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dave is the best
17-09-2007, 18:27
Well someone has told me i should play this game so i thought why not. what do i need to start a small gang? I think i will do house goliath.


floyd pinkerton
17-09-2007, 21:25
i'd suggest two heavies, a leader (obv.), around 4 or 5 gangers, and then the same number of juves.

Give the heavies heavy stubbers, and i'd suggest a pistol and close combat weapon for most of the gangers, maybe one or two lasguns/autoguns/shotguns, then really cheap weapons for the juves

17-09-2007, 22:45
Ideally you want 9 or more models. Minimum 5 Gangers, ideally more. Gangers are required to work territory (gets you cash) but can't do this if they go Out of Action during the game.

Goliath are a CC oriented gang but this doesn't mean you should skimp on longer ranged weapons. Your CC guys need some suppressing shots to allow them to get close without just being gunned down.

Leader may be best in the support role with his BS4. Plasmagun or Bolter plus backup pistol so he's always firing. May as well give him a Chainsword for cool factor if you have the Creds. Alternatively a pair of Plasma Pistols and a Chainsword will give him good medium ranged firepower as well as formidable H2H prowess. The pair of Plasma Pistols is to allow him to fire on max power every turn.

Heavies are very much a personal preference. Heavy Stubbers are cheap and effective and will allow you to afford the rest of your gang. Flamers are very short ranged but effective if you plan on getting close anyway. There are some better big guns but they start to get expensive quickly. Autocannons can be fun. Heavy Bolters are better versions of the Stubber but are very unreliable.

Split the Gangers 50/50 CC and support. Pistol & Club/Sword works for CC. Even pistol & the free knife is fine. Ranged guys want a Lasgun or Autogun. Shotguns can be handy too in some circumstances.

Juves are cheap and not that bad in CC despite WS2. They can only use pistols and CCW until they get enough experience to become Gangers but that means they get the extra attack for 2 weapons in CC. They get new skills/stats quickly and have an extra advance over a Ganger when they reach the same level.