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Firestorm Falcon
17-09-2007, 19:13
Hello all,
I'll start with a thanks to everyone who's supported my previous logs (that doesn't mean they're over yet) you've been a real help.

Right now onto what this log is going to contain. It will basically be whatever I happen to be painting at that moment from fantasy greenskins to Eldar. Here's what I'm going to be painting.

It's a Firestorm Falcon Log Progressomatic (check back to see what I've done)

Dire Avengers 1
Dire Avengers 2
Fire dragons
Fire dragons2
Wave serpent 1
Wave serpent 2
Wave serpent 3
War Walker 1
War Walker 2
War Walker 3
Snipey Wraithlord
Harley Wraithlord
Revanant Titan yes you are reading that right.

Scratch Built Tank Company (of Super Awesome Doom!)

Baneblade-Iron Wrath-Lietenant Von Flockenstuffen

Tank Company
Vanquisher Company command tank-Armoured Thunder- Major Von Smallhausen

Squadron Iron Anvil
Vanquisher command tank-Iron Fist- Captain Hans Geering
Leman Russ-Iron Wall
Leman Russ-Iron Faith

Squadron Steel Hammer
Conqueror command tank-Steel Scythe-Captain Von Strohm
Exterminator-Steel Blade
Exterminator-Steel Mace

Squadron Forged Flames
Executioner command tank-Forged Roar-Captain Otto Flick
Demolisher-Forged Ember
Demolisher-Forged Flare

Orks and Goblins
Boar Chariot 1
Boar Chariot 2
Ork Boys 1
Ork Boys 2
Ork Boys 3
Rock Lobba
Doom Diver
wolf riders
Spear Chukka 1
Spear Chukka 1

The Vampire Elves of Tor Anthir- ToFP army
Vampire Lord (combat)
Vampire Lord (casty)
Vampire (casty)
Vampire (combat)
Vampire (konrad)
Wight King BSB
Skelies 1
Skelies 2
Skelies 3
Corpse Cart (Chariot)
Grave Guard
Black knights
Vargulf 1
Vargulf 2

Red-not bought/not here yet
Orange-Undercoated ready to paint
Green-finished, Yay!

Pictures will follow

Thanks for peering into my insanity.

PS: leave a comment please :D

Firestorm Falcon
17-09-2007, 19:23
Picture of the things in green.
I've got loads of multi coloured night goblins that I'll show later when My camera has more power. (and I'm less lazy XD(that was so I dont use up a picture(Brackets bracket brackets)))

The Chariot
The Rock Lobba
The Ork boys, with painted Big/warboss

18-09-2007, 20:27
Red spear syndrome on Orcs? You nutter :p
Anyway, orcsin the chariot are looking nice, although the red appears a bit flat.

Nice work on the boss as well :)

18-09-2007, 20:29
Liking the look of the Rock lobber there...

There's a hell of a lot of red, you're right, but i'm sure you'll get through it.

Oh and nice title as well BTW. - I'll be checking back :D

18-09-2007, 20:30
Oh one more thing, I see mould lines on the orc boys :p

Firestorm Falcon
18-09-2007, 20:33
Thanks guys,
My spears are always red, I dont even own a brown :).

The flatness is mostly the pics

I like my lobba too, plus it was cheap :)

there shouldn't be any mould lines but at 1 o'clock when your assembling your 19th orc in a row you can sometimes miss things :).

Firestorm Falcon
04-10-2007, 15:24
Right time for a little update and a question for you all.
Firstly I've done the rock lobba (Lazyness FTW) and the first 10 Orks.
But I hate the quality of my pics so I looked and found that on paper my phone can take better pics than my camera ??? Here's a test:
Which is better?

Oh and what do you think of the models?

04-10-2007, 19:58
Hmm, not too sure about the pic quality; it seems about equal to me.

Nice orcs :)

Firestorm Falcon
05-10-2007, 17:06
Thanks mate as always, I don't know if I'd bother without your constant encouragement. :)

05-10-2007, 17:54
The thread of being poked with a goblin? :p

Firestorm Falcon
06-10-2007, 16:45
Oh yes the goblin may have something to do with it.

Just to tell you all I've done the first coats on the last 9 orcs.

Firestorm Falcon
10-10-2007, 20:30
Right update time.

I've done the orks, completely yay.


What do you think guys?

10-10-2007, 20:40
I like 'em. The skin is nicely shaded and the red adds a good contrast to the unit.
However, there are still MOULD LINES!!!1 :p and some of the metals look a tad flat; have you ink washed them?

Does this mean that we may be able to paly battles of large than 1k points now? :p

10-10-2007, 20:51
Nice neat painting, though the dayglo orc-skin isn't really to my taste...

Otherwise great job :D

10-10-2007, 21:36
Nice neat paint job.
I like the contrasty orc skin.
You can make it look smoother and more blended at this stage with a thin wash of dark green.
The red too IMO would be improved with a wash of a darker, muckier, orcier red ...like scab red or red gore (only a thin wash) just to add some depth.
And the armour also looks a bit bright and will look more orky for a thin wash of dark brown.

I know it sounds like I am suggesting you paint the whole lot again but you will be suprised how quickly you can do a wash, even to this many minis, as you don't have to be as careful as you were first time around with the paint to get a great result.

Do leave enough drying time between different washes if you go for it.

