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Fastforward rlz
21-09-2007, 19:24
Ok lets talk terrain. We can swap advice and tips. Share stories and even pictures.

Awhile back when I started playing Mordheim (about a year ago) I started on some terrain. I use the tips in the Mordheim Annual using foamcore and plasticard. I like the way they look but honesty it is time consuming and time is something I don't have much of. Has anyone tried useing plasticard and the plastic mordhiem sprues. There's an example of it under warhammer skirmish I believe on the gw site. It dosen't look quite as good but i believe it would be quite a bit easier.

27-09-2007, 22:35
I have used plasticard and the mordheim building sprues. It does give you more vesatility then the box game comes with and its a cheap alternative to keep getting boxes and boxes of mordheim for scenery. Plus the buildings from the box match what you put together yourself. I use super glue and an excelerator when I put the cardboard buildings together and the same with the plasticard. Then I mount them to hard board (i.e. thin MFD), then prime, texture and paint them different shades of grays, tans and reds.

I balanced the cheapness of the buildings (i.e. $$$) with the quality of the scenery and, in the long run; it doens't make a difference to me. I'm no expert painter, but the buildings aren't that bad looking. Not to mention, I don't need supe fine details, just better than average scenery.

I don't have pics, but will try to get some posted soon!

27-09-2007, 22:36
Oh yeah... From start to finish... its takes me about 1 weeks time (or about 6-8 hours) to get about 8 building together... And that's assembled and painted...

Count Sinister
02-10-2007, 18:56
I love building Mordheim terrain, and the more scratch-built it is, the better! That said, mixing the Mordheim plastic building bits with other material works really well. I built a tower with the plastic bits and foamcore, mounted on MDF, and I was very happy with it. All it took was some careful measuring, sharp blades (foamcore will dull a blade almost instantly!), and that's about it. I had to clip the stabilising bits from the inside of the plastic pieces in order for the foamcore to fit, but that was all. Will post pics if it helps!

Fastforward rlz
05-10-2007, 04:00
Ahh thanks. I think I will start to use plasticard. Do you know what thickness you use by the way? Oh and yeah the Mordheim bitz do tie scratch built terrain togetter. Things like ladders look great proped up against a nice two story building (and are functional).

Does anyone use difficult terrain or Very difficult terrain? It's in the rules but everyone I know has never needed to use it.