View Full Version : New Ash Wastes rules missing bits?

18-09-2007, 14:25
Just setting up the paperwork for a new gang and I've found there to be some missing didgets.

I'm making a Defense Force Deserter gang (works better for what I want as opposed to the specific theme. Trying to do a road cop sort off force, just so you know where I'm coming from ;) ), and trying to equip them, I looked at their specific weapons list, it says, and I quote "The following are the PDF Desert Gang Starting Equipment Lists. The prices for each are listed for each of the items:"

Problem is, there's no prices.

Now I could get around that by using the standard Ash Wastes listing, but here's the other big inhibiting factor: you can buy armour for them (part of their 'equipment selection lists') in a section called "and Armour" which doesn't exist )of course). It's listed in the PDFD equipment list under Rare but doesn't have it's own section for the starting gang (own section like pistols, grenades etc.). Now for reference this is all on page 79-80 in my download.

Now, is my downloaded rules any different from others? What about yours?

Aaaaaannnnndddd, anyone see a way around all this if it is a 'clerical' error?

The armour is kinda what's fluffing the gang together, and i've got a vehicle all ready for 'em, I really what a way to fix this :)

19-09-2007, 07:19
If you want an "official" answer your best bet is to post the question either on SG forums or eastern fringe. Arbitrator General posts on both of those. If you read the rules for trading on page 78 (listed in the pdf as 73) then you should see why they have their own little list of rare items.

19-09-2007, 12:43
Ditto on Tomothy's post, but it might take a while. You in any hurry?

20-09-2007, 14:52
Nah not in a hurry, decided I'll make the models anyway and worry about the rules later.

Though I do understand why they have their own list (which limits what they can get during a campaign), I thought the leader and heavies could take from a section they called Armour. The armour's a rare thing so sits in that list. That's where my question came from.

I'm guessing it's just a type-o and it was supposed to be Armoury denoting the lists as a whole (with the exception of the Rare trade list), and not a specific list called Armour. The confusion came because the leader and heavies have that tacked on the end, but the regulars and juves don't, thought the first two might get special privledges.