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28-09-2007, 09:01
Greetings and salutations my fellow wargaming enthusiasts to my latest attempt to crash the internet. Oh, I will also be painting and building some stuff for your watching pleasure.
Over the ages I have collected quite a few awesome models, most of which I have not painted. Seeing as how my Necron army is nearing completion and how having a project log helped me finish so much of it. I thought it might be a good idea to have a log for all my wargaming endeavors. So, the goal is to finish stuff and improve my painting and modelling.

Warning: Painting skill of this user fluctuates between Average and Below Average

The plans in Wargameland are:

- Finish painting Flames of War 600pt German Midwar Panzergrenadiers
- Finish painting Warmachine Cygnar Starterset
- Start an Ork army when the new stuff comes out

I have alot of other models and fun stuff to paint and assemble on the side, but I reckon this is what will be keeping me from the streets for now. I believe it to be a good start if a person posts a workspace picture, so here we go: http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z199/Edzard1986/Overig/DSC00665.jpg

Having just rolled into Warmachine with a friend, I will probably focus on that first. My friend bought a Khador starterset (for only 27 euros!!) and I bought the Cygnar starterset (40 - 10% = 36 euros) We mostly paint together, while watching a movie or something, for the record: Warmachine is his first wargame.
The flames of war army is a long term project, I always wanted to paint some WWII miniatures and FoW seems to be a very nice game and I like games!
The Ork army I will try and make my showcase (read: presentable without everybody laughing at me) army, painted to the absolute best of my ability. The only models I will be using that I have already are the Ork kommandos.

Well, I told you all my plans. I think its time for some pictures again!

Warmachine miniatures, spot the simple conversions!


Next post for more!

28-09-2007, 09:04

And now some pictures of a few of them with some paint on them:


And here a big Khador Juggernaut or Destroyer (something nasty, big and strong!) http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z199/Edzard1986/Warmachine/DSC00664.jpg

30-09-2007, 16:28
Nearly finishes warjack


04-10-2007, 11:17
Ironclad with a little paint on him:


Hmm, nobody has a few tips for me? I'm feeling lonely here :p

08-10-2007, 14:10
Some Flames of War I did a while ago



The entire army:


Also I have been working on a Commisar the last few days:http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z199/Edzard1986/Warhammer/DSC00710.jpg

09-10-2007, 15:04
Progress! Hope you guys like it :)

I'm having a little trouble with making the black coat & pants look like they have debth. I have been drybrushing on some highlights with blue-ish grey colours, it looks ok from a distance but sucks if you look at it closely. Anybody have a few tips how to do black cloth?

21-10-2007, 16:39
Some flames of War stuff:


My failed attempt at basing 15mm..


Necron Lord I won at a tournament for best player/army award :)


Paragon Belial
07-11-2007, 00:04
I really like the colors you are using on your Cygnar 'jacks and the FOW guys look great.

07-11-2007, 00:13
Grey Cygnar? Ironclab with a Bosspole? Converted Stryker? You're every Cygnar player's worst nightmare... I like you! :D

Good work on the FOW too, got a good amount of detail in there

07-11-2007, 16:38
Hahaha, thanks Devo :D I think the Warjacks are a little 'clean' also Stryker looks way better (ahum) with a watermelonhead ;-)

Thanks Paragon Belial, doing my best :)

Here is something I did a while ago and am still working on:



Yes yes, I will also be jumping on the Ork bandwagon!

07-11-2007, 21:39
mmmm Kommandos of awesomeness. The metal is shaping up real nice actually. You got some smoke on that?

08-11-2007, 14:38
Sadly no Smoke yet, I have only recently started using it and I'm not very good at using it :P
I did my Deceiver with a smoke, wich turned out pretty good, but some other things I tried with it looked horrible!

anyways, this turned out pretty nice: http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z199/Edzard1986/Warhammer/DSC00791.jpg

09-11-2007, 15:14
Worked a little on the kommando :)


09-11-2007, 15:45
You've done a superb job on the skin there. Really like the model and your paint scheme so far is really well done. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

09-11-2007, 22:13
Thanks mate, I'm looking forward to getting it finished. I'm kinda stuck on how to do his clothing though. I'd like the outfit to be black, but I have no idea of how to highlight it to make it look nicely.
Would painting it dark grey then going over it all with a black ink work? I like inks a lot more then straight highlighting/drybrushing you see :P