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24-09-2007, 14:34
Hey all,

Welcome to my Apocalypse project log, in the pages of this log you will be treated to seeing me slog my way through at least a whopping 7 ARMIES!! We at least thats the plan...

So thats the plan lets get down to the real story behind this log. Now the armies that i will be trying to get finished are: Death Korp, Cadian Imp. Guard, Black Templars, Grey Knights, Tyranids and Tau. Now the funny thing is i only own four of these armies (DK, Imp.Guard, Grey Knights and chaos) the other three belong to good friends of mine that dont really have time to paint up their armies atm so i offered in an attempt to give me something other than guard to paint. So thats the kinda interesting bit of the story.

Now apocalypse comes out next month as you all know (if you dont i suggest you go back to that rock youve been living under...the world has passed you by) and as the guy in my group that tends to organise games and other warhammer related stuff as well as holding the majority of games at my place (sometimes much to the annoyance of my folks) im trying to get the enthusiasm levels up and i think playing with fully painted armies may have this effect and as they are all rather large armies we are looking forward to some huge biffs in the coming months. So there will be some cool apoc stuff in here at some point, sadly no one owns a titan or thunderhawk yet but with my birthday coming up and a chance to start working full time again i may indulge...

So atm i have done some work on all the armies listed, mostly in the form of cleaning and getting stuff ready to paint although i have done some painting in the last few weeks that i have photos of here:

first up we have my only painted Death Korp guy, a grenadier. The blue scheme is based off of WW1 french uniforms and i think i will continue with this scheme for the rest of the army. The death Korp will be for the time being left alone until i have a good deal of time to spend on them, they cost me a fortune so they deserve extra attention.

Next we have the only painted Tyranid in my house, this is from my mates fledgling nid army that we decided to "dip", i think the colours work really well together, the carapace has been given 3 dry brushes after it was dipped to get a less browny and less shiny look, took me about an hour from spraying it to finished mini.

24-09-2007, 14:42
(damn 4 photo limit)
These guys are the cadian imp guard army i have just started, these guys are the test to see if i could batch paint guard with out going crazy, my one goal this these dudes is to paint every set of eyes in the army (sounds weird i know) i just think eyes add so much to a mini. As they stand atm i have about 5000 or more pts of these guys in a legal army that needs either totally painting or repainting to look like these chaps:

And the last lot of photos for tonight are Black Templars, on the chaplain i just did a touch up job and the eyes pretty much, all the rest i built and sprayed my self. I always forget how challenging it is to paint black and i think im doing it ok with extreme sort of highlights as its quick and looks good on the table top but i'll let you guys decide:

24-09-2007, 14:46
ooo can't wait for these apoc armies to be done.

Gonna watch those guard and marines :)

24-09-2007, 14:49
ok last post for tonight i swear:

I want to put up some more pics of the Black Templars as one of the things i have been doing in the same sort of vein as painting all the eyes in my guard army is to write or freehand something on each of the chain blades in this black templar army, so heres some pics of this, keep in mind that i tend to get the shakes when i try to do detail work so its not great but i think it adds a lot of character to other wise pretty boring and black minis:


Ok thats the lot for tonight, i want to try and get the next five guys for the guard squad done by the end of this week, finish off the black templar squad, and start painting some Tau. Other than that the chaos i just bought (the big army box) need to be built and cleaned ready for priming and i might try and get some GK done (doing them as part of the tale of the 40k painters thing).

C&C welcomed and needed, thanks for looking people!

25-09-2007, 05:05
thanks for the comments guys.
I should have an update by tomorrow evening.

Sorry about the photo quality, i cant take photos to save my self so all the lighting is funny and sorry about the blurred guardsman was trying to show you the eyes.

Btw you guys know the armies im doing, feel free to request stuff as i think it will help me not to get too bored and move away from this log and it will also mean that i dont show favoritism to any one army.

25-09-2007, 13:57
Hello - good for you! Quite an undertaking you have!

You asked for a request? How about a Black Temp Dreadnaught or Terminator? Love those guys.

Nice looking Nid as well. A set of warriors perhaps?

Good luck!