Firestorm Falcon
11-10-2007, 16:09
Arhalien: Seriously how can you see mould lines from THOSE pics, I can barely see any on the models and they're right infront of me:) On a serious note cheers for your constant comments.

Harry: My whole army is really bright so they kind of fit in, I'l definatly try some washes on a test model thoughm, thanks.

Unwanted:Thankyou, I think I may have a bright colour obsession :)

11-10-2007, 16:40
I think it's just the irritating ones on the hands that I can also never get rid of completely that stand out for me.
I can also see one on the skirt of the third rank orc on view in the side shot of the regiment :p

Firestorm Falcon
12-10-2007, 08:09
I see your point my friend, I may clean them up at some point.

Oh and yes we could play 1500pts now.

Firestorm Falcon
14-10-2007, 09:11
Hi guys I got my assault wave yesterday so I'm in a good mood. I've built 2 serpents already and another one should be done by tommorow. I'm hoping to get at least one painted by next week, maybe two if I'm not too busy.

Here they are shinny and awesome. :)
As you may notice I don't like the spines so I left them off. The serpent on the left with scatter lasers if the command tank.

14-10-2007, 10:07
Personally I'd have given them both shuricannons but then given my tactical record and ability I wouldn't recommend listening to me ;)

So will these be painted to the level of your first falcon or the second falcon/fireprism? :p

Death Korp
14-10-2007, 11:38
Wicked, they look mean and nasty. I want an assault wave too.... :(

I like how you've donr the orc skin too.


Firestorm Falcon
14-10-2007, 19:31
@death corp, thanks mate the assault wave came with old dire avengers though :( just to warn you.

@Arhalien, I've got the last serpent with cannons too. The scatter lasers were just for variation incase I forget which is the command tank.
As far as the paint scheme goes the command tank will be like the first gold falcon, the other two like the prism/falcon.

I've got a lot of painting to do.

Firestorm Falcon
16-10-2007, 20:30
One serpent down two to go.
Here's my prism to show what I'm working from.

17-10-2007, 09:14
Hmm, dare I say that it looks a tad plain, especially with the blacked out windows. I personally think it would look a lot better with the gold areas so it matches your falcon.

Firestorm Falcon
17-10-2007, 14:51
It is a little plain but I think my gold shiny falcon is a little too bright, still I'm painting the command one like that now.

17-10-2007, 15:21
Ah well, your choice.
I also think that the highlights look too thick and messy; I'd recommend trying to thin them down a bit. However, given my record at painting tanks you may decide to ignore me on this :p

Firestorm Falcon
17-10-2007, 18:31
Indeed I probably need to neaten the lines a little. Thanks mate.

Firestorm Falcon
21-11-2007, 19:49
Progress, magical progress, first my orcsies, I just make a nice Ebay purchase for them.
This is 36 worth of orcs
A close up of my BMBOBBBSB (boar mounted black orc battle standard bearer)
And some converted arrer boys

Firestorm Falcon
21-11-2007, 19:55
Next are my Eldar,
The first squad of avengers, completed
The second squad, still WIP
and the completed Command serpent (better or worse than the first?)

21-11-2007, 22:29
Are those 6th ed starter box orcs? :eek: Have you no shame! It's almost as bad as using BFSP dwarves! :p

Erm, where are the bows on the arrer boys?
Command serpent looks better, but mostly because the gold draws attention away from the highlights on the black, which are still messy I'm afraid to say.

Firestorm Falcon
22-11-2007, 16:18
Are those 6th ed starter box orcs? :eek: Have you no shame! It's almost as bad as using BFSP dwarves! :p
I don't think they're that bad actually, they're as detailed as the plastic box just a little dull poses.

Erm, where are the bows on the arrer boys?
They were converted FROM arrer boys :rolleyes:*slap*

Command serpent looks better, but mostly because the gold draws attention away from the highlights on the black, which are still messy I'm afraid to say.

Thanks, I think.

About the highlights on the black, for some reason I am completely incapable of keeping the highlight a consistant width. I just can't do it. :cries:

Firestorm Falcon
02-12-2007, 09:01
Hello all.

I'm going to vet's night at my local GW for the first time on tuesday; so I'm trying to get as much stuff 3 colours and based as I can.

first off the second boys unit, including BMBOBBBSB.
and the second boar chariot, which is almost finnished in fact


Firestorm Falcon
02-12-2007, 09:05
Man I just looked at my pics again... the light's appalling they look like they're surrounded by cotton wool XD.

Right I tried out the washing thing harry suggested on a test ork but I think the green wash was too dark. Washed model on the left normal on the right.

Oh and I've greenstuffed and glued the snipey wraithlord.

Any comments, Even just random abuse would be appreciated.

02-12-2007, 11:18
Random abuse?
Ok then.


On to the models; I like the effect of the wash actually; it makes the skin look darker which is always good for an orc ;)

Firestorm Falcon
02-12-2007, 16:50
Is that a sly insult aimed at my day glow orks? :D

Even so I think I agree, expect to see the orks being washed as soon as I have time(could be a while).

Firestorm Falcon
06-12-2007, 20:33
Ok I'm painting my ass off for saturday where i'll hopefully be playing fantasy (Arhalien?).

The second boys unit, complete.

