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Colonel Dixon
21-09-2007, 18:50
What is the best skill progression for a Blitzer?

Obviously stat increases are to be taken when they can, but what do you think are the "must have" skills for a Blitzer, who is often the jack of all trades on a team, lead scorer, and lead defender.

Dodge is obviously the first choice but isn't always immediately available unless doubles are rolled.


21-09-2007, 19:35
Human? This is the most popular set up for LRB4 on FUMBBL


1st normal skill: Guard
2nd normal skill: Mighty Blow
3rd normal skill: Tackle
(Some variation, but this is the most common ordering.)

1st doubles skill: Stand Firm
2nd doubles skill: Dodge
Utility doubles skill: Frenzy

If +MA: Shadowing (after Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle)

21-09-2007, 23:19
Talk about not giving much useful info!

Really does help to know the Blitzer's race to start with, but it also depends on the rest of the team.

Colonel Dixon
25-09-2007, 14:08
Allow me to elaborate. ANY Blitzer. Be it a Wight, Orc Blitzer, Skaven Blitzer, it doesn't matter. The blitzer is the numero uno star on almost all teams and functions in similar fashion regardless of team. They kick ass and score points.

@ Lardidar, I'm surprised you put Guard and Stand Firm before Mighty Blow and Dodge respectively. It seems to me that Mighty blow and especially dodge are the more versitaile skills. While Guard and Stand firm are of course very useful they seem more like skills you might assign to a lineman or a dedicated blocker rather than the hotshot Blitzers.

26-09-2007, 11:28
Allow me to elaborate. ANY Blitzer. Be it a Wight, Orc Blitzer, Skaven Blitzer, it doesn't matter.

It does matter.

For example, the starting skills a team has (I wouldn't automatically take tackle on a Dwarf Blitzer); the skill list access, both for the blitzer and the team (again, why "waste" a skill choice on Guard for a Dwarf Blitzer?); at what point of a teams development it is (if it's a new blitzer in an established team, do you need another Guard/Mighty Blow player, or do you already have enough players with these skills?).

Standard Guidelines to Starting Skills choices for all teams (http://www.talkbloodbowl.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3424) on TBB will help (though it needs updating for LRB 5), and shows there is a wide difference in skill progression for Blitzers dependent on roster.