25-09-2007, 14:26
@Fred_Scuttle: hey thanks for the comment! As for the request im thinking maybe a BT termi next as long as my mate has left some of them at mine, one of the biggest problems is that my mate who owns the BT and Tau still has alot of his stuff at his place as i dont have much room here and i dont tend to see him too often to get stuff off him, sadly i doubt we will see any BT dreads here as he already has two painted ones that he likes alot so i doubt he will pass them to me to strip and repaint.

Small non-picture update: finished off another 4 cadians today, planning on getting the last guy in the squad done tomorrow. Then its onto the last of the BT cc squad ( i think i have about 4 to do).

Keep up the comments people!

28-09-2007, 16:04
I know i promised pictures and i swear they will be coming when i get my hands on a decent camera.

But in other news i have just finished the imp guard squad (not including bases, still not sure as to how that will be done, seems to be pretty typical of me), and i have put the chaos army up for sale (here on warseer and also on an australian wargaming site, so if you want new chaos stuff have a look at it) if it doesnt sell in a week or two i will keep it and crack on with it, if it does well then the money is going into the "buy andrew a titan so it can sit in a box in his wardrobe" fund or possibly to buy AI stuff. As such i have stripped all my SM i had laying around so i would still have 7 armies in this log, im going to go back to where it all began and redo my Blood Angel army, i have painted a vet sgt for them and will upload pics when i get a camera, so stay tuned

(bloody hell i like these "," things alot!,,,)

Some guy (UK)
28-09-2007, 16:52
You are one crazy guy to say the least! Everything is looking really good so far, and good luck with this monster of a project.

There are a couple of things that I think you should try on the chaplain: try to get the white on the shoulder pad a little smoother (either thinning it out, or using a light grey basecoat), and add some writing onto the scrolls to finish them off :)

29-09-2007, 02:25
yeah im not that happy with any of the white on the BT's atm. most of the white is one thin coat over the dheb stone foundation paint, i actually had a look at the dex and chaplains are not supposed to have a white shoulder pad so im not sure what im going to do.
As for the writing i have a bit of a problem, my mate in his infinite wisdom sealed the scrolls with gloss varnish...only part of the mini he did it to as well... so not sure what im going to do there...but i would like to do a whole lot of script on them as it would make the mini POP.
thanks for the comments

30-09-2007, 08:00
ok quick up date with pics for you guys. This last week i have been slogging through a whole stack of uni work so i havent got that much done and this week coming will be about the same so dont expect that much this week although i will try and deliver something.

This is the blood angel test mini i was talking about in my last post, im pretty damn happy with him as he was a test to see if i could paint a decent red colour. In terms of what im not happy with: the white shoulder cloth and the loin cloth, they were originally going to be bone coloured so when i changed them to white it didnt work that well at all. I also need to do some script work on the left shin beneath the skull.
Also what are peoples thoughts on black lining?


The other thing about this guy is that its a bloody horrible mini, its a bit skewed off to one side and the proportions are out i think (helmet and torso), but it is a beaky marine and looks pretty old skool so i thought i would round that feeling off with an old skool back pack and i think it makes this mini that much cooler.

thanks for looking dudes and C&C is always needed and appreciated!

11-10-2007, 07:32
Ok people update time, i have something very special for you lot today:


yes thats right people its the new GW plastic Baneblade!

Ive had this beauty laying on my floor for a few days and i think its about time that i start it. Now it is a fething big kit so it may take a little while and im not aiming to finish it in a day as i want to do this properly so this means dry fitting and all that sort of crap will be done, but to keep my self entertained i will take wip shots every so often and post for your amusement.

This one will be a baneblade with the normal sponsons, so no double sponsons or extra armour for this one neither will it be a hellhammer. But do not fear there will probably be two more of these coming in the next little while so there will be time for all those weird a kooky things from apoc.

so stay tuned for the next update in about 2hrs or so!

11-10-2007, 09:44
Ok first update on the baneblade people:

After about 2hrs (im slow ok, sue me! lol) i have just finished off putting the racks on this beast.
So far the kit seems ok there are a few joins that i can see giving people angst but nothing as hard as its FW counterpart.
so heres the pics:


Stay tuned for the next update in a few hours, i have to run off to dinner now so more when i return!

thanks for looking!