Oh and the second chariot is complete


06-12-2007, 20:37
If I don;t kill myself in frustratio at my total inability to settle down and work on this ruddy ToK essay I have to do for tomorrow, then yes, we should be able to have a game saturday ;)
I'll edit in a comment when the pics finally decide to load ;)

Firestorm Falcon
06-12-2007, 20:48
I'm now highlighting the wolf riders, which is fun...sigh
I thier 3 coulour state

and in 40k news I've made 3 objective markers.
And I've made the Autarch from the assault wave

Any comments are great.

Even Arhalien's abuse is fine.

06-12-2007, 20:55
Abuse is good? :evilgrin:

Right, here goes:
That chariot; most lazy painting I;ve seen; black, black and more black. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!
And the poses on your wolf-riders are just ludicrous.

That was satisfying :p

Onto the serious post; I'm not too sure about the objective marker; the guardian is painted quite nicely (MOULD LINE :p), but it just doesn;t look right. WHat I mean is, he doesn;t look like he's lying on the ground dead. Personally, I'd say that unless some pretty major covnersion work goes on, helmets are probably the limit of what you can get away with on bases.
Also, I'd say that some of the drybrushing on the objective markers ias a bit heavy; the patches of grey don;t look that good I;m afraid to say. try wiping more paint off your brushes and drybrushing more evenly over the whole piece.

Looking forward to the game on Saturday.

Firestorm Falcon
07-12-2007, 06:57
Abuse is good? :evilgrin:

Right, here goes:
That chariot; most lazy painting I;ve seen; black, black and more black. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!
And the poses on your wolf-riders are just ludicrous.

Thanks:), of course the wolf riders are stupid, they're goblins

Onto the serious post; I'm not too sure about the objective marker; the guardian is painted quite nicely (MOULD LINE :p), but it just doesn;t look right. WHat I mean is, he doesn;t look like he's lying on the ground dead. Personally, I'd say that unless some pretty major covnersion work goes on, helmets are probably the limit of what you can get away with on bases.

That's because he's not dead, he's a falcon pilot who's skimmer's crashed and is hiddinf behind a wall. and I've dely with the mould line (why can't I see the till you point them out?)

Also, I'd say that some of the drybrushing on the objective markers ias a bit heavy; the patches of grey don;t look that good I;m afraid to say. try wiping more paint off your brushes and drybrushing more evenly over the whole piece.

Looking forward to the game on Saturday.

Yeah the drybrush really didn't work so I've blacked out the wall and started again.

Me too.

In other news I've finnished the wolf riders, pics to follow when I'm back from school.

Firestorm Falcon
07-12-2007, 17:11
Right I'm back home and I'm bearing updates.

firstly the wolf riders.

and the objectives (just realised that I haven't dotted the jems, just imagine them in your mind XD)

Anyone should feel free to comment, criticise and abuse (this isn't just a private me+Arhalien chat you know XD(I only use that because of the image limit)).

Prince Sairion
07-12-2007, 17:26
This looks good mate!

I love the orcs, the three main colours always work well together, simple yet effective - ebay is definitely the way to go, take a look at my army at the start of my project log, nearly all of those unpainted are ebay purchases, 6k for 176!

Anyway, the Eldar are cool too, don't think I have ever seen a poor eldar army, and yours keeps this running nicely. The wraithlord looks great. I modelled mine striding forward holding the sword with both hands read to strike, may have to buy another and copy your idea, very impressive.

I'll keep an eye out for updates, for now, back to yourself and Arhalien!;)

Firestorm Falcon
08-12-2007, 10:22
Thanks Sarion,

Ebay really is great for warhammer, there's always loads of noob dropouts armies up there :).

Cheers for your comments and I'll be atching your blog with interest.

In painting news I've done a pair of home brew special characters given to me by a friend. More on those (including pics) when I'm back from GW.

Watch this space! :D

Firestorm Falcon
26-12-2007, 15:18
Mass Paintage, well not really but I did get a new camera.
Which means I can do really close-ups without making a fuzzy mess.

Anyway as you may have guessed I've done some of the fire dragons.

I've also done some work on the sniper wraithlord (Now called Elhir longsight and will be used as a special character in apoc.)

The pics continue...

Firestorm Falcon
26-12-2007, 15:21
Next we have my WIP autarch.
Some WIP avengers
and more special characters.

Thanks for looking

Oh and a late merry christmas to anyone watching.

Comments, abuse, cookies, criticism anything is fine.

26-12-2007, 15:49
Nice work on the Fire Dragons; the blue details are excellent :)
The Wraithlord is ok... if a bit bland; I think some more gold (such as on the weapons and/or kneepads) would help a lot.

Firestorm Falcon
27-12-2007, 08:42
Thanks Arhalien, I'm not sure about Elhir, he definately needs something else (he does have some gold armour, it just didn't show) so I may go with the knee-pads Idea.

In other news:
I've done 5 pathfinders I got for christmas now, pics to follow.

The pic's are here.
The new boys
and the entire Pathfinder Posse (I will never ever write that again, I promise)

And finally I've actually started a LotR model! (pick yourself up of the floor arhalien :P)

Eater of Small Things
27-12-2007, 16:20
Looks like you've been getting the most out of your new Christmas presents. Seriously though, I dig the color scheme. The sombre, grey colors with touches of red work really well together. I especially like the pathfinders and sniper wraithlord. You make me want to start an Eldar army!

Firestorm Falcon
27-12-2007, 16:45
Wow somebody likes my colour scheme, that's a first.

Thanks dude.

