapon - 40g
Witch Hunter, Pistol, Sword - 50g
Witch Hunter, Pistol, Axe - 45g
Warrior Priest, Double-Handed weapon - 55g
Flagellant, Flail - 55g
Flagellant, Double-Handed weapon - 55g
Zealot, Axe, Shield - 30g
Zealot, Sword, Shield - 30g
Warhound - 15g

Any tips on how to improve these?

16-09-2007, 15:47
for the brute/strongman give them both double handed weapons. They start with the strongman ability so don't strike last.

If your playing with the rules where duel weidling makes you -1 to hit than the tainted one looks fine, else I would change to 2 hand weapons for +1A.

plague bearers are good but I find they are overkill at the start. I would remove it for now and maybe get some more nurglings (cloud of flies is amazing so more units with it the better for you)

generally CoC isn't a shooty warband. Any warband that has range will out range you so better just to run each turn to try and get into combat. Therefore I would drop the bows and shield and use 2 weapons/halbred.

also in mordheim generally its a good idea to start with as many heroes as you can (heroes that survive a battle is how you get more money, the more you have better chance to get money). Though I usually start mine with just 4 heroes (though put mark and flies on the tainted one). Last campaign saved up for a tained one with bloated tainted one with flies and mark :D give him sprint so he can keep up with the army and he was just a moving wall.

Dead orc
16-09-2007, 22:29
The only reason I haven't gone for a second tainted one is so I can save up for one with lots of abilities later on down the line. I quite like plague bearers but I could leave them out for the start to get some more models in the warband... that just leaving a lot of things that I want to save for later on. I'll tweak that list tomorrow on my way to work.

Ive also changed the Witch Hunters list so they are at their max (12) models, I'll update that one tomorrow as I left the list at my girlfriends.

Fastforward rlz
18-09-2007, 04:24
well to be honest you can look back on old posts and find great information. Just look for titles like witch hunters and Carnivel of Chaos. Many times have post been written about thoes warbands.

19-09-2007, 21:50
I did a Witch Hunter tactica a long while back. Here's my kneejerk reactions to your list.

WH heroes should be shooty (W. Priest excepted). Give them xbows and load up on shooting skills...Quick Shot gets priority. Be prepared to use them to support your h2h henchmen, but realize keeping them intact is your highest priority. You'll never have the numbers to win slugfests against the strong h2h warbands. Soften them up with shooting, land some punches with your h2h units, and try to create quick routs. Academic skills are sneaky good...WHs can really rack up the wyrdstone and GCs if you play your cards right. The Halfling hired sword and cookbook are key early acquisitions, too.

Use your henchmen to do most of the h2h work (and take most of the punishment). Warhounds are great early on...max out on them to start. Zealots are mostly a waste. Flags. are good, but save them for later and then keep your fingers crossed for a Flag. hero. :D Don't spread out too much. Mutual support is always important, but especially so for WHs because you aren't especially tough or numerous.

WHs can be a rough go at first, but once the shooting gets going and the GCs start pouring in, they can be surprisingly good. They're rewarding to play...hope this helps and have fun.

Dead orc
19-09-2007, 23:48
Yeah I read back the last 10 pages or so looking at anything WH or CoC related and I am in the process of re-forming the lists. I'll post up my results after work tommorrow