11-10-2007, 10:15
Bloody show off, taking pics of your new BB on top of your new Apoc book.

Looking good mate.



Some guy (UK)
11-10-2007, 10:22
Your painting on the Blood Angels mini is very good, along the helmet in particular.
When it comes to the real thing, my only suggestion would be to work up from a brown to a cream/white colour on the robes.

I'm half tempted to buy a BB somewhere down the line now- I think the preview pictures didn't do it justice, as it looked a lot better in the flesh at GD last month.
Have you go any plans to add your own touches to it yet?

11-10-2007, 10:34
@sheep: oh feth thats right i probably shouldnt have this stuff up on the net yet.....hmmm oh well ;)
And yeah apocalypse is a bloody nice book, probably the best book GW have done yet, the set out is good, the tone of the book is very friendly and seems more like a convo than a rule book which emphasizes the whole fun and laid back part of apoc, and the battle reports and army spreads they have in there are fantastic (esp the mentors that SpikyJames painted for them, congrats to him!)

@someguy:thanks for the comments on the blood angel mate. i agree with you on the robes atm i will aim for a cream colour rather than solid white as its easier to pull off and make look good. I will probably revisit that guy in the next few days (have two weeks off uni due to illness) and will post the results when i do.
As for personalising the baneblade, well as it goes im building this one pretty much straight from the box, it will have the normal sponsons and all that jazz and i'll add the imp bits from the apoc command sprue (radar and such) but other than that im not really sure. At the moment its going to be part of my cadian army but if i change my mind and put it with the DKOK it may get a DK tank commander and camo netting but i think i'll leave that till the next one.

Ok im about to start cracking on the baneblade again so look again in about an hour or so.

thanks for the comments guys!

11-10-2007, 11:44
Right time for another update on the baneblade methinks:

ok i have put the tops on each of the sides and have started putting the body of the beast together, and my god this thing just keeps getting bigger as you build it. I included an imp guard sgt as a comparison for you to see what i mean.
This will probably be the last update for tonight as im getting to the sponsons and some other bits that really need to be undercoated and painted before they are glued to the tank so that will occur tomorrow sometime. I also need to work out where i want the sponsons to sit on this thing, im thinking all the way back atm so it seems more squat and land battle ship like but im not sure.
The very last thing i may do tonight is build the tank commander on foot that comes with this thing and get him undercoated ready to paint and then crack on with more guard.

so without further ado heres the pics of where this thing currently stands:


PS: (i think im allowed to do this) if anyone wants to know anything about apoc from the book feel free to ask and i will post it for you as long as its not pts values and all the normal junk. I just feel like i have a chance to help the community so i may as well!

11-10-2007, 13:05
ok people camera is dead so no more updates till tomorrow, have a nice night and keep the Comments and crits coming please.

Lord Cook
11-10-2007, 21:55
Best of luck putting the beast together.

Dren Krelar
12-10-2007, 00:26
That thing looks great so far.

Any idea what kind of paint scheme you will be using?

12-10-2007, 00:45
hey guys, the camera still isnt charged so no pics atm. also its raining here so i havent sprayed anything yet but as soon as it stops i will give it a try.
as for the scheme on the beast im thinking a fairly standard sort of cadian scheme as it is going to be attached to them. Although a bit darker in the colours so it matches them, if not that im thinking greys for a city sort of camo colour. i was toying with the idea of painting it one solid colour but i think on something this size it will be far too easy to stuff up and i wouldnt know what single colour to paint it.

In other news unrelated to the Baneblade (i know no one really cares but hey it my log :D) i finished that guard squad off that i started ages ago (last week i think) so i will take some pics of them when the camera charges. Also i have been stuffing around with my grey knights trying to come up with a "grey" scheme that i like and i think i have found one so i will post pics of that as well when the camera charges.
Till then people!

12-10-2007, 04:20
Ok people the camera is back up and running now so i can take photos of stuff again.