Prince Sairion
29-12-2007, 18:50
Yeah I like it too. I think the cloaks could do with a little black in the recesses but other than that it looks great. My Eldar have sky blue armour as at the time there wasn't a craftworld with that scheme. But then I do paint orange . . .

The wraithlord looks great painted. The weapons look a little out of place though within the darkness, I'd go for a silver-ish highlighted black to really push the sniper theme.

Keep going though mate, I'm enjoying seeing the updates. Fire dragons look nice and 'evil-alien' too, so many eldar armies are bright and vibrant, their background suggests they should look exactly how you are painting them.

Firestorm Falcon
29-12-2007, 20:57
Right I've decided to log my scatch built tank company progress in this log as well. They're made from cardboard and paper and painted normally. I've only got a (badly made) test tank painted at the mo. Still here it is.

The company is added to the progressomatic on page one. Cookie for anyone who gets the name references.

Test tank (one half in an experimental black scheme, other half in my chosen grey) scheme.

29-12-2007, 21:30
I would be mean and answer the name referneces question.... but only because I heard you talking about it in GW today ;)
Nah... I'll be kind; after all that was quite a thrashing my Woodies gave you today; you need some charity :p

Firestorm Falcon
31-12-2007, 23:50
Ooooo that's it arhalien, next time I give you a hammering you won't here the end of it for weeks:mad:.

Must...Stay...on-topic... err... I've half made the first tank Iron wall, and well that's about it.

Happy new year.

Firestorm Falcon
23-01-2008, 17:36
Hello friends (and Arhalien)

I bring progress for you all to see.

Three war walkers, painted up and ready for action.
The weapons are magnetised.

Thanks for looking!

Firestorm Falcon
26-01-2008, 11:02
Hmm, it seems no-one cares. oh well, I soldier on.

I've done a couple of warlocks now.

Thanks for looking, cooments would be nice but hey I know your all watching.

26-01-2008, 11:13
I like the way the warlock on the right is performing a magic trick with his spear; bending it without actually bending it :p
Those are nice though. Good highlighting on the black; suprisingly subtle for you :p

Firestorm Falcon
26-01-2008, 17:32
Thanks Arhalien.

Yes well, my greenstuff skills are similar to that of a chipmunk so it was never going to be perfect.:D

I tried not to go too far with the black as it starts to turn grey very quickly.

Prince Sairion
27-01-2008, 07:15
The army will look very sinister with all this black floating around.

It's a good look and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

Firestorm Falcon
27-01-2008, 13:25
Eye, my army doesn't look as dark as you'd expect. The aspect warriors sort of even out the black overall scheme.


I'm working on the last wave serpent at the moment along with the next russ.

Oh and Everyone go easy on Arhalien his Pansy treehuggers got their asses handed to them on a choppa by my orcs so he's still in shock. (I warned you:))

27-01-2008, 13:38
I'll gladly give you a game against your elves if you want a replay of the last one :p

Firestorm Falcon
28-01-2008, 19:52
Ok Arhalien It's on. I will be taking pics and making a battle report of my enivitable anialition (my win loss ration with my elves is really poor).

Anyway on topic I've completed the Autarch.

Thanks for looking

28-01-2008, 20:23
Not half bad at all ;)
The grey on the cloak and the plume are a little bit rough, but overall he looks nice. Maybe a bit more red would have brightened it up a bit, but good work :)

Firestorm Falcon
01-02-2008, 21:02
Thanks Arhalien, I think I may add another couple of layers to the cloak since it is a little blocky at the mo.

Anyway, progess on the SBTC(oSAD!)

"Heavy Support Available!" Forged Ember is ready for battle.

Oh and I got the sponsons on iron wall finished. A group pic.

Thanks for looking.

C&C or abuse would be nice.

01-02-2008, 21:33
Abuse: well, the plasma cannons and demolisher cannon look a bit feeble, and one of the sponson housings is a bit battered (although you knew that I imagine :p)

Not bad work overall though; I'd say youre getting better ;)

Firestorm Falcon
03-02-2008, 08:53
Well I've made some progress.
I repainted the avatar after the hair chipped so much it was turning white.
my next 40k models
The necromancer (I didn't paint it )
and some orks

Thanks for looking.

Does anyone want to see the battle report of my game with Arhalien?

Firestorm Falcon
04-02-2008, 20:38
No, no-one want's to see it, thats fine.

Ok some orc & goblin progress. Some war machines.
There's two spear chukkas obviously but what is that cannon doing in an O&G army I hear you cry. Look closer... It's a Doom Diver!!!!.

Oh and also here's some old army shots I never put up. The light is poor I'm afraid.

Thanks for looking.

Comments, musings, abuse it's all good.

Firestorm Falcon
13-02-2008, 20:58
Ok smal updates.
doom diver.
wave serpent
Librarian Isador Akios

Thanks for looking

Firestorm Falcon
15-02-2008, 22:07
Wow a revitable wave of replies...

anyway, tank company progress Steel blade is complete.

and some other stuff I'm working on.

Thanks for looking (comments = Good)

Death Korp
16-02-2008, 12:41
I like them :)

The avatars shield is very well executed and the Libby is looking very nice. Also looking towards seeing the LOTR minis finished :)


16-02-2008, 12:46
DWARVES!?!?!?!?! HERESY!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad:

16-02-2008, 13:50
Well I've made some progress.
I repainted the avatar after the hair chipped so much it was turning white.

