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23-09-2007, 05:12

I'd be very grateful if anyone can help with the following:


Can a model carry two hand-weapons (eg. sword and club) and a buckler, to get the +1 attack and re-rollable parry? The rules say no great weapon & buckler, no mention of 2x hand-weapon and buckler as far as I could see. The Amazon models have them on the back of their arm so it looks like they could have the buckler and 2 hand weapons, but I'm still confused and wanted to get it right.


Does it matter if the models are on round bases? For skirmish games I think it looks better, but I didn't want to end up playing games and having opponents complaining. I'm thinking of re-basing my Amazons from their current 20mm square bases to 25mm round ones.

There may be some more questions later, sorry!

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Sword Warden
23-09-2007, 06:33
1) You can't combine a 2-handed weapon and a buckler in battle. You can arm your model with a 2-handed weapon and a buckler, but in battle you have to use OR your 2-handed weapon OR your buckler with a 1-handed weapon. (BTW a great weapon = a 2-handed weapon)
2) Officially you have to use the 20mm square bases, I think.

Etienne de Beaugard
23-09-2007, 22:13
Using two hand-weapons with a buckler, if nothing else seems highly against the spirit of the rules. The buckler takes 1 hand and a weapon take the other.

For the amazons you mentioned, I would interpret they have two weapons and a buckler, but that they can switch off one weapon with the buckler when they wish to parry.

I've always suspected that the square bases of Mordheim came from its relation to WHFB. I wouldn't have issue with someone using circular bases for their warband.

24-09-2007, 03:53
@ Sword Warden: I think my post was not very clear, sorry. "Two hand-weapons" does look a lot like "Two-handed weapons". Do you have an opinion on my Amazons using sword/club/buckler in the same round of combat for +1 attack and re-rollable parry? Apologies again for my muddled OP, and thanks for replying.

@ Etienne de Beaugard: I'd thought it was okay as I couldn't find anything that said I couldn't, but my friend pointed out that it seemed to have the fragrance de fromage about it. In this situation (8 year-old rules), I'll always go RAI over RAW so no sword/club/buckler combo in future, I think. When do you think is the best time to declare? Probably right at the start of the combat round. Still, it's not a bad combo anyway:

Sword/Buckler: Re-roll Parry
Sword/Club: Parry, Concussion, +1 Attack
Club/Buckler: Parry, Concussion


Thanks again guys. If anyone else has any opinions I'd love to hear them.

Re: bases, I think I'll do some more canvassing of opponents before I do it.

24-09-2007, 13:13

I play Dwarf Treasure Hunters and have a couple of questions...

If a warband has Pistol but NOT Duelling Pistol in its warband equipment list ....may they then later on equip with Duelling pistols?? - ei. is duelling pistol just a better version of a pistol like Gromril Armor is to Heavy Armor???

In the case that the answer to the above is "yes" ...does that then also imply that a Dw Engineer adds 3'' to the range of a duelling pistol ? (as per normal engineer bonus for pistol).



24-09-2007, 14:20
@ Claus: As far as I know, if the duelling pistol is not in the dwarf equipment list, then your hero needs to get the Shooting skill which allows them to use any ranged weapons. There's also one for combat weapons as well. Sorry I can't remember what it's called.

Not too sure about the engineer's rule as I don't have the warband list with me.

What do you reckon to my sword/club/buckler problem?

24-09-2007, 14:30
A Duelling Pistol is a different weapon to a Pistol, and so you would need the skill that allows you to use additional missile weapons (Weapons Training? Been a while since I played MH...) in order to use it.

As for the range increase: "All Dwarf missile weapons in the warband have their range increased by 3" for Pistols and 6" for Crossbows and

Now, that would be contradictory, since one could (with weapons training skills) have weapons other than those three, yet the rule also states all weapons get the range increase. I think for those purposes, common sense says that the Duelling Pistol may count as a pistol.

Regarding the original question, I'm sure a buckler uses one hand, just like a weapon. As you say, you declare at the start of the combat which wepaons you'll use.

24-09-2007, 14:36
What do you reckon to my sword/club/buckler problem?

My reading of the rules leads me to believe in any given H2H combat a model an only equip either one 2-handed or two 1-handed "items" (ei. shields/bucklers, weapons, fighting claws, pistols "whatever") ...

-> So you CANNOT equip a model with sword/club/buckler unless you have an extra arm or are a skaven with tail-fighting ...


Fastforward rlz
24-09-2007, 19:36
You also have to ask your self about the dagger. Does it take up a hand for being equiped or just while in use. My group allows everyone that has dagger on thier equipment list to take one regardles of other weapons (that does'nt mean that they can always use it) just for back up purposes and because it's free. The book says a dagger never needs to be modeled because it can be stuck in boots or pockets. This could explain it not takeing up a hand for equipment purposes right? It would take one to use though.

24-09-2007, 20:12
You also have to ask your self about the dagger. Does it take up a hand for being equiped or just while in use.

From the rules avaiable on the specialist forum - Starting a warband, section "weapons and armor" ...it states that...

"Each warrior you recruit can be armed with two hand weapons (in addition to his free dagger)..."

That pretty much answers your question doesnt it ? ;)

25-09-2007, 02:25
Played again tonight using the less-beardy version of sword/club/buckler. I declared which I was using after any chargers had been moved, or in the case of an ongoing combat, before any dice were rolled.

This was better, but a pattern emerged. I was playing against Dwarves:

He strikes first: sword/buckler for re-roll parry
I strike first: sword/club for parry & +1 attack

Is it reasonable to swap from one combo to another from round to round? I thought so, since their bucklers are strapped to their club arms.

Regarding the Amazons magic laser weapons: is it reasonable to apply any applicable shooting skills (such as Quick Shot) to the Sunstaff and Sun Gauntlet?

25-09-2007, 11:00
Regarding number of hands and number of weapons:

"Each warrior you recruit can be armed with up to two close combat weapons (in addition to his free dagger), up to two different missile weapons and any armour chosen from the appropriate list."

Therefore, number of limbs has nothing to do with how many weapons you can carry, it only determines how many you can use at a given time. Hence, you could, if you wished, carry two double handed swords, a dagger and two Hochland rifles, though you could only ever use one at a time.

Changing weapons during a combat, from the FAQ on the Mordheim website:

"Q: Can weapons be swapped during a combat?
A: No, with the exceptions of pistols and lances which may be exchanged for a different weapon after their first turn special attack."

Amazon shooty things: They are ranged attacks, so I see no reason why you should not use shooting skills with them. On the other hand, this is an unofficial warband so you could really make up whatever rules you wanted.