Although its still raining here at home so the baneblade has to wait till i can spray sprues and then i will recommence building, in the mean time i have been working on a grey knight in power armour as a test mini for my fairly large gk army.


I still havent finished the blade on the nemesis force weapon or done anything with the shoulder pad as i have no idea what to do, i also need a name for this guy so i can put something on his scroll! He will eventually be based in typical browny sorta terrain when the whole squad is done and ready to base.
comments and crit welcomed and needed

13-10-2007, 15:42
quick update on my guard, heres a junior officer i painted up tonight.
sorry about the camera work the light has managed to wash out his face and the highlights on most of the mini but you get the general idea. wanted to know what you guys thought about painting the boots on these guys brown?


14-10-2007, 01:29
I'm loving your guard man, to me those cadians would be boring as to paint, but you've given them alot more life then what the evey metal team has done, your's look gretty but hard, while there's just look like solders.

You're templars are pretty sweet, I'm liking the idea of the freehand on thier weapons, they seem like the pious type to do that, what are they taking for apoc may I ask, cause you could have alot of fun on the land raider (kinda what deadly did on his grey knight one if you've ever seen it)

How did those chaos end up, hope they sold well for ya, if not atleast the defilier will be fun to paint up. That blood angel looks nice, although the robe does seem rather flat, but a nicish cream colour should give it some life and look sweet as.

Your DKOK look mad, I like the blue, seems alot nicer then the drab grey's and browns I've seen a million times over, so I really hope you enjoy painting them (after what they must have cost you) and yeah, even if (big if there) they loose, atleast they will look sweet as.

That baneblade looks like a monster kit to build and to paint. Have you gotten a chance to field one yet? Even a proxie, those things are monsters in every sense of the word, and titans will be even worse. So yeah have fun with it.......it should look pretyt good painted like your cadians, but a DK one would be pretty sweet

16-10-2007, 21:54
Those guard are awesome. Post more pics !

17-10-2007, 15:12
hey guys thanks for the comments, im esp trying not to get a swollen head from adreal's comments about my guard...lol
Also @Adreal: not sure if im going to keep the blue grey scheme for my DK, im actually really tempted to do them dark brown and black but ill work that out when i get around to painting them in the coming months.

as for the chaos, well my buyer fell through so im going to keep them for now. i think we need more evil guys for apocalypse atm anyway. what i have done tho is traded the lord, possessed and 10 csm for 21 death guard so im going to have a damn solid core to this army. although now i have no hq...hmmm

finished spraying the baneblade today, so i will finish building it tomorrow i hope and then work out how im going to paint it. I also camoed my first tank today using the tamiya spray paints, looks ok (will post pics when i get decent ones) but i think i need to change one of the colours on it to tie it more to the army.

what i do have pics of though is the first kasrkin for my guard army, now in this pic hes not finished (needs boots doing and his lenses and some other stuff) but i have now finished him (including a cool number transfer which looks very cool) and will post pics tomorrow in good light (these are taken with the flash and are ***** house). so here he is:

ok pretty much the undersuit is the same brown as the normal guard but im not highlighting it, instead im shading it so it looks darker. the armour is the same but with the white and green jagged pattern. Im pretty sure this isnt a real camo scheme and if it is i dont know where you would use it, but i like it and it ties to the army so stuff it if it doesnt actually work!

The other pic i have to show you folk tonight is of my command squad standard bearer, i recently stripped these guys and as i sat looking at them today i decided i wanted to convert everyone in the command squad some how, so the first conversion is this guy:

its one of the jr officer minis who has had his chain sword removed and been given a power fist (even tho im pretty sure he cant have one, it looks cool), the banner pole is a pin for pinning quilts or something my mum said, so its a bit thin but its all i had. At some point i may GS his arm but couldnt be bothered today.

Next up for the command squad is the master vox guy who im converting to be kneeling down listening to a receiver, pics will follow tomorrow.

17-10-2007, 16:37
Looking good mate... Liking the Standard Bearer its a nice pose... Looking forward to him being painted.

18-10-2007, 23:51
Nice work - are you going to leave the BB standard or modify it a bit ?