Madness? THIS IS SAIM-HANN! ...or whichever craftworld you're doing ... I'm pathetic with eldar ...


Yes, I've found your log ... :evilgrin:

Overall, very nice models, well painted, with awesome tanks, as I've said [gibbered] before.

The avatar's shield is fantastic, a touch Greek, yet not too much so. :)

The eldar look good [lit. awesome], though I won't exceed that praise ... they're eldar. :D

I like the O&G as well, they're generally fantastic, and very charcterful.

Everything is awesome, except the eldar, which are good [lit. awesome].


Firestorm Falcon
16-02-2008, 18:04
I like them :)

The avatars shield is very well executed and the Libby is looking very nice. Also looking towards seeing the LOTR minis finished

Thanks death corp, the dwarves are almost done now actually

DWARVES!?!?!?!?! HERESY!!!!!!! :mad:
It doesn't count cause LoTR dwarfs don't use guns and are pretty funny if gimli's any example "that still only counts as one!"

Madness? THIS IS SAIM-HANN! ...or whichever craftworld you're doing ... I'm pathetic with eldar ...
Ulthwe but funny anyway.

Yes, I've found your log ... :evilgrin:

Overall, very nice models, well painted, with awesome tanks, as I've said [gibbered] before.

The avatar's shield is fantastic, a touch Greek, yet not too much so.

The eldar look good [lit. awesome], though I won't exceed that praise ... they're eldar. :D

I like the O&G as well, they're generally fantastic, and very charcterful.

Everything is awesome, except the eldar, which are good [lit. awesome].

Thanks MM, my orks are a little more...fun than the rest of my armies, no less effective though I'd like to say. he he.

Next up completed dwarfs and another tank.

Firestorm Falcon
21-02-2008, 15:53
Ok. Tanks time.

"Leman russ here" Iron faith is ready.

and all of them together.

thanks for looking, up next forged flare (demolisher).

21-02-2008, 16:08
Awesome. The group shot really makes them look fantastic (not that they didn't already ;) ) ...

*waits for demolisher*


[yes, I'm lazy :angel: ]

Firestorm Falcon
22-02-2008, 15:37
Thanks MM

[I'd guessed :D]

22-02-2008, 18:50
The orc and goblin army looks great. It would be nice to see some better pictures of it.

I think the doom diver is brilliant. Can't believe I have never seen it done before. great fun.

23-02-2008, 09:05
Same here. This log would be a great inspiration for me (it still is, sort of) if I hadn't abandoned my idea of expanding my O&G army because I didn't want to have to repaint it to a decent standard ... :angel: (And if I hadn't decided not to collect an elven/eldar/dwarven army, of course)


Firestorm Falcon
23-02-2008, 09:28
so you guys want better O+G pics. I'll get some but It'll have to wait till next month (i've got to make 2 tanks in 5 days ! :)). sorry guys.

Ps:I'm not sure you want to see the goblins :D

23-02-2008, 10:00
Of course I want to see the goblins ...

I think it would be quite hard for them to be worse painted than the first recruits (NG) my O&G army received ...

Firestorm Falcon
23-02-2008, 10:50
I'll try to get something rustled up for you If I have time.

Do you want to bet on that? :)

23-02-2008, 10:54
Yes. My camera would make them look even worse, so I'd be guaranteed a win. :D :angel:

Thanks. :)


Firestorm Falcon
25-02-2008, 20:00
Alright guys, I've done another tank, forged flare. *Dances*
my pair of demolishers

A pile of card to turn into a tank XD

Thanks for looking.

Firestorm Falcon
15-03-2008, 22:59
Man, it's been a while. I've missed a tank out on this thread.
a group shot
the next tank
and the next after that.

Thanks for stopping by.

15-03-2008, 23:14
Those look neat, and they have quite a bit of detail for carboard! Have you worked out about how many of those you can make for the price of one GW Russ?

Firestorm Falcon
15-03-2008, 23:31
Well they have cost me....... about 5 so far since I'm only really paying for glue and paint. I'd say you could make about 2 companies for 25 If you started from scratch (provided you used cereal card).

16-03-2008, 00:00
Well they have cost me....... about 5 so far since I'm only really paying for glue and paint. I'd say you could make about 2 companies for 25 If you started from scratch (provided you used cereal card).

:D Wow! Actually, thats very tempting...

16-03-2008, 08:45
WIP pics! Awesome.

Anyway, it looks as good as always. :)

5 for all that! :eek: I'm tempted to make a few ...


Firestorm Falcon
16-03-2008, 08:47
They do however, take a fair bit of time.

If your interested there's lots of templates here: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/bwc-archive/files/

just join the group to be able to download a ton of great templates.

Firestorm Falcon
16-03-2008, 21:57
Evening folks, I've finally done the second fire dragon squad for you all to see.

@MM, which O&G do you want pics of (I'll get them taken on Thursday)

17-03-2008, 17:29

You can actually make the eldar look good ... (yes, I dislike elves except for DE. I don't know why ... it's probably the arrogance (the 'fluff', not the players). :D )

Anyway, they look very good: the green provides a nice contrast to the red.

O&G pics? Mainly pictures of the more eccentric models and conversions, but any O&G pics would be good. :)


Firestorm Falcon
24-03-2008, 00:37
Right then peeps, back to tanks for me (I'll write get O&G pics on my hand MM).

