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26-09-2007, 06:10

I was just wondering, after reading the online demo of Dark Heresy on the Black Industries website, where it leaves Inquisitor?

Dark Heresy is a 40K RPG, is based around the idea of an inquisitor and retinue, will have ful rules for fighting battles plus the huge RPG side that Inquisitor lacks.

Meanwhile, more and more people seem to be playing INQ with 40K models, and you can devolve it further now combat patrol and kill team rules are about, that people prefre these. The number of people I know collecting and playing INQ has dropped to a few modellers who are happy to build big models for pleasure, more than gaming.

Furthermore, with the lack of regular updates and things like the dropping of the Las Weapon pack and removal of older models from the website, is GW thinking of letting INQ slip away?

Just wondering what people think?

26-09-2007, 09:08
I think that this conversation has been had several dozen times since DH was announced.

There are lots of reasons for Inquisitor to die out. The lack of support from GW is the prime one. The release of DH isn't even on the list.

DH is, as you so correctly point out, a 40k RPG. Inquisitor isn't. It's a skirmish game. In this respect, it's got more in common, I agree, with Combat Patrol and Kill Team. But if you've played these games, you'll know that the "spirit" of each game is uniquely different. Combat Patrol is a standard TT battle game. There's no character to individual models and the participants are just lifted from the codexes. Likewise with Kill Team. Although one gets a little room to customize and adapt, it still have a distinctly limited grasp: an elite band of desperate heroes take on a big horde of goons (and usually die in the process, even if they achieve their objective).

Most importantly, these are both still basically games.

Inquisitor is so much more than this. Yes, in terms of character depth and story it bears a superficial resemblance to an RPG, but these elements aren't built into the gameplay. In terms of combat, Inquisitor is the closest thing that GW does to a simulation of combat (rather than merely being a game with rules designed to facilitate clear distinctions of victory and defeat rather than the reality of mortal combat). The combat system for INQ is superior to that used in DH (which basically identical to the one used in WFRP2) with a more sophisticated damage system. This is because, as an RPG, DH essentially favours the PCs. Inquisitor is designed to be played as a 1-on-1 game a much as a GM-led game and so doesn't favour the PCs. It's easy to go down hard in Inquisitor!

So, no, whilst I can't deny that Inquisitor isn't played nearly as widely as I think it deserves, I can't say that DH is anything like a threat to it. The only possible impact it will have is that its character-driven storyline, based firmly in the deep background of the 40kverse is likely to attract many Inquisitor players. It will certainly attract me!

But I don't think that will mean playing less INQ. If anything, I hope to see the games bounce off each other and evolve in parallel.


Lord Inquisitor
28-09-2007, 22:29
I'm certainly wondering about the possibilities of parallel games, switching the systems as is appropriate. Using DH as the framework for the overall storyline, if the excrement really hits the fan and the bullets really start flying, for intense battles it might be time to switch over to the tabletop and pull out the Inquisitor charactersheets. Having figures on the table really helps visualise combat scenes and is something I've done for other RPGs like Star Wars. Using the Inquisitor system goes one better!

21-12-2007, 14:42
I've ruminated on this very question. But whilst there are so many dedicated gamers out
there (my esteemed peers on The Conclave), and a plethora of alternate models from
other manufacturers, the short answer...is no. My friends and I still play SPACE HULK.

Inquisitor Castleman
30-12-2007, 10:00
So long as you have a rulebook (its free to download, so you have no excuse), and someone to play with (Im sure a helpful GW staff member will GM) then the game will never die.