Lord Cook
19-10-2007, 00:33
I like the colour scheme on the DKoK. It's dark and brooding, which is obviously quite appropriate for the Death Korps. The standard worked out well too.

19-10-2007, 06:12
@Kordos: atm the BB is going to stay stock standard, as its going with the cadians and i really have no idea what to do to it. Suggestions?

@Lord Cook: thanks, i really like the standard im just not sure how the banner pole will go.

Im in the middle of spraying some more nids for my mates army atm so i will try to get around to the BB later tonight.

19-10-2007, 06:53
@Kordos: atm the BB is going to stay stock standard, as its going with the cadians and i really have no idea what to do to it. Suggestions?

Some people have been modernizing it a bit - rectangular view ports instead of the arched ones, changing the exhausts pipes on the back to something more mech, adding sandbags and more tank accessories (you don't get much in the BB box) Personally a more modernized tank would look better along side your cadians, but as is it is a very nice tank.

20-10-2007, 06:43
hey, those are some pretty cool ideas. I might look into doing something along the lines of adding a fair bit of stowage to the tank and i was playing with making a whole unit of tank riders the other day.

20-10-2007, 10:53
Ok my baneblade has been built! sadly my camera does not love me so photos wont be up till tomorrow.

just needed to share that with you...

20-10-2007, 11:13
Coming along nicely I must say, the Photo skills have improved greatly.

Get that Baneblade up, have you made many modifications or is it relatively stock baneblade?

20-10-2007, 14:27
thanks earthbeard, btw i wouldnt talk too soon about my photo skills as they go up and down...one day ill read a tute on taking photos

atm there are no mods on the BB, i seriously have no idea what to do with it really so im just going to worry about how im going to paint it for now.

21-10-2007, 08:25
ok people the BB has been built! here are pics:


will get it painted as soon as i work out how i want to do the camo on it.

also heres a wip shot of my first zerker:

21-10-2007, 10:38
cept for the face (cause I assume its not done) that zerker looks sweet

not to sure of the placement of your sponsons for the blade, but it's your models, and it's a sweet one, can't wait for one myself

21-10-2007, 11:59
well the zerker has been finished and ill get some pics tomorrow in the light, as for the BB the sponsons arent glued yet, but i think that if you move them to the middle they look a bit strange, the only real reason i would is for the extra inch or so range it would afford me.

26-10-2007, 13:57
Lovely work mate. I think the grey knight colour scheme works really well, and tank riders would be well smart.

30-10-2007, 08:01
Hey people i think an update is in order.
Only problem is that my brother used our internet usage for this month so i have to wait till thursday till i can up load pics!

But a text update anyway; Ok im pretty much swamped with assignments and exams at the moment so the painting is going pretty slowly. Never the less i have started on my Heroic Senior Officer (needs a name) for my guard, same scheme with a red waist sash and all the fancy armour bits in gold.
Also i think i may have found a way to paint red for my Blood Angels that i like more than the recipe for the red on the vet sgt (p1 i think hes on). The test mini for this red is a terminator with lightning claws that i have had sitting around for ages so i have nearly painted him up. Now with my birthday coming up on the 11th of November and the cash flow that should occur around the same time im thinking of making a forge world order and picking up a few packs of the Blood Angel termi shoulder pads, some Blood Angel doors and some other assorted bits (maybe more DKOK but i need to really paint the stuff i have atm before i get more...) so due to this i havent given the termi shoulder pads yet.

I think im going to go and revise history and physics stuff for tomorrows exams and then maybe try and get some fire warriors done...

01-11-2007, 04:50
Right the internet has resumed working properly so i can do a decent up date for you all to see! right as the above post states: the first pic is of my Heroic senior officer for my guard, PIP of course (no idea when i will be arsed to finish him)
Yeah i know i suck at taking photos...C&C wanted

The next batch of photos are of a Lightning claw armed termi for my first Blood Angel termi squad. This guy im rather proud of, pretty much Blood Angels were my first true love in 40k but when i was a little kid i pretty much butchered painting them. Now i think i have the skills to do them the kind of justice they deserve and this i think is proof of that. BTW i havent done his shoulder pads as i am getting FW ones in a few weeks time.