Here's where I'm at with the tanks I'm working on.

and something I made in a couple of hours to try out the templates.


24-03-2008, 08:55
The tanks are brilliant. Great work.

It must give you a great deal of satisfaction to see them all lined up there and 'tot up' how much money you have NOT spent.

24-03-2008, 09:24
This is a truly amazing achievement ... while most people will mournfully look at a thin wallet with every new model released by GW (or Avatars of War ... Felix Paniagua is truly a legend among mortal men!), you must pat a full wallet and cackle evilly.

They look amazing, too: the quality is superb, especially for paper models. :)

Can't wait to see the O&G. :)


Firestorm Falcon
25-03-2008, 10:31
Thanks guys, its good to know people like them.

@harry: by the end of the company I will have saved about 240 :). then the 3 supoerheavies will save another 200 ish :p. oh and then we have the thunderbolts:D

25-03-2008, 10:44
Thunderbolts as well ...?

What will you do for flying bases? :D (I'm not a 40k player, so I know very little about it)


Firestorm Falcon
25-03-2008, 11:42
Erm, not sure about the bases, i'll face that bridge when I come to it. :)

The two command tanks: Iron fist(vanquisher) and steel scythe(conqueror) commanded by captain's Geering and Von Strom.

and a group shot for you all.

Thanks for looking.

25-03-2008, 12:29
Surely that's a combi-bolter on that conqueror? :p
Anyway; looking nice, if a bit battered in places. i see what you mean about that red spotlight though...

25-03-2008, 12:55
They look amazing assembled like that ... :)

About the spotlight, perhaps highlight it up to orange and finally to yellow, as at present it looks a little out of place? A minor criticism, however, and everything else is generally awesome. :)


Firestorm Falcon
31-03-2008, 22:50
Thanks as ever guys. I think I'll have another go at the spotlight when I do the other conqueror (the latter half of this month).

I've been working on something a little bigger the past few days.

May I present to you some WIP pics of Iron Wrath, the baneblade of my super heavy detachment.

and some scale shots with one of my russes

Enjoy (or not more likely)

Firestorm Falcon
30-04-2008, 17:49
Right, it's been a while but worry not, I have been making progress.
"All Guardsmen! FOLLOW ME TO GLORY!!"

Pics of other stuff to follow.

Firestorm Falcon
30-04-2008, 17:52
Some Eldar models, first I've repainted a farseer.

I've also finnished a random avenger, I decided to do some blending on this guy, what do you think.

Comments are win XD (list)

30-04-2008, 17:56
Hmm, the blue looks good on the avenger; nowhere near as blocky as normal. The gold still looks a bit messy however

Also I instantly dislike that model simply because of what it is.

edit:The blade is nice, a tad wonky in places but that's pretty much expected :p Given what it is you've done a great job.
Just one small thing: When are you going to put the tracks on? :p

Firestorm Falcon
30-04-2008, 18:22
Hmm, the blue looks good on the avenger; nowhere near as blocky as normal. The gold still looks a bit messy however
Thanks, doing 5 different colours where I would normally use 2 seems to help. The gold is just my usual brown ink lazyness :)

The blade is nice, a tad wonky in places but that's pretty much expected :p Given what it is you've done a great job.
Just one small thing: When are you going to put the tracks on? :p

Thanks, maybe about the same time you stick to a marine army Idea :evilgrin:.

30-04-2008, 18:52
But I have stuck to a Marine army idea. It'll be Mentors

Or possibly a combined EC, DG and SoH pre-heresy army from the drop-site massacre

Or possibly a BT style Imperial Fists successor...


Firestorm Falcon
02-06-2008, 20:59
Exactly Arhalien, Exactly.

Anyway I've been working on my tanks... a lot since my last post here. Man I've been lazy with my logs.

Still the company itself is complete all thats left to do is a hellhound another chimera, paint the first one, complete the stormtoopers, get the guardsmen paint them...ok give me a month.

C&C is good, ifact pretty much any reply will improve my mood and encourage me to greater... ah whats the use, it'll probably just be more abuse from Arhalien. XD

02-06-2008, 21:03
Good guess! :evilgrin:
(this log has just turned into a dialogue between us two...)

That's certainly an impressive horde of tanks; they've always looked good en masse and this just brings it home well. However, the commissar tank looks too flat for me; the edges could do with a bit more highlighting IMO.

The stormtroopers look nice; not the best pics but a neat TT standard paintjob.

And that chimera is worryingly well put together... are you feeling alright? :p

02-06-2008, 21:23
That tank company is very impressive- that's a lot of card and glue to get through! I like the stormtroopers too - are you going to keep them monotone? it looks good but a small area with an accent colour would be good- something like a bright red/orange. Will you be terrorizing Arhalien with this force??

Firestorm Falcon
29-07-2008, 15:59
Right, no your not imagining this I'm actually updating.

@silverstu, yep its a lot of stuffs. Yep they've got red lenses and stuff. I might be depending on his appearances a vet's night.

OK update, the company is virtually complete, all that's left to do is get a pair of meltaguns and a Sergeant for the stormtroopers.

Here's a nice shinny group pic with my single piece of city fight terrain.

