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16-09-2007, 14:32
I have been wanting to do this for long: there are many minis I bought for the beauty of the sculpt only, and I need incentives to paint them.

I'll start by putting pics of those I already did, but I've never taken pics of minis nor uploaded large files so it'll take some trial and error (bad lighting, huge files, horizontal scrollbar of doom' etc).

Now let's get the thing rolling!

16-09-2007, 14:57
Here is a Necromancer. In case you ask, yes, he is a Kiss fan :p

The pic was too dark, had to adjust brightness/contrast in photoshop, hope it does come out ok...
I have to work on the lighting. EDIT: put the original pic instead.


EDIT2: the center is ok but some details and the outer parts seem a little bit out of focus

EDIT3: d'oh! I noticed horrendous chippings on the sword and head :cries:

16-09-2007, 18:55
looks good just needs afew things really :P, the staff looks good, but the red robes need abit more blending and chips in the paint need repairing other than that great mini, keep up the good work!!!

Best regards

17-09-2007, 08:24
From the campaign of Albion

An Oracle


And a Dark Emissary


They've stayed unbased a long time now... :rolleyes:

17-09-2007, 08:45
A Dark Elf Assassin


and a Word Bearer terminator (with blurry legs)


17-09-2007, 10:20
the termie looks good but i don't like the storm bolter, other than that good job so far your skin tones also look good keep up the good work!

Best regards

floyd pinkerton
17-09-2007, 15:27
good job, I like the oracle:)

17-09-2007, 16:06
Nice minis, though some of them would really benefit from being based. :)

18-09-2007, 14:30
Thanks for the comments.
For the termi's bolter I was looking for something other than the ususal black, so ended up with shadow grey. I've never really liked this colour, it's too blueish.
About the basing, I'll get my lazy monkey slaves to do that some time in the (not so) near future.

Here: Grombrindal the White Dwarf himself, went free with some old issue of the french WD.
It's supposed to be beer flowing but it's not obvious...

I check in a Dwarf AB to do the runes right, I can't remember which they are. From my blurry memory: on the axe, Rune of Might, Rune of Cutting, on the cloth: Master Rune of Valaya. Feel free to correct me :p