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20-09-2007, 00:29
Captain: Bow, Spear

Sergeant: Hammer, Sword

Bergjager: Long Bow

Bergjager: Longbow

Youngblood: Dagger, Hammer

2x Mountainguard: Hammer, Hammer

2x Marksmen: Crossbow

3x Halfling Scout: Bow

This is about 500gc. Is this too much shooting or average for Averlanders?

29-09-2007, 09:48
It is alot of shooting, but that will even the odds against the tougher warbands. Just be prepared to fight, since halflings are quite weak. On a normal table, you will only have limited fire arcs as well, so deployment will be important. Your X-bows can close down a couple of firing lanes, then your warriors can move up. The bows on the halflings can move and fire, and thier BS offsets the move penalty somewhat.
Can the Bergjager start with hunting arrows? I'm not sure. Might be worth trying to squeeze them in, maybe drop a hlafling for some , and some clubs for backup?

29-09-2007, 17:05
They can... but I was thinking I'd get that after the first fight. I should be able to afford a couple hunting arrows (35ea) and clubs right? This is for a campaign.

30-09-2007, 07:40
If I remember correctly, After the game begins hunting arrows are rare trade items, like the hochland on the mercenaries weaponlist. But They are not to hard to get (and fun fun fun!) so normally I get them after the lucky charms. Clubs are easy to get, so have a good first game (or just try and keep you heroes alive!) and you should do fine.

30-09-2007, 10:14
Hehe... I just found out that our first game is a bar fight. No melee weapons (not even daggers). Just a good 'ol fist fight in a bar (with heroes only).

On the bad side... I have three WS2 heroes. :( On the plus side, he said any rolls of dead or captured on the injury chart will be rerolled.

I'm gonna set traps with my Bergjagers and yell, "Nobody move!" :)

30-09-2007, 10:47

Grab the bottles and chairs! Are there rules up for fights, or is it a homebrew (hehe). There was an excellent ork barfighting game in WD many years ago.

I like the traps, maybe rig the privy before hand to take people out...:D

30-09-2007, 11:58
I'm pretty sure it's a homebrew. :) I doubt there'll be any chucking of bottles or chairs though.

There is one guy who's running undead. I'm sure the Vampire will be running amok in the bar.

08-03-2008, 23:22
that bar fight sounds awsome and how does seeting traps work?? can the guy who set it move??

10-03-2008, 08:31
Its in the Averlander list ( available for free! on specialist games website).

Basically you set the trap and anyone who moves near it gets a hit. Great for defending narrow bridges or downstairs of a building your berjeager is using to snipe from.

08-04-2008, 01:30
1captain - 2 maces 2 dueling pistol
1seargent - same equipment
1 youngblood - 2 maces (can't recall if he could also have dueling pistols)
2 berjaeger - longbow 2 maces (never know when they might come in handy)
2 mountainguard - spear + morningstar

yeah those mountainguards are quite expensive cannon fodder you'd say, though due to their high ws I rather consider them shock troops, there's a high chance to hit when charged and the damage's the only deal, if they make it beyond hit 1, second turn should them probably sending something to the floor or of the table. Besides the deal is getting 2 to 3 units to get charged and then take advantage in the dueling pistols excelence for close combat. I mean they're 2+ rolls to hit(average), and 3+(average) to wound. Two shots of those nice guns are quite good statistics on your side.
Marksmen canīt buy spear so that buggers a low price cannon fodder idea. And the halflings are hideously useless. I mean bow's against a good shooting warband fully equipped with longbows just ain't a good idea.

and remember GUNS KILL PEOPLE! :evilgrin:

08-04-2008, 07:31
Your very light on numbers so an early shooting incident could rout you.

Also not getting the spear/morningstar combo. You can only use one or the other in combat not both together. Maybe two maces/mace axe/mace sword instead. Extra attacks and helpful rules (Concussion, parry etc).

09-04-2008, 20:47
the deal with the spear morningstar is as following.
First combat turn, with the spear you've got great chances to hit first. Wounding might be the down side, however if you make it pass combat round 1 on the second round the odds are hitting the other unit, morningstar giving you a possibly 3 or more wounding chance.
It's a strategy based on potential luck and hoping to make the spears to work against the enemy's strategy. It's all expensive usefull cannon fodder so the heroes come and take fraggs by shooting. D pistols do shoot at a 12" (?) inch distance. Then again a good shooting warband should cause mayhem in your ranks. But it's a fairly good close combat team with 2 good shooters. It mostlyt depends on how you move on the table

10-04-2008, 14:13
All of this is taking to account the rule that states only 2 close/range combat weapons per unit, and the fact that the mountain gaurd doesn't have a flail as weapon choice.