This log will also now include my ToP entry, the Vampire elves of Tor Anthir.
I don't have anything in the way of models for them yet so I'll star with some fluff! (pick yourself up off the floor Arhalien)

My Lord,
as I'm sure you're aware the elves of Tor Anthir failed to return to ulthuan when the phoenix king called, preffering to remain on the Old World. This was tolerated by our leaders, however; since the colony had been a solid foothold upon the world. Sadly, contact with the tower was lost quite swiftly afterwards and has, as of yet not been re-established. My expedition seeks to change that.
We have arived on the shores of the old world and together with my personal guard we are headed for the tower and should be there within the week. The last recorded lord of the tower was Telanir Mistweaver a powerfull mage and it's possible that his son Soanis Mistweaver may still be the tower's lord.

Until our Next Corrispondance

Anthir Expedition Leader

Isanthor Firesong

29-07-2008, 17:36
Right. As a pathetic attempt to cover your back having done nothing your update with something that you posted on the Ammobunker at least a fortnight ago.

Get a grip...

Firestorm Falcon
29-07-2008, 18:16
shh don't give it away, I had a chance of fooling them with a pic of lots of tanks. I might actually have to paint something if you don't shut up lol. Plus I gave you some fluff so be Quiet Arhalien.!!!!!

On a side note I think any further updates for my other armies will be made in this log from now on. To make things easier for me TBH :).

On that note expect to see some marines appearing shortly.

29-07-2008, 21:15
Still it's a nice lot of tanks and always a pleasure to see that many in one shot.

So what marine goodness are you going to be showing?

29-07-2008, 21:18
...retaken pics of the first models he painted? :p

And what are you doing posting in this thread; don;t you realise it's meant to be a private argument between me and FF! :mad:


Firestorm Falcon
29-07-2008, 21:27
thanks slaaaaaanesh (can I call you slan lol), the marines will be a few new bolters and a sergant for my star wars marines.

Oh and ignore Arhalien, he's a raving lunatic that uses this thread as a personal discussion board :).

29-07-2008, 21:36
Now why would I do that whten I have MSN to insult you on

Oh, and on the subject of insults, the fluff...
Tis, ok. It provides a good sense of what is about to happen, but there is very little build up of suspense or tension there; it's too blatantly factual, and as such loses a bit of credibility as an official communique; it seems artificial to be blatantly honest

WEll, you wanted a 'scathing criticism of my writting', and that's what yo got :p

Firestorm Falcon
29-07-2008, 21:40
You think a busy elven lord has time to read the ramblings of some devanged explorer! He wants the facts it no uneaven terms not a three parchment babble on the particulars of some distant land. /highly defensive response

29-07-2008, 21:50
My point was more along the lines that he was setting out stuff that would probably be known already; elves have a memory :p

Firestorm Falcon
30-07-2008, 12:26
Whatever Arhalien, I have an update for you to shut you up. First we have a WIP of my ellyrion reavers.

Then we have some space marines I've managed to frag myself through painting (not very well tbh)
then we have a WIP sargent who looks a lot like a lunar wolf at the mo.

Next we have the rest of the marines I have to do...

The keen eyed amongst you will see a clue towards a big project I have comming up.

30-07-2008, 13:21
Hmm, a ravenwing detatchment? :angel: :p

Reavers are looking good... well, the paint is looking good; the models are still big headed monstrosities :p

On a serious note, are you planning to sculpt on those details your skecthing? Or are they for painting only?

Firestorm Falcon
30-07-2008, 20:38
Me sculpt on that, I think not, i won't risk soiling the beautiful model with my GS skills, they will be painted.

Firestorm Falcon
05-08-2008, 08:58
Oh noes a double postings.

Anyway, its update time here at FF's log and not only have I completed all the marines (except that random bike captain which i can't even use) but I've also completed Isadore the first of my (currantly on hold) dawn of war characters.

Here's Isadore

And a group shot of Everything I've done in the last week or so.

Quite a bit I'd say, blessed be the holidays. :)

05-08-2008, 11:03
He's actually looking quite impressive there FF :eek: :p
Well, apart from that awful mouldline on the book *shudders*

Firestorm Falcon
05-08-2008, 18:24
Mould line has been removed.

End transmission :)

Firestorm Falcon
06-08-2008, 20:56
Ok guys, i've managed to paint my first vampire model and I'm very pleased indeed, it was a great change not havinng to have white and red as main colours. I did more blending on this single model than I've done on my entire Ork army.

I've got some stage by stage pics here.
First the blue

Then i worked on the rest of the thing, more blending on the black + flesh.

Then it was just some final highlights on the flesh and more work on the jems.

Firestorm Falcon
06-08-2008, 20:58

I really like him personally, what do you guys think.

06-08-2008, 21:00
hmm, looking veryt nice, but just a few criticisms.
You've heard my stylistic points regarding the skin on MSN and I accept your poijt of view there, but Id' say that the black needs to be highlighted a lot more; what highlights you have are smooth, but they don;t stand out at all. The hair and the back of the cloak really show that. I'd recommend, as I have already, getting some bleached bone and using that to highlight the black; it really is the best way I;ve found; easy to keep smooth as well I think

Otherwise; the flesh is lovely, as is the blue; good work! :)

Firestorm Falcon
07-08-2008, 09:56
Hmmm, tell you what Arhalien, I'll be getting some BB anyway so I'll try out thay highlight style on something later on, then see how they compare. I wanted the black to stay very black so my highlights were like 3:1 black to codex, 2:1 black to codex.

Firestorm Falcon
08-08-2008, 18:11
Right... Just though i'd show you guys what I've got to do. This is a box filled with models. They're all broken... all of them.
I have however built up my third unit of ork boys. Kitbash FTW!

Yeah, great...

08-08-2008, 18:44
I never knew you had skarsnik! :eek:
Or is that the one Dan gave you?

Firestorm Falcon
08-08-2008, 19:27
Yeah that was dan's. I may use him at some point it'l make a change to my various ork Warbosses beating your elves heads in.

On a side note does anyone (ah who am i kidding its just Arhalien :)) have any idea what I could use for gouls since they aren't particularlly elven. Athough tbh I could just use the models anyway, I mean I am for grave guard.

Done the reavers

Firestorm Falcon
06-09-2008, 19:38
Right guys, I'm back and i've got quite a big update. Firstly I finished the orks you saw earlier.

My FW order's also arived and i've washed, built and gap filled the nightwing. Ta da.

What do you think?

06-09-2008, 19:40
Ooh; shinyness :D

Firestorm Falcon
21-09-2008, 20:58
Hey guys, I've got an update for you lot. Firstly some progress on my ToFP army, ok its 10 skelies... but its progress none the less.
And just for those of you who read this here log, I preview of next month's project. Yes i'm avoiding 2 months of skelies.

On a more futuristic note I bring you an almost completed nightwing.

Thanks for Lokking

C&C is always good

21-09-2008, 22:35
Nice nightwing! My- we are good to ourselves.. the skellies look great- very impressed with them mate. I like your reavers- they look rather good- kitbash between glade riders and spearmen? How about pointy elven faces of plastic ghoul bodies for the ghouls?[or the other way round- i have spare heads if you want a few to try].
like the orcs too- nice flesh- although a few other colours might be nice- a few browns with a devlan mud wash- just to make things interesting.

Keep painting ;)

Firestorm Falcon
19-04-2009, 16:42
Righty ho,

Sorry for not updating this for an age. I've been pretty busy and only just managing to throw together my monthly ToFP post.

Here's how my Vampires are going. just over 2k and counting.


A few of the more interesting models.
Finally I'm considering another unit of wraiths, how does this swordmaster wraith look?

Firestorm Falcon
17-05-2009, 22:24
Well its been a little while since I've updated, I've done another month of ToFP and a little more besides. Firstly My month's tale entry. Some dire wolves and a grave guard unit.
I've also painted a one off Inquisitor piece for part if my art Exam.

What do y'all think?

Firestorm Falcon
17-08-2009, 20:16
Right, time to update this long slain beast. I have finally got around to converting and painting my harlequin wraithlord with my first bit of major greenstuff work forming the skull on his helmt/head. I feel it went ok although it's not as smooth as I'd like.
Next I've started to repaint my long since neglected high elf LotR force. I've completed a test model.
I've also completed the flesh and metal sections on the first, metal part of my force.
Any comments?

30-08-2009, 15:15
I'm moving this thread to the new Random Fiction Project Log forum.


30-08-2009, 23:46
Love the colour scheme on the wraithlord and I wouldn't have even noticed it was grennstuff rather than just painted on if you hadn't mentioned the skull so it looks pretty good to me. The inquisitor peice is really nice as well. How did it get on in your exam?

Firestorm Falcon
04-09-2009, 19:48
Thanks nkicik, I got a B overall for my art projects although i'm not sure what my grade for that piece in particular was. I'm still working on my LotR elves and have almost completed 400pts of elves.

Firestorm Falcon
05-09-2009, 17:05
Hmmm....double posting again.

Anyway, I've painted up a fair bit more of my LotR force now so without further ado.

Thoughts, comments, abuse? :)

Firestorm Falcon
08-09-2009, 22:43
TR TR TRIPLE POST!!!! ahem...

I've painted up a few more elves and the old light armoured twins models to bring my force up to 500pts of pointy ears. To anyone who's actually reading this.
Next up will be more gothic, then another box full of elves and a load of heroes (white council, Elrond and gil-galad).

09-09-2009, 21:42
I like the elves- you've got the grey scheme looking very good[evident on the inquisitor ranger too- very nice- how dod you do on you art project?].

10-09-2009, 18:44
I'm reading it! :D

*coughs* I'm just not posting much it seems ...

Anyway, I like the elves - very neat painting, and I love the grey / red colour scheme, which works a lot better than I would have expected.

Other than that ... orcs are good, nice vibrant green flesh ... undead elves are AWESOME ... inquisitor is fantastic, hope you got good results ... and everything else is generally well-painted awesome.

I have to say though, that you have come on quite a bit since the start of this thread. Either your photography or painting has improved a great deal. :)

Firestorm Falcon
14-09-2009, 21:30
Thanks guys, art grade was a B buy the way.

I'd like to think I've improved a little bit from way back when this thread began (that really sounds like a song title).

There might be a few more vampire elf models on the way before I get into full LotR mode.

Firestorm Falcon
11-08-2010, 08:49

I felt since I've actually got around to painting something a log update was necessary. It's nothing much but I've converted some Elven Cavalry and painted 3 of them. Here's the results.
Also I have 3 more to paint.
The plan is to convert a set of fully armored knights as well using the metal spearelves.

What do you think?

18-02-2011, 00:06
Oh these are very nice WOTR Elves. It might pay to do another drybrush highlight on their bases they seem a bit dark.